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(From r/civAIgames) Groundhog Day Mk. VI - Round

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Game: Civilization V, Sid Meier's

(From r/civAIgames) Groundhog Day Mk. VI - Round 2

Images: 199, author: Admiral_Cloudberg, published: 2017-06-19, edited: 1970-01-01

Welcome back to the third round of Groundhog Day Mk. VI! Last time, Peru emerged from their mountain stronghold to claim victory. Who will take the throne this time? Let's find out!
The second cities roll out, and it seems that Carthage, Han, Phoenicia, and the Wabanaki have chosen entirely new settlement locations while Taungoo and Syracuse have returned to positions they used in round 1. Everyone else has settled in the same spot as round 2.
The first war comes fairly late, as usual. Interestingly, this time it's Greenland starting a war against Han, and it looks like Erik Thorvaldsson might be able to do some real damage!
Sure enough, three turns later, Greenland captures Luoyang!
The second and third wars begin on turn 49, when Carthage declares war on Taungoo and the Gauls attack Finland!
The war between Greenland and Han ends, and Gaozu gives away Jinyang in the peace treaty.
But then there's major trouble for Erik as Boudicca and Bayinnaung gang up on him! The Icenia army will be tough to fend off.
The War between Taungoo and Carthage ends with Dido handing over Utique to Bayinnaung.
The Gauls captures Espoo from Finland! Can we please have a game where Finland isn't rekt early on? No? Fine then.
Iceni captures Garedhar from Greenland! In the background, more wars start, specifically Saba vs. Carthage and Syracuse vs. Phoenicia.
Iceni, despite still being at war with Greenland, teams up with the Wabanaki to attack Taungoo. It's not clear how this might turn out.
An otherwise uneventful war between the Iroquois and the Beothuk ends with Nonosbawsut giving away Megwe'saqsit Lnu in the peace treaty. Typical Beothuk.
And then the Gauls capture Helsinki, eliminating Urho Kekkonen of Finland in 21st place. Again.
The Wabanaki are the first to make serious progress against Taungoo, capturing Utique!
The Iroquois attack the Beothuk again, but what's this? Yes, Nonsbawsut has founded a third city for the first time so far in Mk. VI!
Meanwhile, Iceni captures Brattahlid, reducing Greenland to the two cities they took from Han.
Erik then makes peace with Taungoo and gives away Jinyang. One city remains!
The Boethuk take back Megwe'saqsit Lnu! What do you want to bet they'll give it back again in the next peace treaty?
Taungoo makes peace with the Wabanaki and gives away Hanthawaddy. Ouch.
The Beothuk do indeed give away a city in their peace treaty with the Iroquois, only this time it's Gwitn Tewje'g instead of Megwe'saqsit Lnu.
Taungoo hands over another city, this time to Iceni. Boudicca decides to burn the city, which is definitely a good move.
Austria-Hungary attacks the Ottomans! Bursa is looking rather... exposed...
And finally Boudicca captures and razes Luoyang, eliminating Erik Thorvaldsson in 20th place!
The Wabanaki attack Carthage, which still hasn't repaired all the damage from their recent war against the Sabaeans. Dido just can't get a break.
Anyway, it is now turn 100, and it's time for the stats. The Gauls and the Tlingit top the charts in military strength, and after them it's a long drop down to third.
The tech race is still anyone's game, but Saba and the Wabanaki have a slight lead.
And the Gauls also have the most production, but somehow the United Kingdom is right on their tail!
Anyway, back on the battlefield, Austria-Hungary has taken Bursa from the Ottomans.
As usual, Peru builds the Great Wall. In fact, they've built it in every round so far.
Taungoo and the Beothuk team up against the Wabanaki! Henri's lands are looking really sparse...
Iceni declares war on Han! The newly settled cities of Thetford and Luoyang (rebuilt in a new place) look to be the centre of the conflict.
The Iroquois and Macedon join the war against the Wabanaki! Henri Membertou is in serious trouble!
Austria-Hungary unexpectedly captures the Ottoman capital! But can Franz Joseph break out of his peninsula?
Alexander captures Pannaqambskek! The Wabanaki collapse has begun!
In the north, Taungoo recaptures Hanthawaddy!
Meanwhile, Austria-Hungary has captured and is razing Edirne, eliminating Mahmud II of the Ottomans in 19th place.
Shortly thereafter, Saba declares war on Carthage again.
Phoenicia teams up with Syracuse to attack Iceland! Unfortunately, Dionysius is unlikely to get in the action here.
The Tlingit and Beothuk attack the Iroquois! Onondaga is already taking damage, and the Beothuk seem certain to recapture Gwitn Tewje'g!
The Tlingit easily take Osininka and move on toward the capital!
