The Tide has Turned: Chapter 3, The eternal war of the poor man

Author: Mattekillert
Published: 2017-02-01

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The Tide has Turned

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The Tide has Turned : Chapter 3, The eternal war of the poor man
The center of the eastern front is exploding in battles. The Soviets are throwing all they have at our soldiers. It is a war of attrition that is not in our favor, something must be done.
Some 70.000 German soldiers are up in Finland to stabilize the situation. We cannot let our ally fall!
Up in northern Finland German and Soviet soldiers stare at each other over then no mans land. Neither side has the advantage to go on the offensive.
The 501st Tiger battalion is trapped in Tunisia with no hope of escape. May they put up a brave fight to the end!
It is clear we must reduce the numbers of the Soviet forces. Although we are lacking in supplies our Panzer divisions must push on!
About 90% of the men saved from Tunisia is sent to the east. They are joined by some 60.000 Italians.
Our casualty ratios are as strong as always but we have lost the ability to launch front wide offensives. Now we have to be content with pinching out small bulges in the front.
The armor design for our new heavy tank is prepared.
The fighting is rough for our forces. Behind every tree hides a Russian.
We are having a hard time closing the pocket. The sheer amount of Soviet troops makes it very hard to push forward. Whenever a Soviet division flees another 2 takes its place.
It took a month of brutal fighting but the pocket is finally closed.
The men from Tunisia rush in to help destroy the pocket. The Soviets are throwing everything they have at us.
We are stabilizing.
The Soviets desperate breakout attempts cause insane losses.
Many brave Germans are giving their lives on the eastern front.
A lot of divisions.
The losses keep mounting..
345.000 Soviet troops surrender in the pocket. The fierce fighting has cost a lot of manpower (140 ish). But it has reduced the reserves available to the Red army.
Losses we cannot afford to take.
The Soviets attack and take a province which prompts the Wehrmacht to counter attack. Then the Soviets counter attack and so the cycle repeats.
Hurts fighting on the eastern front man.
The Soviets have quite the army..
More and more men are lost. The lack of supplies is really hurting our casually ratios. I just can't build infrastructure fast enough.
The poor static infantry divisions are no match for the American armored divisions.
The losses keep mounting. Neither side is strong enough to reach a decisive victory. So both sides keep trading blows.
I don't have the IC to waste.
Well... Okay they're Aryan after all.
Our new heavy armor designs are finally finished. These will help turn the tide!
More tank destroyers.
The battles are truly devastating.
Grossdeutschland sets up to on the eastern front. It is to reinforce Orel.
But it just cannot be held. Time to hide behind the river!
That feel when the 88 is no longer enough to beat enemy armor.
Another costly counter attack.
Italian divisions are rushed down to reclaim Athens.
It is true what Rommel said. The Italian soldier is as fine as any other. So under German control they are performing well.
Oh shit.
... Tank destroyers?
Our uboats are forced out into the enemy fleet. FLEE!
The entire German navy is mustered together an manages to drive back the American fleet with heavy air support.
Turns out tank destroyers aren't that great for holding a city.
Goddammit. Thankfully the Italians are on the scene again.
More allied reinforcements are thrown in. More men are being reroute to northern Germany.
Great little tank.
The Italian infantry supports the advancing German panzers. Drive them into the ocean!
Kiel is reclaimed. 45.000 American and Mexican troops walk into captivity.
The supply situation is truly awful.
The third battle on Ponyri ends in a German victory.
*grumble grumble*
The losses have been heavy. Over the last 8 months Germany has lost half of its available fighting men. This cannot go on for much longer. Germany must find a new way to deal with the eternal struggle on the eastern front. The lives of the German soldiers must be prioritized. Perhaps we must look to the Wunderwaffe to save us. But can superior technology beat the production of the Allies and the millions of Red army soldiers that stand against us? Find out in the next chapter of The Tide has Turned!


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