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Victoria 2 After Action ReportsVictoria II is a grand strategy wargame developed by Paradox Development Studio and published by Paradox Interactive, sequel to 2003's Victoria. Like its predecessor, Victoria II allows for the player to take control of and manage a 19th-century state including its political, diplomatic, economic, military, and technological aspects. The game has many historical aspects to it, such as the ability to colonize places that, at the time, were not under any European power, such as Sub-Saharan Africa, and Northern Canada. The game's time frame is from 1836-1936.

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Game: Victoria 2

Chill Iran

Images: 9, author: Zulfy, published: 2018-09-09, edited: 1970-01-01

I wanted to play some vicky 2 but didn't want to stress. Eventually I just made sure my country wasn't dying and fiddled around with the rest of history.

Game: Victoria 2

With Strange Aeons: The Stars Are Right (An Aquitanian Apocalypse AAR)

Images: 32, author: Discix, published: 2018-08-23

The second entry in the ongoing 'With Strange Aeons' AAR, in which the Roman Empire struggles for survival amidst the unending tide of the undead (courteously supplied by the 'Aquitanian Apocalypse' mod, a combination of HtA and Apocalypse 1836).

This one has a fair bit more action and less exposition than the previous chapter, as we see the Roman military junta take the reigns and bring the fight to the zombos by reinforcing the Danubian mixed results.

Game: Victoria 2

With Strange Aeons: Rome vs. The Evil Dead (An Aquitanian Apocalypse AAR)

Images: 31, author: Discix, published: 2018-08-23, edited: 1970-01-01

A little WIP AAR for VIc2 using the Aquitanian Apocalypse mod, a combination of Heirs to Aquitania and Apocalypse 1836, wherein we command the Roman Empire in its struggle for survival against the relentless undead hordes.

Game: Victoria 2

Gernikako Arbola: A Basque AAR - Chapter 1: Of Diseases and Friends

Images: 17, author: Kravock, published: 2018-05-09, edited: 1970-01-01

Game: Victoria 2

Gernikako Arbola: A Basque AAR - Introduction

Images: 10, author: Kravock, published: 2018-05-06, edited: 1970-01-01

An attempt at a realistic, semi-serious RP based AAR as HFM's Basque Country.

Game: Victoria 2

Why the Mughals are OP 2 (a semi-educational HPM AAR)

Images: 69, author: klingonadmiral, published: 2017-09-22, edited: 1970-01-01

From Westernization to GP. Second and final part

Game: Victoria 2

Why the Mughals are OP 1 (a semi-educational HPM AAR)

Images: 50, author: klingonadmiral, published: 2017-09-21, edited: 1970-01-01

Egypt? China? Japan? Persia? Nay, a Indian OPM is the strongest unciv in the game.

Game: Victoria 2

Suomen Ikä - A Finland AAR - HPM-HFM

Images: 10, author: Sp00nexe, published: 2017-08-24

Game: Victoria 2

The Land of the Tsar: Republic Edition. A Russia Victoria 2-HPM AAR Part 8

Images: 75, author: Comwars, published: 2017-08-15, edited: 1970-01-01

Game: Victoria 2

The Age of the Bavarian Republic (Part 2)

Images: 33, author: HiroTsuguS, published: 2017-08-11, edited: 2017-08-13

The second installment of my Bavarian Republic AAR

Game: Victoria 2

The Age of the Bavarian Republic (Part 1)

Images: 9, author: HiroTsuguS, published: 2017-08-11

This is made playing the Heirs to Aquitania althistory mod for Victoria 2 and is my first AAR.

Game: Victoria 2

Can't spell Nippon without OP part 12: The Last Banzai (FINALE)

Images: 99, author: Uvenam, published: 2017-08-10

"Hundreds of ships and a million soldiers. The lands were covered with blood. God has left this place a long time ago..."

Meiji's parting words to the Imperial council

Game: Victoria 2

Can't spell Nippon without OP part 11: Civil Unrest

Images: 65, author: Uvenam, published: 2017-07-31

We test Japan's supremacy by fighting the number 1 twice

Game: Victoria 2

Pride and Hubris - A Lotharingia AAR

Images: 39, author: superecnate, published: 2017-07-30

A Divergences of Darkness Campaign
Part 1: Overconfidence

Game: Victoria 2

NCFOM III: Begotten, Born, and Dies (The Armenian War) | Rome HtA AAR

Images: 30, author: Discix, published: 2017-07-25, edited: 1970-01-01

Welcome back! Sorry for not posting earlier, was just somewhat busy earlier this month.
Previously, our beloved First Minister decided that the best way to distract the restive Roman masses was with a war, as he figured that our shiny and improved military tech and newfound Persian 'friends' will be able to take on the Armenians, who historically defeated Rome and seized parts of Anatolia in the past. In this episode, we'll be analyzing the Mesazon's gamble and focusing on the events of the Armenian War (1841-2) as they unfold.

Game: Victoria 2

The People's Republic of China - NWO Victoria 2 AAR #11

Images: 74, author: ZOO231, published: 2017-07-24, edited: 1970-01-01

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