Back in the Wabanaki war, Macedon has captures Kespukwitk! Only one Wabanaki city remains, but at the moment nobody seems to be attacking it.
The Beothuk finally recapture Gwitn Tewje'g, after ten turns of milling about not doing much.
Then the Tlingit take Onondaga, expelling the Iroquois to their final city!
Iceni captures Luoyang! I foresee some flips in this city's future, however.
Makeda's second attempt to kill Carthage succeeds! With the fall of Qart Hadasht, Dido of Carthage is eliminated in 18th place.
Four turns later, the Tlingit capture Grand River, eliminating Hiawatha of the Iroquois in 17th place.
Meanwhile, Iceland makes peace with Phoenicia and gives away Vatnafjorður in the treaty.
Saba declares war on Macedon! Geography may be Alexander's best defense here, because he doesn't have much military strength left but he does have a lot of rivers, lakes, and marshes.
Time for the turn 200 stats! The Tlingit are now #1 in soldiers, while the former #1 Gauls have dropped to 6th.
The Gauls do have a slight tech lead, however.
And Austria-Hungary has taken the top spot in production, but the Tlingit and Iceni are VERY close behind.
The Wabanaki restart their war against Macedon, now on the offensive! They join the Tlingit, who have already driven Kespukwitk down to red.
On the next turn, Taungoo joins in! Who will get the former Wabanaki capital?
Taungoo takes it! The tlingit are now completely cut off from their enemy.
But Macedon captures it back! It's anyone's game again!
Meanwhile, Saba, which had peaced out earlier, decides it's time for round 2.
Far to the south, the Mississippi attack the UK, seeking to capture the isolated city of Liverpool!
That doesn't stop George from using the rest of his army to attack Macedon though.
And he decides to end the war with the Mississippi by just giving Tuskaloosa what he wants.
Back on the UK's other war front, George has captured Veroia! It also seems that Taungoo is back in possession of Kespukwitk.
Iceni declares war on Han again! It will be a tough fight, but I think Boudicca should eventually be able to break through and take Chang'an.
After just eight turns, she manages to do it. Gaozu of Han is eliminated in 16th place.
Meanwhile, the UK continues to deal serious damage to Macedon, taking Pannaqambskek!
Taungoo attacks the Wabanaki! I don't imagine Henri Membertou will last terribly long.
Syracuse gives away Adranon to the Mississippi in a peace treaty. I find this move... questionable.
Phoenicia attacks Iceland again! It will be a bloody battle, but Hiram should win out in the end.
Meanwhile, Taungoo has finally taken Utique, eliminating Henri Membertou of the Wabanaki in 15th place.
The Gauls attack the Mississippi! Not pictured: Adranon, which is completely defenseless.
Sure enough, the Gauls easily take Adranon.
Iceland recaptures Vatnafjorður! Step up your game, Hiram!
Iceni and Saba attack Taungoo! Boudicca is one of the first to develop crossbows, musketmen, and cannons, and they should come in handy here.
Boudicca easily captures Utique, but she's encountering surprising levels of difficulty elsewhere.
Taungoo flips Utique and loses it to Saba! The easiest route for Boudicca to invade Taungoo is now cut off. This may actually have saved Bayinnaung.
Saba runs into trouble in its core, however, as the UK declares war!
But first, time for the stats. The Tlingit still lead in military, but the Gauls have managed to rise back up to second.
The Gauls also still lead by one technology.
But Iceni has surged into the lead in production, a lead that might grow if they capture more Taungoo cities.
Meanwhile, Phoenicia has retaken Vatnafjorður and captured Reykjavik! Ingolfur Arnarson looks ready to make a brave last stand in Þingvellir though.
Boudicca founds the world congress, where the civilizations can pretend to conduct diplomacy while continuing to solve all their problems through war.
Boudicca also captures Jinyang from Taungoo. At least she'll get something from this war.
The Tlingit and the Beothuk joins the fight against Taungoo! Nonosbawsut already has units scattered throughout Taungoo territory that might give Bayinnaung a bit of trouble.
The United Kingdom attacks Macedon again! The Tlingit join too, hoping to snipe the city with a ship if possible.
Meanwhile Phoenicia finally takes Þingvellir, eliminating Ingolfur Arnarson of Iceland in 14th place.
Suddenly, the Tlingit snipe Bago! What the fuck...
And the Mississippi snipe Pella, eliminating Alexander of Macedon in 13th place. What is with these unexpected capital snipes all of a sudden?
The Gauls attack Syracuse. Quick, who could snipe Dionysius' capital?
Actually, Dionysius seems to be winning, because he just recaptured Adranon.
The Tlingit capture Kespukwitk, and the last Taungoo city is in the black!
And Nonosbawsut takes it! Bayinnaung of Taungoo is eliminated in 12th place.
