The Thousand Year Reich : Chapter 2, Securing the Flanks

Author: Mattekillert
Published: 2017-02-01

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The Thousand Year Reich : Chapter 1, Blitzkrieg and Destruction

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The Thousand Year Reich : Chapter II, Securing the Flanks.
The end of the fighting in Europe was short-lived as German troops crossed the border with Denmark early on the 17th of January. Although the Danish put up some resistance on the border the German panzer divisions proved too much. The 22. Luftlande Division was also dropped on Fyn to secure the strait crossing for the Panzer divisions.

Shown is a small Danish machine gun crew that surrendered after seeing Panzer III's roll down the road.
In Ethiopia the Italian army is doing rather well. It turns out that Italy had gathered 75% of its army in Ethiopia. Totaling some 80 divisions of various size and quality, Hitler asked the Adviser how they could possibly supply such a force in Ethiopia. Hitler wondered why he bothered, the answer of "supply events" didn't help him very much.
In British Somaliland a combined Free French and British force is closing in on disaster. “I knew Mussolini would be useful!” Hitler stated. "Who cares about Ethiopia anyway." Hitler tried to explain the concept of national prestige to the Adviser but he refused to hear it.
Although Hitler wasn’t very big on trading with the Soviets the Adviser made it rather clear to him “WE NEED RARES!” Hitler asked what “Rares” meant but when he heard the term “IC” again he just gave up and started daydreaming about destroying communism. One day he will make sense he thought to himself.
The battle of Denmark finally ends with the German panzer divisions entering Copenhagen.
Hitler insisted on the invasion of Norway to “defend our iron ore shipments from the British.” The Adviser tried to argue that it all went over the Baltic and how it wasn’t modeled in Hoi Hitler refused to give up the matter. “Fine they won’t get no fucking panzer division though.” Hitler quietly sent a note to OKW to rename Panzer division "Norwegen". "How could he have known about the panzer division! It must be the Abwehr!" But it turns out the Abwehr didn't even know about the invasion of Norway. What they were paying them for nobody knew.
The plan is simple, panzer divisions will land around Oslo and seize the city against the Militia based army with the aid of the Luftwaffe while the Fallschirmjäger will seize Bergen. Hitler wondered how Narvik would be secured but the Adviser made it clear it wasn’t needed because of “VP’s” whatever that meant.
The Kreigsmarine has gathered up outside of Oslo to support the landing.

Pictured is the Graf Spee which Hitler wanted to send convoy raiding but the Adviser refused to let him. "I'd rather delete it" he had told the Führer. As if he had the power to delete a German battleship! Sometimes the Adviser as if he has god like powers but his advise hasn't been wrong so far so the Führer humors him.
Bergen is seized quickly by the Fallschirmjäger thanks to the weak resistance in the city. Hitler used this to dismiss the Advisers demand that the Fallschirmjäger be improved and drop with their weapons. “Just you wait Hitler, when we got to take some stupid island in the Mediterranean you’ll regret this.” Hitler just laughed, as if the Italians will need help he thought to himself.

Pictured is the paratroopers relaxing outside a small shop in Bergen.
The battle of Oslo was characterized by what was now becoming common place in Europe. A lack of AT guns really sucks.
And with that Norway gave up. Protests came from the British but with all the lost men from Rotterdam there wasn’t a lot they could do.
Since Franco lost the civil war even with an extreme amount of help from the Germans an invasion had to be planned. Various names were put forward the Adviser insisted on naming it Operation RWC. “If you don’t know what it means the Spaniards sure won’t!” Hitler insisted on at least being given a clue. “The C stands for commie.” Hitler thought about it for some time but eventually gave up. Not like it matters he muttered as he lay in bed.
The opening of RWC was one of complete shock for the Spanish. Even with the immense concentration on the border the Spanish government seemed to prefer fighting with themselves rather than organizing against the Germans.
Within 5 days the Germans achieved what Franco couldn’t do in 2 ½ years. Barcelona fell without a shot being fired.
The Pyrenees didn't provide much cover against the German infantry.
An enormous amount of disorganized men have started mustering around the front. Many answering to the governments call to grab a gun and walk to the front. “How did Franco lose to this?” Hitler asked. The Adviser responded with something Hitler could relate to “Communists man, complete madmen, probably some Jewish conspiracy in there as well.” As always the Adviser was correct fighting a Jewish conspiracy is the hardest mission a man can undertake.
The peoples militia proved unable to turn back the panzer divisions and thousands were being captured daily all over the front.
In the east Japan had been doing well. “Can you believe they subdued all of China?” “The Chinese won’t build them 50 carriers though.” “Nobody could!” Hitler remarked at this outrageous figure. Not even the British had 50 battleships let alone the new carriers! “Just you wait…” the Adviser mumbled.
Funnily enough the German troops are running into both Fascist and Communist Militia all over the front. How they got them cooperate is beyond the new Abwehrs knowledge. The Advisers answer of “magic” wasn’t very comforting to the Führer.
The 2. Panzer AK had reached Valencia and is blitzing on towards Gibraltar. Much of the Spanish “Army” has now been captured by the German troops. Many were quick to come out as “Fascist sympathizers” to their captors. Not a very united nation Hitler remarked.
Most astonishing was the news that a Belgian motorized division had been encountered by our troops. The men were captured in quick fashion and sent back to Belgium.
The mere sight of a Panzer III coming at them was enough to cause most of the Spaniards to abandon Madrid. Others stayed behind tired of backing the losing side.

