Impromptu Native American AI Game, Part 3: Amalgamation

Author: Miles5280s
Published: 2019-08-23, edited: 1970-01-01

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Impromptu Native American AI Game

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Impromptu Native American AI Game, Part 2: The Belt and the Fish

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Welcome back to Impromptu Native American AI Game! This is gonna be a short but eventful part this time.

We open with Iroquois and Chinookan troops converging on Chota, as their lethal alliance works to finish off the Salish.
As Chota goes to Comcomly, Seattle is exiled to Muspa, the old Calusa holdout. This is his last city - a dramatic fall from the start of last part, where the Salish had a rather decent empire.
Sitting Bull, the largest remaining power outside the Iroquois-Chinook alliance, is leading the way in tech. We can see here that he's the first to the Information Era, and therefore the beginning of the Future Worlds tech tree.
Understandably, the Sioux are getting antsy to build themselves up while there's still weaker powers left to conquer. Then again, the Anishinaabe have been a sitting duck here for a long time...
The Chinook make it to the Information Era only a few turns later. Nothing will stop Comcomly from building his UU boats, though. Then again, it doesn't seem to be holding him back, so why change?
I was taking a look at these Chinook polar outposts when I noticed a funny little interaction: apparently the Chinook UA can spawn ice salmon with no yields!
Hiawatha makes it to Muspa, wiping out the last Coast Salish presence from the map and eliminating Seattle in 9th place.
Four Bears, dude... This is a good way to put a big target on your back in an AI game.
Tuskaloosa lives! I mean, as a city-state, but hey, better than nothing. And he's made peace with Sitting Bull, for what that's worth.
Gee, Three Affiliated Tribes, I wonder what might have caused this... Anyway, the Iroquois-Chinook alliance strikes again.
By the end of the turn, Four Bears has scrambled to end his other ongoing wars with Tuskaloosa and Sitting Bull. Somehow, I don't think that's gonna save him.
2 turns later, Seepoosha is knocked halfway down...
...and all too quickly, it's captured by the Iroquois. RIP Three Affiliated Tribes, turtling their way to 8th place.
6 turns later, the alliance strikes again at the Anishinaabe!
Koyah: "Look guys, I'm helping! Can I get in on this alliance?"
More seriously, Sitting Bull also joins the dogpile, eager to deny the territory to the alliance threatening his position. The Sioux have had this opportunity for ages, but now it's time-critical.
The Sioux colony of Wahpekute becomes a military base of importance in striking the Anishinaabe polar holdings of Tanasi and Moningwanekaaning.
Oh good, Pontiac, you've made peace with your biggest threat... the Crow. Sigh.
Tanasi, the former final holdout of the Cherokee, falls to the Sioux as Moningwanekaaning falls to the yellow!
Now that city's been captured as well, and the Anishinaabeg capital is taking damage!
As Michilimackinac's knocked to the black, the Mississippi and Crow end their totally-relevant war.
The Anishinaabeg capital, long in the sights of the Sioux, is finally theirs!
As an aside, Hiawatha has the wonder lead... mostly by having taken them from TAT and Salish cities.
The Anishinaabe flip their capital but can't hold it, as Manitoulin falls to yellow...
By the end of the turn, both it and Lipan fall to the Sioux! The Anishinaabe are eliminated in 7th place as Sitting Bull successfully denies the Iroquois-Chinook alliance from taking any of their territory.
Undeterred, the alliance decides there are more rump states to finish off, such as the Mississippi-in-exile government in Chilkat.
Oh, Tuskaloosa, I'm sorry. But this isn't gonna be survivable.
He puts up a good fight, but...
After 8 turns of assault, the Iroquois take Chilkat, eliminating the once-powerful Mississippians in 6th place.
Koyah, I think you can take this as your application to join the alliance being denied.
Skidegate, the only Haida colony off the mainland, goes down immediately...
Haina only lasts one more turn, as the Haida are quickly eliminated in 5th place.
Alright, let's wind down here just before turn 500 with... oh goodness what do we have here


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