Suddenly, the Tlingit attack the Gauls! Where on earth has Vercingetorix's army gone?
The Mississippi attack the UK, which may be a mistake considering that Tuskaloosa has no good way of getting reinforcements to Pella.
The Gauls retake Adranon and make peace to focus on the Tlingit. Technically, Syracuse actually won that war.
George easily captures Pella—the first time so far that the UK has held a foreign capital. However, they now face a DOW from the more technologically advanced Sabaeans.
The Tlingit take Helsinki with a naval attack! Sheiyksh is just racking up the capitals here.
The Tlingit and Beothuk declare war on Iceni! Bago looks vulnerable, but could the Beothuk defend it for them?
The Tlingit use another sneaky naval attack to take Adranon! Their navy really gets everywhere, doesn't it.
Speaking of which, they just captured Luoyang.
...And Chang'an. Jesus.
The Gauls make peace with the Tlingit and give away Espoo, which Sheiyksh decides to raze. Vercingetorix holds on to Adranon though.
The Iceni seem to have retaken Chang'an and Luoyang... for now.
Austria-Hungary dominates the world's fair. Interesting.
Iceni, now at peace with the Tlingit, teams up with Austria-Hungary to attack the Sabaeans!
The UK joins in the fun! Last time they held off Makeda—but can Makeda hold off the UK?
Boudicca captures Utique, and this time Taungoo isn't there to help flip it back to Saba.
But now it's time for the turn 400 stats! Since this is two turns late, I think this is the first time I've screwed up the timing of the stats in Mk. VI. Holy shit. Anyway, the Tlingit still lead in military, and their lead is growing.
Saba has now overtaken the Gauls in technology, but that doesn't seem to be helping them much.
And the Tlingit now have a considerable lead in production as well.
The Tlingit declare war on Iceni again and immediately capture Utique! This is not going to be pretty!
The Tlingit backdoor squad arrives again, and captures Luoyang... again.
Meanwhile, the Gauls try again to kill Syracuse.
The Beothuk make peace with Iceni and give away Hanthawaddy, which is probably going to fall straight into the hands of the Tlingit.
Syracuse responds to the Gallic DOW by taking Adranon again.
The Tlingit take Hanthawaddy, but Boudicca has pushed back and retaken Utique.
The Gauls retake Adranon, and the Mississippi join in, hoping to snipe Syracuse.
But that effort fails, and the Gauls take Syracuse, eliminating Dionysius in 11th place.
The UK attacks Saba a second time. Will it go better? Who knows.
Suddenly, the Tlingit make a major push, capturing Venta Icenorum! Holy shit!
Their navy also takes Chang'an again.
George V capture Ma'rib! That brings him up to three capitals, which might as well be the moon given his previous performances.
The Gauls attack the Mississippi again! Can Vercingetorix take advantage of Tuskaloosa's war with Peru, or will the Mississippi turn their troops right around and beat them back?
It seems like it will be the latter, as the Mississippi make peace with Peru and receive Trujillo in the treaty.
They also take Syracuse with a naval attack, although I don't see this lasting long at all.
The two sides make peace with the Gauls fully in control of Syracuse.
Meanwhile, the Tlingit are pushing deeper into Iceni, taking Caister.
And Garedhar...
At the same time, the UK continues to steamroll Saba, taking Sirwah. Qart Hadasht is in serious trouble as well.
And AUstria-Hungary takes Qart Hadasht, eliminating Makeda of the Sabaeans in 10th place.
And then Franz Jospeh attacks his former ally, George! Can he defend against the super Austro-Hungarian technology?
No, he can't. Sirwah falls easily. In the background, the Tlingit declare war on Phoenicia.
And George ends the war by giving away Ma'rib.
Somehow, the Beothuk have sniped Chang'an. There's a good one for /u/TheSpecialize's chart...
The UK, still hurting from the blows dealt to them by Austria-Hungary, decides to beat up on Peru instead.
The Tlingit do not fuck around in their war with Phoenicia, going straight for Tyre and capturing it with very few units.
Tyre flips once, and then the Tlingit take Byblos as well.
Peru makes peace with the UK and gives away Arequipa.
Just as the Tlingit call off their war with Phoenicia, Hiram faces a new attacker in the form of the Gauls.
But then the Tlingit declare war on the Gauls! Could this save Phoenicia?
But first, the turn 500 stats. The Tlingit military lead has stayed pretty much unchanged.
The Mississippi and Austria-Hungary are now tied for the lead in technologies, but the Tlingit and Peru are only one tech behind them.
And Sheiyksh's production lead has absolutely skyrocketed. There wasn't much doubt that he was going to win before this, but now any doubt that still remained is definitely gone.
