The Tide has Turned: Chapter 2, The Evacuations

Author: Mattekillert
Published: 2017-02-01

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The Tide has Turned: Chapter 1

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Welcome back to The Tide has Turned : Chapter 2, The Evacuation (DWI) 1943

The Soviets instantly begin testing the new defense line looking for any weakness. The lack of supplies is a large problem for the Wehrmacht as the infrastructure just cannot support the army required to hold the line. It is being upgrades as we speak.
In Tunisia the brave men of Panzerarmee Afrika hold out. Outnumbered 6-1 in the theater they struggle desperately. But the news that the transport flotilla is nearly finished has made them fight on beyond the breaking point. In Tunisia there is no contempt between Italian and German as they struggle to survive together.
Troops are being forced to give ground as they lack everything. Supplies, reinforcements and organization.
German divisions are sent to stabilize Finland. Germany leaves no ally behind!
The evacuation into Crimea continues.
The last men get up and leave their positions. The Soviets seem content letting us get away.
As the Soviets break the defense line in it's few weak spots instant counter attacks are launched. It is bloody fighting but the line most hold!
The Soviets overzealous attempts to breakthrough into Finland instead leaves them trapped. It is still unclear how many men are trapped but Guderian has estimated at least 100.000 Soviet troops stuck in the pocket.
Goebbels made a fiery speech declaring total war! Everyone and everything will be mobilized to win the war. We will show the Soviets the superiority of the German people!
The next few years will be rough but fight so your children and their children can live a life fitting of a German!
The Slovakian men were the last to cross over into Crimea earning the respect of the German soldiers who have lost much trust in their allies.
The Soviets desperately try to save the trapped Soviets. Your attempts are futile!
The Soviets yet again break a weak point in the defense line. Forces are gathered for a counter attack.
Guderian is reporting that the original estimate given for the trapped Soviets was way to low. At least 150.000 men worth of divisions have been encountered.
The transports are almost done!
The line is pulled back slightly to form a more defensible line.
Guderian thinks even more troops are trapped! They have started to surrender to the German troops.
The Soviets give up on rescuing their trapped men.
210.000 Soviet troops in total were captured by German forces. The Soviets may build more tanks and planes and equip more men than we ever can. But the superiority of German troops is still as clear as ever.
Dear god I needed this.
Raeder has been given command of the transport flotilla. Germany has made numerous requests that the Italians send out their navy to support the evacuation. Half of the trapped men are Italian after all! But it would seem Mussolini has already given up on any hope of saving his men. Very well Raeder will just have to be sneaky!
The first two divisions are evacuated. The royal navy is dodged.
The men freed up from the evacuation to Crimea are sent to stabilize the line.
The Soviets try to land in Greece.
Reinforcements will have to be sent...
Upon hearing about the rescue of a Italian divisions a small naval flotilla comes out to escort the German transports. But they are to late. Half of the transports have already been lost, evacuation will now be difficult.
Another Panzer divisions is rescued.
The lines has now completely collapsed. It has become a mad dash for the nearest port.
The constant struggle over Dorogobuz has left a huge area reminiscent of the no mans land of world war 1. Craters and dead men lay everywhere. German troops counter attack into the area only to be counter attacked by the Soviets and so on. German troops name the province "The plains of death".
The last Italians are pulled out. it is unclear if the last Germans will be able to reach the port.
The 21st Panzer Division is desperately holding open the route for German infantry to retreat along with their Tiger battalion that is attached to the infantry division.
The luck of the transport finally run out. They are encountered by a enormous British fleet which smashes every last transport.
150.000 Men were saved from the pocket but some 20.000 were left behind.
More transports are added.
JU-52s desperately fly in supplies to the trapped men.
The survivors of Tunisia flee into the mountains of Sidi Bouzid to make their final stand.
There is no way the men can hold out for two months. Reluctantly the production of transports is cancelled.
But still the 150.000 men saved will be of great importance in holding the West from any allied landings. Mussolini demanded the immediate return of the Italian troops to direct Italian command. But the veterans of Tunisia felt the treachery of the Italian high command who had left them to die. Germans had given their lives to rescue them and they felt they had a debt to repay. Under the command of Giovanni Messe the Italian Expeditionary Corps is formed to fight along with the Germans.
210.000 Soviets have been taken prisoner and 150.000 Germans have been saved in Tunisia. But losses in the east are still Brutal. a battle may last a week and claim 20.000 German lives. Losses Germany cannot sustain. But still the situation looks better and better for the German forces.

Adolf Hitler is still staying in the wolfs lair. It is thankful that Goebbels have slowly been taking over all contact with the German people from the Führer for years now. Hitler missing from all decisions is completely lost on the German people and the evacuation of Tunisia is named "The miracle of the Führer". Even though he has not given an order in months.

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