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Game: Hearts of Iron IV

Novgorod the Russian Republic: A MEIOU&Taxes AAR Part 2 Master of the Rus

Images: 52, author: aquila, published: 2017-12-03

Hey everybody, I'm back with Part two of my Russian Republic AAR. As before my goals for this play through are to remain a Republic as long as possible and achieve aesthetic borders while role-playing a republican Russia. 50 year chunks seem to be working at the moment so I've decided to stick with it for now. I'm not posting most events unless I find them interesting, nor of the Estate interactions though I think I might change that for future updates. Sharp eye'd among you might notice this album is a mix of .PNG and .JPG. At the recommendation of a user on here I switched to a different screenshot method during the play-through, let me know how it looks and if you like it more or less. The initial stages of any Eastern Europe game are somewhat conquest heavy since the provinces are not super wealthy, however I am almost at a point where I'll be able to build more regularly especially once I take Engineering ideas and get more of central Russia. Once that happens I'll show more of the economic side of things along with province growth and such. Thanks for taking a look!

Game: Europa Universalis IV

Novgorod the Russian Republic: A MEIOU&Taxes AAR Part 1 Controlling the North

Images: 25, author: aquila, published: 2017-11-28