AI Kansas: Hey I Hear You Like Wheat

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Welcome to AI Kansas! I'm your host eitanaton, you've probably never heard of me because this is my first game. If you like it please let me know, if you don't please leave a hateful comment that I can ignore.

Anyways... as I mentioned before this is AI Kansas. This is a map made up entirely of wheat. For those of you who don't live in America or ignorant in American geography Kansas is a state in the center of USA. Basically this map sums Kansas entirely.

Let's go meet our contenders!
First off we have Four Bears of the Three Affiliated Tribes.

Four Bears gets extra gold and range for his trade routes from farms. He also has a unique water mill building that can't be built, however, unlike the other civs Four Bears' unique unit the Black Mouth can actually be built.

By the way I've renamed all cities to their approximate real life locations.
Next up is James K Polk of the Americans.

Polk gets culture from settling and capturing cities which should help him in the early game. Polk's unique cannon, the flying artillery unlike the regular cannon requires horses and therefore cannot be built. In my test run this turned out to be a big problem for polk as he could not capture cities from the
renaissance to the modern era.
Here we have Quanah Parker of the Comanche.

Parker gets bonuses from horses which unfortunately for him do not exist on this map. His unique unit the full moon raider also requires horses to build.
And lastly we have William Jennings Bryan of The Midwest. The MIdwest is a fictional civ but Bryan is a real person (Look him up!).

Upon researching steel Bryan is able to plant corn, soy, oats, and longhorn resources. Bryan's unique tank unit the Sherman is another unit that can't be built due to a lack of resources.

Now that we've introduced our contenders lets get into the game!

Second cities go out, each civ unsurprisingly choosing an equally good location.
Polk is the first to enter the classical era on turn 17.
Bryan enters the classical era the following turn and The Comanche found the first pantheon not choosing the AI special and instead going for an early science boost.
Polk is the first to a third city settling Garden city in an average spot.
Alberti reminds us that the early game is usually boring, with his new book on the richest people in the world.
Four Bears wins the race to the Great Library giving him an excellent early science boost.
For those of you who can't understand just how much wheat is actually on this map, here's some wheat for your viewing pleasure.
Taking advantage of the Comanche's mistake Bryan grabs the usual pantheon.
Four Bears builds the Terracotta Army giving him two warriors. Kind of a waste Four Bears.
Four Bears is the first to enter the Medieval era and probably more importantly we have our first war.
Polk better watch himself, that's a pretty scary army the Midwest has staring down Garden City.
Bryan captures Garden City and for whatever reason decides to burn it to the ground. Bryan might be able to push further but Polk has finally built up his army.
Bryan pushes further and captures Johnson City, he decides to burn this too. Polk seeing no way to get it back makes peace.
Another war starts with Quanah Parker attacking Four Bears. Unlike Polk however, Four Bears has the Great Wall which may make it difficult for Parker to make any gains here.
It's everybody hate Four Bears day as The Midwest decides to celebrate with a declaration of war. There is a silver lining for Four Bears as the Comanche army has been scattered by Four Bears defenses.
Bryan decides that throwing his units at the walls of Russel is a bad idea so he makes peace. I forgot to mention that a few turns back the Comanche also made peace
Goethe tells us that Four Bears has nearly twice the production that Bryan does.

On the same turn the Comanche found the first religion, Protestantism.
Four Bears and Parker decide to team up to take down the Midwest, however, neither of them have a particularly large army.
Almost all of Four Bears melee units have been killed trying to take Paradise and Bryan seems to be doing a good job targeting them.
Four Bears enters the renaissance first and so we have our first spy. I decide to move Wendimu to Concordia to find out who Four Bears is targeting.
Four Bears finally manages to conquer Paradise... and burns it to the ground. Good job Four Bears.

On the same turn Four Bears grabs the Sun God Pantheon giving +1 food for all of his wheat.
Hays is on the verge of falling but without a melee unit I don't think Four Bears can capture it.

Anyways we've reached turn 100. On to the stats!
The Three Affiliated Tribes somehow have 5 times as much population than the 2nd place Comanche.
Oh that explains it. He has more food than the Comanche and America combined.
He also dominates production but not by a significant amount.
The Comanche however have the highest manpower.
Polk seems to have recovered from his first disastrous war as he has placed second in manpower.
This explains why everyone is razing cities. Everyone besides Four Bears has negative happiness. This is probably because there are no luxury resources.
Four Bears also leads in tech with 27. The Midwest surprisingly have the lowest amount
The Comanche have finally begun to attack bringing Dodge City down to half health on the first turn. Up North Hays is still just barely standing and Four Bears refuses to use melee units.
Unsurprisingly Parker takes Dodge city and decides to watch it burn.

The Midwest is in real danger now as nothing is really stopping the Comanche from finishing him off.
Hays flipped and the Comanche have seem to run out of melee units.
As if to prove me wrong, Parker recaptures Hays and William Jennings Bryan is eliminated in last place.

Bryan started out strong with a really successful war with Polk. But after his disastrous war with Four Bears he was easy for the Comanche to take out.

Unfortunately for the Comanche they can't raze Hays as it is a capital.

Bryan is left with a few civilian units wandering around the Great Plains.

In more exciting news Four Bears is already planning his next war.
Parker declares war on Polk and is already marching his army towards Copeland. While Polk has a much smaller army the Comanche force is mostly made up of pikemen which are notoriously bad at conquering cities.

