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Game: Crusader Kings II

The House Under God, part 3: Iberian Ambitions

Images: 30, author: Jimli_, published: 2017-02-23

Hey everybody, welcome back to this AAR. Just as a side note for anyone coming here to read this, I would advise you stop reading if you're at all interested in the AAR. I say this because I'll only be releasing parts when I feel like it and that doesn't happen often. When It's all done I'll be posting it to /r/paradoxplaza on a regular schedule, so you can catch it then. The game's already finished and the pictures are all taken, so its just a matter of when I get around to writing it.

Anyways, for you folk in the future or the ones that didn't listen to me, enjoy the AAR!

Game: Crusader Kings II

The House Under God, Part 2: The Plague

Images: 31, author: Jimli_, published: 2017-02-16, edited: 1970-01-01

Welcome back to part 2 of this AAR. For now I'll be uploading it to just whenever, and then publishing it on the various subreddits. That way I can have regular uploading schedules.

The Ck2 AAR was really an afterthought, I just took screenshots whenever it was appropriate. My goal is to slug through Eu4, and once I get to Victoria 2 I'll be attempting to make a mod based on the story. Until then, enjoy the AAR.

Game: Crusader Kings II

The House Under God, Part 1: Papal Vassals

Images: 27, author: Jimli_, published: 2017-02-08, edited: 1970-01-01

Hey everyone, welcome to my AAR. I'll be starting an ironman game as the count of Orvieto in 1145. The start is unique, as they are the only vassals the Papacy has the entire game.

I'll mostly avoid a lot of technical talk, instead focusing on the story elements and some mild historic flavor. There are times where I make an attempt to hide things in screenshots, as I have to do some things that are out of character for the sake of clean and realistic borders. Don't worry though, I try and keep this to a minimum.

Without further adieu, let the story begin!