Granadian Glory, Familliar times!

Author: Mattekillert
Published: 2017-02-01, edited: 1970-01-01
Hello and welcome to of Granadian Glory, part 1 Familliar times

So it begins, looks somewhat familiar huh? 3 provinces next to a superpower.. Now to visit an old friend!
Oh hey Urbino! Long time no seen what you been up to buddy?
Now for some old enemies.
Beating a western stack is hard man, They really hurt! Like christ I though eastern units were bad what is this?
Whey! An heir!
Nom Nom Nom.
The Papal states just happend to have war decd Urbino sooooo without further adue.
Remove Pope!
Hail Kebab!
Coring was scary with a high revoltrisk but I got luckly along with the reduce revolt thing.
Hey Castile you love me righttt?
No... Kebab you don't need to do this!
Remove Pizza maker!
Catholics? In Rome? What is this??
So we started going south early since the PU broke fast.
Well I tried to kill the stack a couple times but no muslim units are so bad!
With a bank of 1350 dip points it's time to RUN AWAY.
3 ideas instantly? Yup.
I love concedeing defeat. You lose nothing!
Ah Italy.. Brings back some memories man.
Well this was going to happen one day..
Well we do have equal troops so maybe?
Please stop it? I know I'm muslim but come on man! I only want to convert you to the true faith...
After letting the war go on for 5 years the AI finally gives away of my provinces. Leaving me with a stupid amount of -stab and war exhaustion. THANKS TURKS.
You see before it was fine since we had 3 provinces in Spain. But now? Nope. Catholic Granada is best Granada?
Yeah go away pope.
Do not want unlawful territory or lose my army.
There is some advantages in being catholic!
Yup yup!
So this is the world currently. Not colonies!
That war was also stupid just the same like last time.
What is this new land?
French doomstacks come to save the day!
Short overview of the glorious Granada, note still alive. So this was the first chapter of Granadian Glory, part 1 Familliar times.

Thank you for reading and tell me what you think of the new AAR in the comments or hate on me for turning Catholic!

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