Making America Great Again: A Millennium Dawn AAR | Part 1

Published: 2017-02-03

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Making America Great Again: A Millennium Dawn AAR

Hi, Donald Trump here with another fantastic part of my great AAR. I just finished Commerce Efficiency because I am a great businessman, the best you can imagine and I am going to be hard at work running America like I run by company. By picking my cabinet members in a televised completion. You don’t know how great it’s gonna be. I guarantee it. We are all going to be rich. It’s fantastic.
Now when I saw we are going to bomb the shit out of ISIS I mean it. We need to update our Air Force so we can bomb more shit out of ISIS. It’s gonna be real classy. We are going to bomb them so much your head is going to spin.
Our border patrol celebrates the new year by shooting some rapists and murder’s coming across the border. Look at the 9-year-old, he could have had a gun! He looked strangely at an officer, what was he supposed to do. I’m going to make that officer my secretary of defense.
During Obama’s term we didn’t even research new guns. Told you he wanted to take your guns away. What else do you expect from a Muslim who founded ISIS that was born in Kenya. Not a real American. Real American’s cook their bacon on machine guns.
He Didn’t even upgrade our tanks. How else are we going to stop the illegals from coming? I’m telling you a Main Battle Tank is a great deterrent.
We train some new troops who are going to be sent off to the border. If I can’t have a wall, I can have a fence of tanks.
Once again Obama neglected our military. Told you all so! No wonder America became a nation of losers. Today that changes as research begins on a new fighter jet. We are going to fly so fast your head will spin, that is if a 9-year-old refugee from Syria doesn’t cut it off. Not all refugees are bad. Just the Syrian, and Iraqi, and African ones.
Some troops vacationing in Guantanamo. Those terrorists must be having fun, waterboarding at Guantanamo must sound fun to a person whose only education was how to blow stuff up. No wonder Obama is so good at drone strikes.
We finish research on a new tank. Also look at NATO, looks so weak, too bad we can’t leave them for some dumb reason like international relations. NATO is a bunch of losers, Like Canada.
Continue to research some new fighter jets.
We need to reform our government. Get rid of people like Little Marco and Crooked Hillary. Only great people like me should be running the government. Believe me I have the best people, the best.
Deploy some Anti-Mexican Aircraft to the border, sometimes it’s better to get them before they can even come over. That’s what we should be using our drones for.
New divisions are done. Time to deploy them to the border.
The Pig Fucker is still in power. Guess its gonna keep refugees out because they can’t stand pork, unlike Cameron.
Kurdistan is leading the fight against ISIS. Now Kurds are great, their fantastic. They can kill ISIS and I can take all the credit.
Now we need to reform our education so our schools are not full of these leftist SJW Pussy’s. Now my plan for this is to make sure that I teach every single class, gonna call it Trump University. It’s gonna be fantastic. Everyone will be winner’s, it’s gonna be great.
More jet’s, More winning.
Grand Battle Plan, that just sounds great, it sounds fantastic. Sounds very classy. That’s how I do things.
I move 11 divisions to Houston to be shipped out to turkey to fight ISIS. Those kebabs are not gonna know what hit them.
Deploying some fighter jets to Turkey.
Troops are on the way to Turkey.
Another day, another great new jet. Note that China is in the background.
I think you all get the drill by now. You better otherwise you’re a bunch of low energy losers.
Time to kick some kebab ass.
ISIS Is gonna be gone so fast your head will spin.v
War! This war is gonna be fantastic, it’s gonna be so great.
Damn right we did, Obama must be pretty scared right now.
The Jet's proceed to bomb the shit out of ISIS
Told you we were at war with Islam. I knew it. I told you so. Look we just started the war and ISIS is 50% dead. Is your head spinning yet?
Moving some more jets to the border.
They should have paid for the wall.
I asked them nicely. I am the nicest person I know. Nobody is nicer then Donald Trump, Trust me.
Can’t be illegal if Mexico is part of America but I’m sure they will find a way.

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