Rhode Island Bowl - Part 1 - The Long And Winding Rhode

Published: 2018-06-09, edited: 1970-01-01
Welcome lads and laddies to Rhode Island Bowl Part 1 - The Long And Winding Rhode.

Second cities start to roll out, with Purple Island settling a second north city, Breaking Bad settling West Warwick, and New Island settling South Kingstown.
Corner Island founds Johnston, while Green Island settles North Kingstown south of South Kingstown.

Johnston should have a lot of production, but not a lot of population, which will help Corner out in this game.
Blue Island settles Westerly, which is not to be confused with West Providence, West Kingstown, West Warwick, or the American West.
Light Blue Island settles Smithfield in the forest.
Light Green Island settles Bristol, which is a town in every single state in the northeast, apparently.
Red Island founds West Warwick again on a line exactly parallel with the other West Warwick, a fact which makes me question my existence.
And lastly, OG Island settles East Providence exactly due north of Providence.
Finally, my mountain hideout is revealed! THE RUSSIANS DID RHODE ISLAND BOWL

Light Green Island gets desert folklore, guaranteeing themselves a religion. Religions could be surprisingly important this game - civs will need every bit of happiness they can get.
OG Island gets the OG pantheon, because that's how they roll. Roger Williams is funky fresh.
I WANT TO DIE. Corner Island founds New Island's 2nd city as their 3rd city, while New Island founds Corner's Island's 2nd city as their city. This won't be confusing later.
Blue Island forward settles Light Blue Island, while OG Island settles the 3rd Johnston.
*wipes tear from face* They were all so happy back then...
Light Blue Island gets the Great Library.
This gave me no information other than the fact that one of ten civs in this game has reached the classical era. Which one? I have no idea.
Light Green Island settles the first city from the Kievan Rus' city list , furthering the conspiracy of RhodeGate.
One of the ten civs makes friends with one of the other ten civs. Wow, thanks Firaxis, very cool!

Red Island is going to strange places.
Breaking Bad Island guarantees themselves a religion by building Stonehenge and sends out a settler to found a third city.
Red Island founds Coventry in the middle of the forest. It is indefensible. At the same time, they build the ToA in Cumberland.
Yo, I heard you liked stone circles, so I built a wonder with stone circles so you could worship the stone circle and found a pantheon of stone circles.
Light Green Island builds a 4th settler, while Light Blue Island builds a useless wonder.
OG Island founds Protestantism, the first religion. OG is always number 1.
In a jive-ass move, Breaking Bad Island copies OG Island and settles East Providence... on the western side of the map. What a turkey.
Meanwhile, their fourth settler wanders aimlessly to some foreign lands.
Blue Island settles West Warwick southeast of Red Island's West Warwick, which blocks of units from West Warwick from reaching Coventry due to the fact that West Warwick is between West Warwick and Coventry.

TL;DR: West Warwick
Light Green Island builds the Statue of Zeus and settles South Providence very... south. This city was originally founded as a blank city name - whenever this happens in game, I will use IGE to rename it to a variation of Providence.
Roger Williams is first with 17 techs, but Roger Williams and Roger Williams are hot on their heels with 15 techs. (Not Pictured, but Roger Williams is lagging behind with 13 techs.)
Two civs declare a war that will likely go nowhere! That Green Island declaration may seem pointless, but remember that Light Green Island settled their fourth city nearby!
I take that back. This is fruitless. Green Island has three units and he has not taken the time to move any of them near Light Green's fourth city.
OG Island builds the pyramids, while Peresechen takes damage! Maybe this war could go somewhere!
Breaking Bad Island settles its fourth city in the middle of nowhere, while Green Island is militarizing! They now have four units! Fear their awesome military might!
Peresechen falls into the red, but Light Green Island has swordsmen - any gains made could be very short-lived!
The game's first city capture! What an effort.
Light Green Island doesn't seem to care and founds Catholicism.
Meanwhile, Light Blue Island builds the Terracotta army and gets exactly one unit from it.
6 turns later, and Light Green Island has built a military. Green siege units are firing upon their former city while OG Island sends a settler through the warzone with military escort.
Light Green Island gets their city back!
Breaking Bad Island founds Oriental Orthodoxy as their military goes... somewhere.
That is certainly one place you could put a third city.

West Warwick.
The first war ends with a white peace. Light Green Island lost 2 total population points in the war. Light Blue Island builds the Great Wall.
Corner Island actually builds Petra in a good city for it.
Apparently, these civs didn't get the memo that they needed to found happiness based religions.
Everybody hates Red Island. Light Blue Island goes for the indefensible city, while Blue Island goes for the considerably more difficult cities to take.
Green Island peaces out and Light Green Island is safe. Breaking Bad Island joins into the war for some reason.
More skirmishes. OG Island enhances their religion and is content(for now) with watching the war from afar.
Corner Island moves to take Purple Island's egregiously bad settle.
There are some civs with wonders, and some without.
Coventry finally takes damage, while Blue Island is not having much success.
In just 4 turns, West Warwick falls to Corner Island.
OG Island decides to join in, but the terrain favors Red Island. Meanwhile, a deadly Microsoft account problem eats the minimap. F
New Island builds a New wonder, while Corner Island makes peace with Purple Island after getting what they wanted out of the war.
Coventry falls to the red! Light Blue Island's tech advantage is showing as they have the superior siege weapon now.
Yet another victory for the superior siege weapon, the trebuchet. Coventry falls, and the world celebrates the loss of a little bit of border gore.
The last civ to enter the war peaces out first. What an OG. Meanwhile, Breaking Bad Island enhances their religion and founds Borobudur. There are two religion/pantheon slots left, but no one is claiming them.
Green Island founds ANOTHER West Warwick, while OG Island replaces the lost border gore of Coventry with new Border Gore in the south.
New Island declares on Corner Island, but the terrain favors the defender heavily here. "We settled Johnston first!" cries the attackers. "No u!" sounds the Corner Island reply.
Breaking Bad Island finally brings their army over! ...and they peace out.
New Island prepares for a long siege of East Providence, but those archers won't cut it against a 36 strength city.
And after a long part, we end with this parting shot - Purple Island settles their third city, Bristol at the top edge of the map. Not to be confused with Bristol, of course, a Light Green City, settled at the top edge of the map. I think this game is driving me insane. See you next part!

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