AI Game of Poland(s) pt. 20

Author: MamuTXD
Published: 2019-04-26, edited: 1970-01-01

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AI Game of Poland(s) pt

Hi guys! Im /u/MamuTXD and this is part 20 of AI Game of Poland(s).
Closeup of what's left of Western Pomerania/Prussia.
We are saying goodbye to the only contemporary participant of the game, Vladimir Putin.
Carpeting is happening.
Western Pomerania/Prussia is left with either one or no cities. F anyways.
FINALLY SOMETHING HAPPENS! Germany will try their best but I don't think they will be victorious, at least not in the mountains.
Now some of those slides are just cities flipping, you know...
Former Upper Silesian Pomerania joins the coalition against Frederick.
"Gdzie dwóch się bije, tam trzeci korzysta" - this polish saying translates: Where two people fight, the third one profits.
Also nukes where dropped all over the place as you might've noticed.
Bohemians keep on winning while one would doubt'em.
Kustrin nearly gets captured but gets lucky.
Obvious plotting hours.
We'll conclude with the InfoAddict diplomatic relations graph, it wasn't much but it's still honest work guys.

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