Mediterranean AI - Part: 14 Battle Royale (with Cheese)

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Published: 2018-05-13, edited: 2018-06-04

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Mediterranean AI - Part: 13: 140 Turns of Fun and Flips

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Heyo! I'm /u/porkpot and for a while I forgot that I had this game XD. Anyway, I remembered, so here's the next part!

26 votes were tallied, and 11 of them were for Moldavia, which is a lot of confidence. Israel received 7, while Rome received 4, the Berbers 3, and French 1.

Using /u/SeroSedSerio's map, we can see that the Hittites and Bavarians were eliminated, and that the Egyptians moved to where the Hittites were. Not all that much happened last part, but this part will be much different.
We start this part by appreciating the fact that the Berbers and Israel are at peace, otherwise those workers would be included on lists of civilian casualties. People want nukes to stay, so stay they do.
France and Moldavia make pace, which is good I guess, but Rijeka will never be the same.
Those are some crazy happiness numbers.
Oh. Well, it couldn't last forever, Moldavia declares war on Bosnia.
And next turn they fall.

Bosnia (Rank: 11/58) did decently, they became what was Yugoslavia, then didn't do enough to survive Moldavia. Their best moment was when they eliminated the Bavarians from the city of Jajce.
Continuing their aggressive streak, Moldavia declares war on the Romans. This should be interesting. Or fall flat, I can't remember its been a while since I recorded this. Anyway, Rome's military composition is rather shite, as all of those bull looking eye things are ranged units.
Oh goodness, its shite down here as well.
Mantinea is the first casualty, though Sofia was nuked and many cities on both sides are at low health.
Rome was nuked as well, and Venice looks set to fall next turn.
Tegea and Messene fall, and an Iberian force is clustered around Mediolanum. A sneak attack perhaps?
Former Albanian capital Tirana falls, though the Romans have recaptured Messene.
Or not. Rome's Greek holdings are now reduced to Sparta and Epidauros.
In the north, Venice and Cumae fall. Things are going quite badly for Rome, which is looking pretty beaten up itself.
Sparta falls to the Moldavians.
Followed by Neapolis, and likely soon to be Mediolanum.
Next on the chopping block is Padua. Rome is barely putting up a fight.
Huh, it wasn't Mediolanum but Ravenna that fell. Epidauros as well, but that city is markedly less important than Ravenna.
Rome is practically kicked off of the continent, only Zurich, Mediolanum, and Salerno remain. In other news, Rome has lost its capital.
And there goes Mediolanum.
Its good that Rome has so many units available, too bad they're crappy Hybrid Drones, the most powerful ranged unit... I detect a scary lack of melee units, as usual for an AI game.
Arretium falls to the Moldavians. Looks like Zurich is next.
lolnope, its Naples. You can see that Moldavia has a fully operational Nexus on Sicily, good to see that being used correctly.
Palermo falls, and by the look of things the Romans still control Zurich.
Oh yeah, and Algiers, I forgot that they had a colony there. Shouldn't matter much though, France and Morocco have just declared war on them.
France manages to capture Zurich, both earning points with and detracting points from their relationship with the Moldavians.
They also somehow managed to capture Algiers, taking the prize right out from under the Moroccans' nose.
Moldavia captures Cagliari, eliminating the Romans. Lets be honest, they aren't going to recapture crap. All in all, it took 18 turns for Rome to fall.

Rome (Rank 10/58) performed well, cutting off Lombardy and Venice from the bottom of the Italian peninsula, then building a solid core there themselves. They fought, and won, multiple wars against Sparta, then took the Italian isles (and Malta) for themselves. A quick war with Moldavia was their downfall, with the French adding insult to injury.
You can see a French squad of crawlers. They're essentially mobile missile factories. There's a 33% chance they'll build a missile for you if they don't contain 3.
This isn't surprising.
Wait, the World's Fair wasn't held yet?
And the Forbidden Palace wasn't either?
At least Djoser tried...
Right... So... Over 100 turns have passed since Rome was eliminated. Here are some stats, an overview of each region, then total war!

Here are the scores, Moldavia is doing super well, though Israel is up there too.
Military next, with 3 front runners: Moldavia, Turkey, and France.
Population, especially helpful. Israel leads here by 300 million.
Moldavia leads production, Israel second by a couple thousand hammers.
And final stat, total cities. Moldavia leads this, of course. Look at them, they're huge.
Here is Morocco, minus their exclave. Good luck mate.
Same for the Cordobans, though they may have some early success against the Iberians as they actually have a concentrated army.
Iberia is in a tough spot, next to a military powerhouse (France), and Cordoba has a more concentrated military for coordinated strikes. Or something. I don't know.
If France was smart, they'd attempt to defend against Moldavia and take over Iberia and Cordoba. But I'd be surprised if that happened.
Moldavia can do whatever they want really, go for it lads, just build your military up a bit.
Turkey is weirdly shaped, so they'll have to defend against all sides off the bat. Tough play this one.

Egypt... Well, when they die, they die.
Isreal is one of the few lucky states to have a corner. I'd focus on the Berbers and use the Turks as a buffer against the Moldavians.
The Berbers. Hmm... Eliminate Morocco then Israel? Wouldn't know what to do with them.

Anyway, welcome to total war!

