Kingdom of Louisiana Prologue #1 Greater France

Author: Mrhman74
Published: 2017-07-05, edited: 2017-07-05
I planning on leaving hellscape that is known as Europe to the new world as the Kingdom of Louisiana

Part of the campaign:

Kingdom of Louisiana

We start our campaign today in the middle of the 100 years war, We are surrounded by enemies, while we had beaten back the English for now, they will be back and will try encroach on our territory. As long as the English have holdings on the continent, we are unsafe. While the Burgundians are outwardly friendly, they may scheme with the English.
The House Trastámara has been a staunch ally since the Castilian Civil War were dethroned the English puppet ruling Castile.
Charles declares a renewed interest in riding France of the red disease from the de jure Kingdom of France
The English have refused to leave Maine to the Kingdom of France as it had promised to do. With the English refusing leave capital of the province, we will take this an attack on the king's sovereignty. We shall call upon our allies as this is a defensive war.
To help the war effort, we use the newest technology to allow our soldiers to be fed more easily
After 2 years our nation is tired of war and mothers long for the return of our sons. In our ceasefire agreement, we require to build up strength for future conflicts.
Wallonian nobles have risen up to request for more autonomy and privileges from Philip.
Georges de Demmartin
We refuse an alliance from Navarra because we do not need get hung up in Iberian affairs and
We shall dissolve our alliance with Rene as the English are not a threat to his holdings
Charles has a created a centralized system for taxation to this war and future wars to come.
Charles has the ambition to conquer a territory calls it "Greater France". Many in his court think he insane but other agree a powerful kingdom would stop the not stop wars they have had to fight.
Greater France
Charles VII
With a dead Philip, we are not sure if the Burgundians will ally with England
We must continue our policy of containment of England by align us with Scotland
While they are distracted we should strike to reclaim what de jure the kingdom of France.
While Charles id not in his prime, he wants to lead his troop into battle before he dies.
We have captured Burgundy will soon have return to our kingdom de facto .
we cannot take their entire lands as that would upset the Holy Roman Empire.
To forge a more righteous war against the English, we ally with the Pope.
Castile continues support of our war effort against English and their aggression.
Charles is dead but his ambition still lives on. A young heir has been born would many in the court will accomplish many great things.
The Pretender has died and now we can finally reclaim what is rightfully ours.
With Portugal distracted and most of our allies agreeing to join our was it is time to strike. We will be able to take land from both The Holy Roman Empire and England.
Loius has started a program to find new lands for settling and trading .
We are outnumbered on land and sea but this will not stop us as we have lord's divine will on our side.
Jean de Lhery as been promoted to head generally due to his great skills in warfare.
Trading and agreement should our best way of acquiring land in the future .
Scottland has capitulated which is a tragedy but gives us time to press more our attack against the HRE.
While ambition is not in southern Italy we will not pass up claims we can use in future was against Aragon.
The war is over and are victorious the future is looking bright for the Kingdom of France.

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