The Thousand Year Reich : Chapter 4, The Battle for the Suez

Author: Mattekillert
Published: 2017-02-01

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The Thousand Year Reich : Chapter 3, The Battle For the Mediterranean

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After the end of the battle of Crete German forces were moved into French Syria to prepare for an offensive towards the Suez. The French hatred for the British made them quite cooperative, along with the promise of expanded territory.
And so on the 14th of January 1941, France was called to arms.
Within two weeks Tel Aviv had fallen and German forces had all but destroyed all British resistance in Palestine. The two panzer divisions rushed on while the Jäger divisions cleared up in the back with the assistance of French troops.
Hitler had for some time now been frustrated at the existence of Switzerland and asked the Advisor why it still existed. Hitler was terrified when he heard the Advisor mention “game mechanics” again but when the Advisor explained that this meant they had no reason to exist he was overjoyed and ordered an invasion. The primary reason the Advisor put forth was looting the Swiss rare stockpile.
Meanwhile all available Fallschirmjäger were dropped behind the Suez securing the western bank. The panzer divisions were still far away but it is hoped that they can hold on just like in Crete.
The fall of both Zürich and Bern lead to a swift capitulation for the Swiss. The war didn’t even last a week.
A look at the glorious project Ost Bahn to facilitate the future war with the Soviet Union the Advisor had spent the last two years building roads and railways in the east. All of Poland had become a highway, a highway to hell or a highway to Bolshevism as the Advisor liked to call it, much to the Führer's annoyance.
Extraction of rare materials had become a significant problem in recent times. By increasing the effectiveness of the extraction and trading it is hoped to turn the rare situation around for Germany. It turns out building a lot of factories without the materials available is not a good idea.
(Shit is pretty bad yo eating rares like a madman.
The panzer divisions are about to react the eastern bank of the Suez and aid the Fallschimjäger who are coming under increasing pressure from the allied forces.
The Fallschirmjäger must hold on.
The 43. Panzer division is sent across the Suez to widen the bridgehead in Egypt.
In Pola the first of the new Schwere Panzer Divisions are formed. Using prototype “Tiger” tanks built by Porsche they are sent to Egypt to help finish up the fight in all due haste.
Distressing news reach the Advisor that reinforcements appearing out of the deserts have retaken much of Palestine and are moving in on the precarious defense around the Suez. Rapid reinforcements are needed! The poor jäger divisions only having light equipment are unfit for fighting in the deserts.
New Fallschirmjäger divisions who have been training for years now are formed up.
The "new" Fallschirmjäger divisions are still using antiquated equipment. Their current anti-tank equipment can only penetrate the antiquated Panzer I tank and will need to spend a long time getting modern equipment before they can be used in any offensive operations.
The precarious situation around the Suez is growing more and more desperate with each passing day the German forces in the area are outnumbered by around 10-1 in numbers. Our troops are simply unable to cover the frontage put against them and are consistently outflanked and overwhelmed. All forces are retreated to Bûr Sa’id and Români.
The 9th Corps is rushed into ships and sent to reinforce our troops in Egypt.
The Arrival of the 9th Corps rapidly turns the battle around and the British are forced back. The Fallschirmjäger and Panzer divisions heroic defence of Bûr Sa’id just add more to the Fallschirmjägers long list of achievements.
The long fighting and lack of reinforcements have taken their toll on the British units. By sheer determination we will outlast the British!
The 1. Schwere panzer division gets it first taste of action retaking Români.
In the deserts the 9th Australian division is trapped by a combined effort of the Jäger divisions and French troops. The “Magnificent 9th” will not escape this time.
The ever continuing battle of Egypt is a bloody one. More troops will be needed but both the Advisor and Hitler is in agreement that the preparation for the battle in the East must take priority.
The jäger continue their advance to secure the Middle East.
Hitler had sent a very angry telegram to Mussolini demanding the Italian Army attack the British troops in Egypt. Mussolini responded by saying they were unable to breach the “Very strong defenses put up by the British including many elite formations!” The Abwehr sent a very different report however. The Italians were facing a Yemenis Militia formation and a British Colonial garrison division. The Italians meanwhile had some 15 divisions facing them including 4 Italian “Panzer” divisions (if you can call them that).
In southern Sinai tens of thousands of allied troops are stuck with no way out.
The never ending push back and forth in Egypt continues. Will this battle ever end?
Rommel finishes up the resistance in the Sinai and with it another 55 thousand troops are freed up for the battle of Egypt.
Hess plz why u do dis ur stoopid.
Newly formed Panzer divisions using French tanks are sent into Egypt. As many of the allied troops in the theatre lack anti-tank weaponry they should still prove effective.
Again another offensive is launched over the Nile. Will this one be a success or just another failure?
The British finally seem to be panicking! With the loss of the Suez and the German advance along the Red Sea all supplies to the British forces are cut off. Victory is at hand!
The pocket closes.
194000 troops march into captivity from Bawiti. The British resistance in Egypt has collapsed.
The battle of El ‘Alamein is rapidly coming to a close, for whatever reason Mussolini ordered all army units back and sent forward his black shirts to aid us in taking El ‘Alamein. Their strategy of running over the open sands at the British with no artillery, anti-tank, recon or engineer support lead to predictable results, they were mowed down in their thousands.
The Italians are however making better progress in East Africa where the majority of the Italian Army is currently placed. The opening of the Suez to the Regina Marina has led to a lot more supplies funnelling in to the Italian troops placed here. Perhaps the Italians can push all the way to South Africa!
In El ‘Alamein another 10000 men go into captivity. The Italian black shirts again rush in to be a part of the surrender ceremony but their request is denied by von Lagermann.
With the end of the battle of El ‘Alamein the battle of Egypt draws to a close and with it stage one of the Battle of the Middle East ends. With the western flank now secure German troops can be pulled back to aid in the upcoming battle in the east and the rest can be sent to capture the Arabian Peninsula.

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