Sheiyksh continues his rampage by taking Bibracte from the Gauls.
And they take Vienne as well.
Meanwhile, Austria-Hungary declares war on Iceni and invades Boudicca's southern coast with a naval attack.
The Gauls make peace with the Tlingit and give away Adranon. That war was absolutely devastating.
Austria-Hungary storms the beaches at Thetford!
The Mississippi decide that they shall be the ones to finish off the Gauls.
Franz Joseph takes Luoyang and is well on his way to capturing Chang'an.
Chang'an falls—the whole southern coast of Iceni is in Austro-Hungarian hands!
Then Franz Joseph takes Brattahlid and the two sides make peace, ensuring Boudicca lives on just a little longer.
Franz Joseph then declares war on the UK again, but this time George looks much more prepared.
And to make matters much worse for Franz Joseph, the Tlingit declare war on Austria-Hungary! Brattahlid falls on the very first turn of the war.
Thetford quickly follows, though the Austro-Hungarian navy should ensure it flips for a while.
Meanwhile, Austria-Hungary takes Birmingham, but it's not enough to make up for their losses in the north.
The Tlingit take Luoyang, and their navy has arrived as well. Soon Thetford might stop flipping.
Thetford and Luoyang are finally secured, and Qart Hadasht is captured!
The Tlingit navy arrives on the west coast of Austria-Hungary's core, taking Bursa!
Up north, Chang'an falls, expelling Austria-Hungary from the northwestern peninsula.
Now, the turn 600 stats! Unsurprisingly, Sheiyksh's military lead has increased.
Austria-Hungary leads in science by one technology, but it can't be long before the Tlingit rise up and take the lead.
Where Sheiyksh really shines is production, where he has more hammers than every other civ combined.
Austria-Hungary momentarily turns the tide, securing Qart Hadasht. Both sides now have artillery though, making the battlefield much more volatile.
Meanwhile, The Mississippi finally take Syracuse, eliminating Vercingetorix of the Gauls in 9th place.
Austria-Hungary makes peace with the Tlingit after losing Qart Hadasht again, and Franz Joseph gives away Sirwah, Ma'rib, and Birmingham. He does keep Bursa though.
The Tlingit declare war on Iceni and take Jinyang instantaneously. Boudicca of Iceni is eliminated in 8th place.
Some time later, the Mississippi attack the UK, but George is actually doing some major damage to Trujillo.
And he takes the city! Nice!
Turn 700 arrives and brings with it more stats. The Tlingit have a full carpet by this point, propelling their military manpower to ridiculous heights.
Austria-Hungary has actually expanded its tech lead. This is the one area where the Tlingit don't rule, but it won't matter much in the end.
And it won't matter because of their ridiculous production. Seriously, beat that.
The UK makes peace with the Mississippi and gives back Trujillo. Lol.
Predictably, the Tlingit overperform at the International Games.
I meant to declare world war on turn 750, but I forgot. So instead we have world war on turn 755.
The first city to fall is Veroia as the Tlingit carpet begins ripping the Uk to shreds.
But that doesn't stop George from taking Lima, eliminating Ramon Castilla of Peru in 7th place.
But he quickly loses the city to the Mississippi.
The Tlingit hammer is finally descending now, and George has lost Arequipa and Pannaqambskek.
Up north, Sheiyksh has captured Gwitn Tewje'g from the Beothuk.
And Syracuse from the Mississippi...
London, Manchester, and Pella are all captured, eliminating George V of the United Kingdom in 6th place.
The Tlingit then begin to eat through Phoenicia, capturing Sidon.
Austria-Hungary is crumbling too, and the area has descended into nuclear war. Despite this, the Tlingit have captured Lemberg, Istanbul, and Bursa.
Down south, the Tlingit have also taken Lima.
And in the north, they've captured Melgita't from the Beothuk.
Moundville falls; the Mississippi are collapsing...
Liverpool and Trujillo are captured...
Meanwhile, Sheiyksh takes Vatnafjorður and Þingvellir from Phoenicia.
Cahokia falls, eliminating Tuskaloosa of the Mississippi in 4th place. (I say 4th, not 5th, because Phoenicia was eliminated offscreen in 5th place on the previous turn.) The Beothuk should have died before them but they made peace with the Tlingit without me noticing until later.
The Tlingit push further into the Austro-Hungarian core, taking Budapest. The Beothuk are now also re-entered into the world war.
They don't last long, and with the fall of Megwe'saqsit Lnu, Nonosbawsut of the Beothuk is eliminated in third place.
And Vienna falls! The Tlingit have won round three, completely eliminating all competitors! The score now stands as follows:

The Gauls: 1
Peru: 1
The Tlingit: 1
As usual, here's the aftermath. Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again as soon as I've filmed round 4!

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