Pictured is a Panzer III approaching Madrid. Recent heavy rain has turned the war torn roads into pure mud slowing down the advance.
The next three weeks were a slow slog across Spain. Losses were low but a lack of supplies slowed down the advance. The biggest surprise came when Franco who had been though dead came across the Portuguese border. He was quick to gather supporters and declared the “Struggle against communism and the anti-Catholics finished!” and thanked the Germans for their support. He was allowed to put up a puppet regime by Hitler and so 4 years after it had begun the Spanish civil war was finally over.
Hitler made the need for certain concessions clear, Tangiers would he handed over to create a German base of operations and allow the Germans to hold both sides of the strait of Gibraltar. Franco protested but could do little.
Gibraltar was seized after a rather short battle. The men lacked in support both from the air and sea. The specialized fortress busters proved their skills in seizing the fortified rock. Franco was quick to inspect the fortress and all the prisoners in a German staff car. “The return of the unlawfully stolen land to the Spanish motherland is a dream finally fulfilled.” Though the German garrison wasn’t leaving, no matter how much Franco dreamed it would.
After the Soviets crossed into Bessarabia following an ultimatum Romania who had once supported Poland and then been neutral realized the need for a strong friend and looked for one in Germany.
The Oil was a nice bonus.
Shortly after joining the Romanians got another ultimatum this time from the Germans. Poor Romania can’t find good friends.
Communist partisans are quick to rise up in the Pyrenees. Hitler is surprised that Vichy forces crossed the border and put the rebellion down.

The French were outraged at the British for numerous reasons but had only joined the Axis after the British sailed into a port in Algeria and proceeded to sink the French navy for “Not joining with the fleet of the free world.” The British Admiral had been triggered to attack by the response he got from the French. “The French navy is made out of sailors, not murderers.” It would seem the admiral took it rather personally which suited Hitler just fine. The Adviser to rejoiced saying that they were “Always lucky”.

Pictured is troops of the 17. French infantry division leaving their barracks to cross the border.
The launch of the Tirpitz was a much celebrated moment in Germany. Hitler had wanted to send the battleship out to raid convoys in the northern sea but gotten severely chewed out by the Adviser. “Who would send out a fully armed Battleship to raid fucking convoys?” Hitler’s next suggestion to send the Battleship to hang out in a Norwegian fjord to threaten the British convoys made the Adviser cry, “tfw your leader is literally Hitler.” Hitler was awfully confused at the Advisers words but figured it was just another one of his weird tendencies. Am I so great he cries tears of joy? Hitler though to himself. Yes that must be it my genius has impressed even him! The sight of the Adviser pouring up a rather large glass of brandy to "drown out the pain" didn't dissuade the Führer's thoughts.

The first half year of 1940 was a good period for Germany. The People rejoiced as the list of defeated countries continued to rack up. But some rather disturbing news were beginning to filter in from the Abwehr. The Italians were being pushed back in Libya. A response would need to be organized and Hitler expected the Fallschirmjäger to be the first in the charge. The Battle of the Mediterranean was about to begin.

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