Götterdämmerung : Pulling back from the brink

Author: Mattekillert
Published: 2017-02-01, edited: 1970-01-01
After the destruction of the allied landing in Normandy along with the complete rout of allied forces in Italy, Germany looked east. The Wehrmacht was launching a last ditch operation to even the scales in the east. Operation Göttedämmerung.
35 German panzer and panzergrenadier Divisions launched forth through Homel.Virtually all of the German panzer armee was gathered in this area.
Hitler had made it very clear to his generals. Get me oil. One army of infantry and mountaineers will go through Turkey and into baki and the middle east.
If you will not join us you will be destroyed!
The Soviet infantry is desperatly buying time for the Red Army.
Uh.. Turkish Mechanized division..?
After the last infantry was killed nothing stood between the panzer armee and the coast. The Red Army was trapped.
The fuel / supply situation has all but collapsed for the tanks. But with lacking supply and no fuel they are holding the line.
It is now up to the German infantry to show their wrath.
The pocket is shrinking...
Some divisions are even shrinking down into 1/10th of their original strength.
So many Russians.
We have linkup in the south!
The Russians are out of org and are panicking it's 1941 all over again!
Complete panic!
The pocket has been split.
STAVKA has attempted to rescue the divisions with a panzer thrust but it is futile. The Germans give no quarter.
The Russians can no longer resist. They just run into each other.
The last of the southern pocket.
We have come far..
Nearly half a million men are trapped here. The second battle of Kiev will be great like the first!
Even more Russians have perished.

"Mein führer please, calm down"

Now we must secure the other side of the Dnieper.
The middle east is turning Axis.
We did it reddit!
... I sent 2 panzer korps to rest after Operation Götterdämmerung. There is no rest for the Germans!
Divisions in the east are destroyed and are reformed in the Fatherland.
Go Finland!
They never stood a chance.
This will take a while
Isn't it beautiful?
SWEDEN STRONK. Sink a brazillion!
The lines in the Caucasus have been reached. Now we will only hold.
Japan is doing ok.
Godamm Turks immigrating to Sweden. Jimmie would be rustled.
The Finns are collapsing but the Reich defends it friends. Hold on brave Finns!
Another 50 thousand Russians trapped.
The Russians broke through some Croatian and Bulgarian troops and flooded into the German center. A outraged Hitler flew to Manstein to yell at him for letting it happen. But some nearby Russian Artillery convinced him to leave. Letting Manstein do what he wanted and so he would repeat The Third Battle of Kharkov. The Backhand Blow!
The destruction of many divisions in the center would allow the Wehrmacht to strike out at Moscow. Along with the fall of Kharkov in the south and many other small cities. The Soviet Union collapsed. Who could blame them? Allied landing after landing was repulsed and in the east the Russians were hopelessly outmatched by a re surging Germany.
And so in early 1947 the battle in the east came to and end and with it all the hope of the Allies vanished. There was no hope of landing against 2 million Germans who had fought for years in the east. The Luftwaffe was once again dominating Europe leaving all hope of any bombing gone. Germany had triumphed!

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