CBRX TSL tournament qualifying round one: I probably failed at explaining this clearly

Published: 2018-05-27, edited: 1970-01-01
Hello and welcome to the CBRX maps tournament qualifying match 1. In this tournament, we will have every CBRX region have the nominated civs play on their TSL's on a cropped version of the CBRX map containing only their region. In this match, I decide which civ will rule Edinburgh, Scotland or the Celts. Here we have Robert the Bruce's Scotland, which ended up qualifying for the CBRX.
In Ynys Wydryn, we have the Celts, led by Boudicca. Even if she loses this match, she will compete in the full Britain match representing the Iceni.
The Celts quickly get Dublin up. The motto of Dublin is "The obedience of the citizens produces a happy city". Sounds semi-fascist.
They also get the generic AI pantheon. As a mostly religious civ, this is unsurprising from them. They'll probably get the first religion.
Scotland builds Glasgow by the sea and the start of a river. Glasgow is the 4th most visited city in the UK.
Scotland picks the pantheon that gives food from camps. But they only have one resource they could put a camp on.
They also enter the Classical Era, showing their technological advantage. And they should have a third city up soon.
What did I tell you? Stirling is the "Gateway to the Highlands" and the home of the first bridge on the Firth of Forth.
The Celts found Catholicism at the same time as they enter the classical era. I think they have a military of only two warriors.
Cardiff is founded by a bay. It has a much better motto then Dublin. "The red dragon will lead the way"
Robert built the Statue of Zeus in Edinburgh, showing they've completed Honor. The 15% bonus to attacking cities will also help out.
They soon enter the medieval era and are building up an army, probably to invade the Celts. A war by turn 40 would be really quick.
And it begins! The Celts look screwed. This is going to be a quicker game then I thought. The celts are really behind in tech.
Ynys Wydryn begins to take damage in just 4 turns, and there's a great general on the way. With 2 melee units next to the city, it could fall soon.
It's down to yellow, but most of the melee units are farther away now. It's going to be harder then I thought.
It falls down to red the same time Boudicca enters the medieval era. A mostly destroyed spearman is the nearest melee unit though.
La dee da, no capital captures here! Just Scotland building the great wall. No need to look at the notifications.
Look, the game is over, with no notice of this beforehand. I'm sure glad we could have a full 18 slides of this game. Scotland will be in Edinburgh in the Britain TSL match, while Boudicca will lead the Iceni.