¡República o la muerte!- a HPM Peru-Bolivian AAR- Part 1

Published: 2017-04-28, edited: 2017-04-28
we get owned for a bit then get owned a bit more

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¡República o muerte!- a HPM Peru-Bolivian AAR

The Confederation is about waist-deep in shit.

An agrarian economy that can barely keep itself afloat, war with some twats who don't have enough coastline already, and low unity between an already-tenuous union that isn't even official threatens to tear the last vestige of Bolivar's pan-Hispanic dream apart.

The Supreme Protector, Andres de Santa Cruz, is not too keen on letting this happen.
Desperate times call for desperate measures. Santa Cruz orders the powerful landowners of the Confederation to take as much money from the people as possible, before handing over all of their own money as well.

As a final thank you note, he stops educating their children and cuts off their income in favour of holding up the army.
Keen to organise his rag-tag crew of misfits, rich people with no qualifications and donkeys into a credible fighting force, Santa Cruz promises to read a chapter of 'The Art of War' every night for the next two years.
Santa Cruz also introduces a one year draft in order to boost manpower.
Aware that the current, horrifically decentralized form of government will not last, the Supreme Protector endeavours to create a bureaucracy so the Presidents of the constituent Republics don't have to pore over every detail of everything happening in their jurisdictions.

Yes Gonzalo, we get it, congratulations on baking your five hundredth loaf of bread. Fuck off already.
Sick of Gonzalo's shit, General Jose Miguel de Velasco, South Peru's Provisional President, begs Santa Cruz to mobilize already.

Having actually met Gonzalo, and aware that Peru-Bolivia's army is not enough to defend its borders, Santa Cruz is sympathetic.
Preferring actual horses over ageing donkeys, two cavalry divisions are commissioned. Once complete, they will double the size of the current standing army.
The Bolivian Army is ordered to Uquia, in an effort to nestle itself amongst the Andes and give the Argentines a hard time.
With the markets adjusting to the new turmoil, the books are re-balanced. The landowners are now getting paid again, and their children can read the Hungry Caterpillar to their heart's delight.
Probably with Gonzalos of their own, the Patagonian Coalition's caudillos mobilize as well.
The 'Gonzalo Brigade' concludes its mobilization. It too is ordered to Uquia, where it will be merged with the professional army. Gonzalo himself is told to tell any attacking forces about his loaves of bread.
It takes a month for Santa Cruz's bureaucrats to confirm that, yes, there is in fact a war.

They've also forgotten that he has a hissy fit every time someone neglects to call him Supreme Protector.
Not entirely confident in the military abilities of his Presidents, and keen to centralize command, Santa Cruz assumes control of the Peruvian units.
They are ordered to Antofagasta, despite scouts reporting a fuckton of Chilean soldiers are much closer.
The Bolivian professional army arrives in Uquia, where they merge with the Gonzalo Brigade. Miraculously, the vast majority of them- Gonzalo included- are still holding out.
Fuck off.
Fuck OFF.
With the fall of Antofagasta, the only part of the Bolivian coastline that can support the French-funded navy, Santa Cruz acquiesces to Chilean demands for the coastline's entirety.

We won't forget this.
Needing permission from South Peru's President, General Ramon Herrera Rodado, in order to import foreign goods is a great humiliation for Santa Cruz.

He returns control of the South Peruvian armies as a result, shortly after they were decimated at the hands of their northern brethren.
Realising the gravity of the situation, the Supreme Protector orders General Ballivian's Bolivians out of Uquia. They attempt to leave Gonzalo behind but the Argentine locals didn't want him either.

It is hoped he will be the first to die at the Battle of Iquique.
The battle opens up to a flying start. General Ballivian is an accomplished strategist.
The Bolivians secure a victory, shortly after Santa Rosa falls to the Argentines.

Unfortunately, Gonzalo lives.
Despite enormous setbacks, the literate classes are constantly re-assured that Santa Cruz will prevail.

Let us hope he is right.

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¡República o la muerte!- a HPM Peru-Bolivian AAR- Part 2

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