Mediterranean AI - Part: 15 The Blue, White, and Red

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Published: 2018-06-26, edited: 2018-06-26

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Mediterranean AI - Part: 14 Battle Royale (with Cheese)

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Hullo all, welcome to the sometimes occurring Mediterranean AI game! I'm u/porkpot and I'm the guy who does this, for better or worse.

Anyway, the votes from last poll are pretty telling, with 11/26 people voting for Moldavia. Considering how they're progressing, I can understand why. Israel and France both received 11, which is France's highest tally in a long time, while some cheeky person voted for Cordoba. No one voted for the Berbers or the Turks.

Thanks to u/SeroSedSerio's great map, we can see the disintegration of Turkey and the attack on Cordoba by France and Morocco. Morocco is being proactive and attacking into Spain, though if I was them I'd attempt to take out the Berbers.
We start this part with Israel taking Sanandu from the Turks, who are also under pressure in Sarai Batu.
France manages to take Siret and Venice from Moldavia, who is sending a small unit of elite warriors to take on Nuremberg. Probably.
France captures Isfahan and Algiers. Algiers will be France's biggest bugbear in this game, it flipping almost ever turn or two... It gets rather annoying.
In the Caucasus Sarai Batu is removed from the rectangle while Kutaisi is under attack. Tbilisi damaged but not under attack yet.
Tbilisi falls to Israeli forces wile all that remains of the Turks is Kutaisi. The fall of Kutaisi will bring the Israelis and Moldavians into conflict in an area that has seen years of fierce fighting.
France make a large push to clear the Moroccans from Spain, however I predict that Isbiliya will be a humongous pain in the arse to capture. The Cordobans have also been eliminated.

Cordoba (Rank 7/58) was a rather pitiful country, in my opinion. They started off well, building some wonders, but then were stagnant for quite a while. They fought a series of catastrophically pointless wars against their neighbours that took resources that could have been better spent doing other things and gained little from them. I'm surprised that they lasted this long, as Iberia should have taken them over a long time ago. Not a great loss to see them go.
France captures Cagliari from Moldavia, while the Berbers attack in Sicily. Rome is heavily damage and France founds Marseille in northern Corsica.
We can see here the barren wasteland that was once the core of the Turkish empire. Only Hattusa remains, and it would probably be gone if it wasn't an original capital.
Israel breaches the Caucasus, capturing Verhniy Dzhulat and Rim Gora. Moldavia should act quickly to push them back behind this strategic wall.

That Turkish power armour or whatever it is is the last Turkish unit, so we'll write the eulogy here.

The Turks (Rank 6/58) were a much better empire than the Cordobans, quickly establishing themselves as the dominant Anatolian power. They fought primarily against the Byzantines and Hittites, though they weren't against a conflict with smaller neighbours and foreign powers. They died a warriors death fighting against two of the larger powers of the game.