Is that a unique unit I see in Concordia? Lets check it out.
Unlike the lancer which it replaces the Black Mouth does not require horses and does damage to adjacent enemy units when fortified.
A lot of stuff happening this turn as Four Bears takes advantage of the empty lands the Comanche have left him. He also founds Buddhism the second religion.

Meanwhile Polk has built up his army and pushed back the Comanche invaders.
Four Bears decides he doesn't like Augusta and decides to get rid of it.

Fighting in the Comanche-American war has moved north with Polk bringing Hays down to half health.
Polk captures Hays and it does not look like it will flip back.
Pythagoras tells us that Four Bears has nearly twice the production of Parker and Polk. Polk is just sitting on three measly production which is surprising with his large empire.
The siege of Wellington begins but Four Bears does not have a lot of melee units.
Wellington falls to half health as more melee units approach the city. More importantly however Four Bears somehow builds the Stonehenge in the renaissance.
To the surprise of no one the city flips over to Four Bears although there is a possibility of it flipping.
I just noticed how large Four Bears' cities are.
The Comanche launch a counter-offensive decimating Four Bears' troops and bring Wellington to the red.
Parker has retaken Wellington but the Americans have entered Comanche land. I don't think there is any reason to worry though as Polk still has mostly warriors.
The Three Affiliated Tribes have founded the world congress where pointless embargoes and luxury resource bans will be enacted.
In his latest book "Swords and Guns and Things That Kill" Boethius writes that despite Kansas not having a single tree in it people somehow have pointy sticks.
Four Bears builds the Red Fort one of the many wonders he has built (I haven't shown the other ones). He is also starting to use some of the enlightenment era units from the enlightenment era mod.
Polk finally makes peace with Parker. This was definitely a win for Polk as he gained Hays out of it.

In a surprising twist Polk declares war on Four Bears. I doubt anything will come from this war as Four Bears has the great wall and the Red Fort. Polk doesn't even have seige units because his cannon replacement requires horses that don't exist.
Four Bears wisely makes peace with Parker. The war wasn't going anywhere and it's better for Four Bears to use his advanced army to counter the Americans who are throwing their units at the great wall.
I was looking at the global relations tab and noticed that The Midwest was still at war with Four Bears and Parker.
Not learning his lesson from the recent war Parker goes out to rebuild his empire.
For whatever reason Four Bears has proposed a standing army tax. Strange for a domination only game.
The Comanche declare war on America and already are moving their army towards Copeland. Polk better watch out or he'll end up just like Bryan.
Four Bears enters the modern era before anyone else even enters the industrial era.
Four Bears adopts the first ideology deciding that fascism is the only real way to lead a country.

Meanwhile Polk is struggling to fight a two front war and Four Bears is sending an army towards Hays.
Polk wisely makes peace with Parker so he can send his units back up north to defend Hays.
Polk finally enters the enlightenment era way behind his competitors.

Anyways its turn 200, so ON TO THE STATS!
Four Bears has an ungodly amount of population for having two cities.
He also has double the crop yield than both Polk and Parker combined.
He also dominates production, Polk seems to have bounced back from before.
Unsurprisingly he also lead an army size.
And an impressive 11 tech lead over Parker.
And he has built nearly every wonder in the game.
Hays begins to take damage as Polk's defenses are shattered.
And he captures it.
He also wins the World's Fair but surprisingly everyone else got in a lot of production.
He begins his attack on Garden City, however he seems to have run out of siege units.
That does not appear to be a problem as he easily takes the city and burns it to the ground.

Also Polk somehow managed to get a great admiral.
Polk is in real trouble now as the Comanche declare war.
Copeland falls to the Three Affiliated Tribes, however instead of watching it burn he decides to keep the city. WHAT MADNESS IS THIS!!?!?!?!??!?
In a desperate attempt to keep up with Four Bears tech. Parker enters the Industrial era. But is it too late?
And now Polk has lost his capital. Four Bears is unstoppable!
And Coolidge is captured eliminating James K. Polk of America in third place.

Polk got off to a rough start getting slaughtered by the Midwest. However he managed to bounce back with a few successful wars, but in the end he was way behind in tech and he was an easy target for Four Bears.
Four Bears' army is looking rather scary compared to the Comanche's outdated force.
Four Bears decides it may be time to finish off his neighbors to the south.

Meanwhile a Midwestern general looks at the empire that could have been his.
Jakob Fugger of the ARA (American Remnants Army) leads the remaining crossbow division to try to take back Ulysses. The soldiers however appear to be more interested in burning farms.
Four Bears decides that he is the master of Kansas and decides to finish off the Comanche.
A group of Midwestern workers look at the strange machine on the other side of the mountain. "I don't think we're in Kansas anymore Toto" one of them says to his friend.
Back on the front lines of the war, Four Bears has taken Harper. Comanche units appear to have fled the area taking refuge in Winfield.
The attack on Wellington begins with Four Bears taking the city down to the red. I think Parker's time has run out.
One last look at Four Bears' cities. Concordia has grown to a massive size 66.
And Four Bears captures Wellington and wins the game. I'm not sure how he managed to so unbelievably well. In my test run this game ran for nearly twice as long and Four Bears did not do even close to as well as he did in this game.
I did so well I achieved the rank of Dan Quayle Yay!
Anyways that's all for AI Kansas. I hope you enjoyed reading it and I plan to run more games in the future so if there is anyway I can improve please let me know.

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