Note: Everything before this was recorded last September, and everything after this part will be recorded in May/June of this year. Hopefully.
We start it off with Rubta falling to the Turks, along with Raqqah. Many many cities are damaged, so I won't list them. Also, the Berbers and Bavaria make peace. Very interesting, as at this point in time the remaining Bavarian units have all been killed, so the Berbers are making peace with a non-entity.
Moldavia captures Regensburg, and the Iberian fleet near Jajce still exists. Impressive that Jajce has 16 air units in it.
France captures Edeta and Tarraco, and heavily damages Numantia.
France also pushes on the African front, capturing Carthage, Constantine, Aghat, and Isfahan.
Somehow the Iberians capture Cairo while the Berbers capture Memphis.
Egypt captures Tarhuntassa and Nicosia from Israel, while western Turkish cities take damage from invading Moldavian forces.
The Iberians and French trade Balearic Islands, and France captures Narbo, Bevipo, and Numantia. The Cordobans capture Porto from the Iberians.
Moldavia captures Sygnaq, and Sarai Berke flips.
Antioch and Adana are captured by Moldavia while the Turkish capital looks set to flip. Egypt captures Berytos.
The Berbers recapture Carthage, though Moldavia looks set to take it.
The Cordobans lose Cordoba, while the French continue pushing into Iberia, taking Ilerda and Emerita.
Constantine and Sale are gone, and the Moldavians have indeed captured Carthage.
Iberia loses their capital, and Iberia is a mess of offensives and counter offensives.
Padua, Venice's only other city, is nuked off the map and France loses Milan to the Moldavians.
Israel and Turkey dismantle the Egyptian empire in exile.
France captures Rhusadhir, Seville, and Barcino, while Iberia captures Leon. Tartessos is gone.
Krasnodar, former capital of the Golden Horde, falls to the Moldavians.
Israel finally eliminates the Egyptians, who even with a biotrooper and great general cannot recapture Tarhuntassa. Israel captures Damascus, a chilling thought.

Egypt (Rank: 9/58) played well. They took out or helped take out the Nabataeans, Nubians, Ayyubids, and Hittites. By taking out the Hittites, they became the Hittites as they were losing a war against the Berbers.
Moldavia captures Nuremberg, as France desperately needs to hold the line at Zurich.
Hattusa falls to the Turks, as Israel recaptures Raqqah and captures Erbil.
France has flipped Barcelona and someone nuked Porto off the map.
Alhan Kala falls to the Moldavians, who have a large force attacking Verhniy Dzhulat. Surprisingly, Historical Landmarks passes.
The Moldavians capture Adana, Varna, Ankara, and Nicea. The Turks appear to be having a tough time of it.
The Iberians recapture Rhusadhir, but lose Oviedo. France's forces look dominating in the region.
That isn't the case here, where France loses Zurich and Bern to the Moldavians. It looks like Echternach will soon follow.
Suddenly, Moroccans. They land and capture Cordoba and Mursiya, while France captures Leon.
Israel captures Antalya, a city which will flip several times... Annoyingly. They take Al-Quds as well.
Return to Iberia to see that the Turks have regained their capital, while the Moroccans have captured Cordoba from the Iberians. The Iberians are now holed up in Leon, but look set to take Barcelona.
Moldavia fields a huge army in the northern Caucasus, taking Verhniy Dzhulat, and look set to take just about everything else in the region.
Turkey loses their capital again. Eh, old news.
Seriously? Iberia is still alive? Well, they lost Leon but captured Cordoba. Mursiya was removed from the map, and Isbiliya was captured by Morocco.
Israel pushes northward across the board, taking Nesa, Rustavi, and Qamishli. This means they've taken Erbil and Batman as well.
Arretium is removed from the map, and Moldavia's islands aren't looking too hot, Mr. Stark.
Ok, they're dead this time. Iberia finally passes on. Also, Morocco founded Sale where Tartessos was, but France captured it.

Iberia (Rank: 8/58) played well early game. They let the Visigoths overextend across the Pyrenees, then captured all the juicy undefended cities. They then helped take down Spain and fought a long war with the Asturians, but didn't consolidate their ownership of the Iberian peninsula where Cordoba proved to be the Anvil France needed to hammer away on.
Israel gains Baalbek in the peace deal, but the Berbers gained Memphis. Eh, more war!
Trump's catchphrase falls to the Moldavians, as does Sarai Batu. The Turks lack a concentrated military like the Turks in this area.
France recaptures Bern and Zurich, and look like they're going to go on the offensive towards Milan. Moldavia founds Siret close to where Padua was.
The Berbers capture Palermo and Naples, while France settles Marseille on Corsica.
Wow, France actually captures Milan. Regensburg is nuked off the map, as is Jajce.
Wow, in the peace deal they receive Siret and Nuremberg. Did Moldavia just lose a war? Well, just that phase. We'll end it here, as this part is getting kind of long.

Here's a poll, and thanks for reading!
Stats. Score, many scores decreased, but most impressively, Iberia's one worker is worth more score than Cordoba's 2 cities. Info Addict, you surely jest.
The militaries of the world have dropped as well, some more than others.
Population. Turkey is screwed, even Morocco is bigger than them. Pretty sure that the Berbers are the only one whose population increased by an actually meaningful amount.
Production stats, very important.
Moldavia continues to lead the city race.

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