France makes progress in Italy, capturing Cumae. This is vaguely reminiscent of the French Empire.
Israel founds Ashdod, only noticable as it has the French symbol on it. Speaking of which, notice how the cities that Israel captures has the symbol of the last civ to have held it? Apart from Sidon for some reason. And Nicosia, as I don't remember that ever being Turkish.
France continues to hold on to Algiers, though it has flipped quite a bit, and even manages to capture Carthage with a sneaky advanced destroyer.
Israel loses Memphis and Heliopolis, and the Berbers have a substantial force closing in on the Nile.
Moldavia has successfully recaptured Verhniy Dzhulat, but have lost Maghas in the process.
Israel all but pushes the Moldavians out of Anatolia as well, with only those tiles from Akko making Moldavia's remaining Anatolian territory.
Israel makes a push to retake Memphis and manages to take Marsa Matruh as well. They'll likely lose it soon, but they took it for a second at least.
Morocco pushes up into Iberia, taking Cordoba and heacily damageing Coimbra and Madrid. Rouen and Grenoble are founded.
Return to the desert, Israel captures Baalbek and Heliopolis, but the Berbers have one hell of a force in the area. Its likely they'll flip those cities a few times.
Morocco looks like its about to lose Aghat, and the Berbers have captured Algiers from France. France will recapture it shortly, unfortunately.
The Moldavians managed to recapture Rome, which is impressive, and the lack of French forces in the area will likely lead them to capture Cumae shortly.
Israel makes a large push in the Caucasus region, taking Elista and Ilyichevskoe, as well as recapturing Verhniy Dzhulat. Moldavia appears to be on the back foot in most theatres of this war somehow.
France captures Rome while Moldavia recaptures Cumae. The cities will likely switch hands, but this is how it is currently.
Moldavia manages to recapture Constantinople and Liassol, but Israel captured Varna. Adana has been removed from existence.
France pushes Morocco back to Cordoba and Isbiliya, but I'd be surprised if this was their final stand.
Moldavia had better take advantage of this natural choke point, or they could be in real trouble. Israel captures Alhan-Kala and Krasnodar.
France captures Munich and settles Cherbourg to remind itself to maintain focus in this area.
Ok, maybe not. They lose Munich but capture Bobovac.
What did I just say? Israel capture Kyiv and Sygnaq. Things are looking pretty grim here for Moldavia.
Morocco captures Algiers this time while Agahat is nuked off the world. The Berbers capture Ouarzazate though, and settle Beni Mellal.
So much for the Sea of Azov being a natural defensive barrier, Sarai Berke and Tokmak have fallen, although Israel appears to have used up all of its forces capturing the two cities.
Many of the Ionian islands are now Israeli, and Moldavia settles Chisinau on Crete. Must be a nice change of pace for Moldovans.
In Italy, France captures Rome and Antium, although they've lost Bobovac and Cagliari.
Yup, you can see Cagliari in Berber hands now.
Morocco attacks into Iberia sweeping up the coast. I like that pocket of French tiles, they're just chilling there causing little harm to anyone.
Oh my, Messene flipped, while Akko falls to Israel. Things aren't looking good for Moldavia down here either, Israel is proving to be relentless.
This explains it, Israel's military is pretty massive.
Good luck getting into Jerusalem, those Nexuses (Nexi?) will make it hard to capture, and on top of that its protected by a great admiral.
Kharkiv falls to Israel, and you can see some Israeli dinosaur units in the Sea of Azov.
Messene is currently Israeli, as is Mantinea and Adrianople (still incorrectly spelt...
Israel is putting its military advantage to good use, capturing Dvin and Adeje. Baalbek is no more.
They also manage to capture Ptolemais.
The Berbers settle Zawiya and Zuwarah, in spots that the Sicilians and Sardinian-Piedmontese should have settled.
I don't like taking pictures mid turn, but I thought I would take one here to show Israel's power projection ability. They've conquered every city on the Aegean Sea, apart from Sparta, and have taken Timisoara to boot.
While they managed to capture those cities, in the end they're only able to hold Tegea and Timisoara.
They quickly recapture Durres though, and manage to capture Sparta for a turn.
While they may have lost Tegea and Sparta, they push up to capture Sofia. It looks like they'll soon lose it and Timisoara however.
Nope, just Timisoara and somehow Israel managed to flip Preslav. Impressive.
France recaptures Cordoba and settles Brest where Amiens was. Bayonne is now Moroccan, and Amiens v2(3?) was settled further north. Morocco is proving to be quite tenacious, just imagine what they could do against the Berbers if they fought them with such ferocity.
Tegea is gone, and Israel consolidates what is today Bulgaria.
The Berbers have quite a force near Sicily, I wonder what they're up to...
Apparently they're losing Zawiya and Cagliari. How disappointing.
France resettles the Balearic Islands, and captures Imtgheren from their base in Algiers.
The Berbers swap Cagliari for Zuwarah, while the Moldavians recapture Antium.
Israel pushes deep into Berber territory to flip Aswan and surround Taoro.
Oh. Well, so much for Antium and Zuwarah. France controls Bobovac again.
This time Taoro and Aswan are Israeli, while the Berbers manage to barely keep a hold of Cyrene.
Bucharest flips while Isarel captures Kruje.
Sparta falls to Isarel, now we'll have Jews with strong legs. As if they needed more help with that.
Israel captures Novi Sad, while France pushes to capture Munich and Bobovac, showing how in trouble Moldavia really is.
Corinth falls, and Tirana flips, but at least Moldavia recaptured Novi Sad and Kruje.
Odessa as well? Dang.
Could it be? The last stand of Morocco in Iberia? We'll find out soon I suppose.
Woah, I guess it was! Reconquista complete? Time to discover America I suppose.
Mediolanum flips, which isn't good news for Moldavia.
Oh my, Zagreb and Bobovac both fall to France.
As do Mecca and Zuwarah. They won't last though.
Kruje is gone, and Moldavia recaptures Preslave, Sofia, and Timisoara. Good show Moldavia.
Well... Morocco recaptures Mecca but loses Taza. Whatever...
Another mid-turn shot to show that Israel controls all land surrounding the Black Sea, making it an Israeli lake.
And a turn later they control Targoviste and Dnipropetrovsk, getting into the core of Moldavia.
Talianki falls, though Targoviste is recaptured. I spy trouble for Moldavia, on a rather large scale.
Oh, and there goes Suceava, as well as Iasi. Moldavia is currently based in Szeged.
Thankfully they manage to recapture their capital, but now that its flipped once its likely to be only a matter of time before it flips again.
France takes advantage of the confusion to take Split and advance on Munich, but lose Bobovac to the counter attack.
We end this part with Morocco recapturing Taza and looking ready to invade Iberia again.

Thanks for reading, here's a poll:
Wow, you can really see the drop off in Moldavia's score.
And in their military might as well, they're almost as weak as Morocco.
I don't know if anyone will be able to stand against Israel, what with their over 1 billion population.
And huge production, wow.
Eh, land area isn't that impressive, look at Morocco annoying France to no end.
No wonder Israel's turns take so bloody long to process, they almost have 100 cities.
And now individual stats for each empire. I don't narrate these as they're self explanatory.

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