An eye to the future: Poland, January - August 1939

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Winning the Peace: Poland, May 1938-December 1938

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Wars rage all around, and yet Poland (and to a degree Mitteleuropa) remain an oasis of peace in a troubled world
The new year starts with the developing situation in the Balkans, where Bulgaria has a new regime installed by the Romanians. In reality it is little more than a puppet, but it affords them a healthy border with the rest of the Balkans allowing a focus on Austria
Archbishop Kakowski, former head of the regency council, has died at his home in Warsaw. All of Poland mourns his loss, although a few in the government are relieved to see the old regime leaving this plane of existence
A fantastical alternate history book is published. With the fall of Petrograd, it seems this book will b doubly wrong with a doubly failed revolution
A review of the wars of the past years reveals quite how effective Polands attacks where on the enemy. In the battle of Lwow the Polish army achieved a ratio of over 10
This review opens up new research options for our doctines
Now though we turn to mechanising our forces. The next war will pose far more of a challenge than the antiquated Galician army and its immobility
We renew our deal with Romania, but this time we trade manufactured goods instead of land
New mountain infantry are trained!
The new doctrines allow the option of resurrecting formations like the Podhale rifles, who currently occupy a small ceremonial rile
Our new research teams focus their energies on designing new military equipment for our infantry. Their prototype sub-machine guns show great potential and will likely become commonplace upon their completion
Whilst the whites push in the north, the reds make a push in the south. Kazan is now very nearly a frontline city, with only the Volga and Kazanka protecting it
The ancient city falls nearly silent in anticipation of the coming offensive. Those Aristocrats made of weaker stuff are reportedly fleeing the city
But the global cause of Syndicalism receives a body blow soon after as Chicago, the capital of American syndicalism, falls to the US federal government.
The days of low morale are a distant memory as triumphant US troops march through Chicago. The government in Warsaw breathed a sigh of relief at this turn of events due to the huge number of Poles living in Chicago. General MacArthur is sent a note of thanks which he almost certainly neglects to read. So its published in the Stars and Stripes as well, which garners more attention
Jack Reed of the Syndicalists hangs on by a thread. Over 30 thousand of his workers militias have died on the field of battle. A few thousand more than the Federal Governments troops, and yet its their forces that march through Chicago. His mauling on the east coast will do him no favours either.
Work towards creating synthetic oil see's a breakthrough, new refineries can now be built for this crucial substance
in its place its decided that Poland's obsolete artillery needs an upgrade if it is to compete with our neighbours equipment
Austrians reach the Danube! is Belgrade next?
Austrian families certainly hope so. With the casualties now topping over half a million, the numbers of walking wounded back home is reaching Weltkrieg levels
Our effort to Mechanise is completed! Polish troops shall move so rapidly that the opposition cannot establish a line of defensive, just as we did a year ago!
now the real work begins. Our tanks must get better.

Also of note is the fact that the far left has now totally fallen out of popular favour. Tales of syndicalist barbarism coming back from Chicago have seen to that
The Syndicalists fall! The US war in the north is over as Detroit falls to the Federal Government. Jack Reed is rumoured to have fled to Canada before he's found by furious Michigan farmers, all of whom lost sons to his 'revolution', who promptly hand him over to the federal Government. He's sent to Denver to await trail and to recieve medical attention for the numerous 'falls' he took whilst in the farmers company.

The east coast and Washington are now once again in the Federal Governments sights
US troops march through Detroit. This time the parade is more that of a conqueror than a liberator to reinforce the fact of capitulation
Our new guns are finished. The military estimate that our army will be requipped with these new guns by 1941 at the latest provided resources are made avaliable
in its place we plan to modify our artillery so that it poses a greater threat to tanks. Our lessons from Galicia are bearing fruit in the lab
Production remains focused on tanks, but ample lines are appropriated for artillery
New excavation tolls are prepared. Our domestic Oil production must increase
To speed up production of our artillery new machine tools are to be designed. The whole nation seems to be hurrying to better itself!
Our new guns are ready! The average polish solider can now rely on far more firepower than before
We now take the chance to develop our support weaponry. The world is a dangerous place, and we must be prepared
Serbian casualties reach 100 thousand, but AUstrian ones climb towards 6 times that.
Iranian troops occupy Armenia. They're seemingly making inroads, although the news of this war is now second to the Russian and American civil wars in the Polish news cycle
Armenia suffered light casualties, as has all of the Ottoman alliance. On the other hand the Arab-Egyptian-Iranian axis has taken over 100k casualties with no sign of the conflict abating
A week after constitution day celebrations have started to die down. This year celebrations where especially large due to it coinciding with the newly announced 'victory celebration' that goes from may 3rd to victory day. A monument to the dead of both sides is raised in Warsaw and others in Krakow and Lwow.

The past year has seen Poland stand steady and, for the first time, it faces no threat of syndicalist rebellion. Industrial development can continue unabated
Our stockpiles of tanks is improving daily. We now have enough to consider training our own tank divisions
Training begins as soon as the Government hears of the surplus. Our armoured forces will be the pride of Poland! They are to be ready by the end of the year
Austrian Intelligence learn of this and move their own, larger tanks to the border. They're officially known as spoilsports
A year after it was taken, Petrograd falls again to the Syndicalists. The Whites have been pushed back all along the front. They seem unable to stop the reds
Just in time our armour efforts pay off. Our tankers will have the experience they need to be excellent on the battlefield
In asia the Japanese war into Siberia has hit a roadblock. Despite owning a massive technological and numerical superiority over their foes, the Japanese army is struggling to make any headway but continues to rack up huge casualties.
We turn our attention to our special forces instead, as we have already explored the rest of our military options
Our builders get increasingly efficient thanks to new research from engineers from the University of Lodz
Funds are given now to the Jagiellon University in Krakow to find more and better ways of getting resources *cough* oil *cough* out of the ground
The Austrians rack up tens of thousands of casualties over the summer. How is this sustainable?
Austrian troops are now visibly exhausted. If this war isn't won by autumn its unlikely the Serbian line will break before the spring, and another winter on the Danube sounds like a nightmare to these demoralised Austrians
The American Union State is dealt a blow when New Orleans is cut off by an American offensive. Its current status isn't permanent though, and would change many times before the war is over
Tripolitania surrenders as well. Plenty of wars seem to be approaching their climax
Our own development is coming along well. The general quality of life has shot up, imports have increased and we can still afford to use double the manufacturing power we had but three years ago
Our work into special forces is also complete
We turn our eyes to the air now
Just as the month comes to an end, news arrives from Brazil that the Syndicalists have overthrown the government. Even though the ideology died in the North, maybe it has hope on the southern end of America
As August comes to an end the Brazil turns left, a new era in south america seems to be dawning
In the US the Federal Government launches offensives from the swamps of Louisiana to the peaks of the Appalachians. Three has been whittled down to two, and a showdown on the east coast beckons
And in the east the Russian syndicalists prepare to defeat the whites after countering their offensive. But there is still so much ground to cover. Will they make it?

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