Pride and Hubris - A Lotharingia AAR

Author: superecnate
Published: 2017-07-30, edited: 2017-07-30
A Divergences of Darkness Campaign
Part 1: Overconfidence
Welcome to the Republic of Lotharingia, a proud nation in Ameriga. Our people are assured that our great Leader will protect them and lead them to greatness.
Adrien Lambert, Président of the Lothar people. A former army general, he brought stability and order to our nation. Now he looks to consolidate the nation before securing our rightful place as a leading nation in Ameriga.
To the north is our eternal enemy, the Amazonie. Many Lothar have fallen to their side of our borders, as Port so-called 'Liberte' controls Atlantica with an iron fist. Our Président has assured us that we shall end their imperialistic grasp over our people. Their hypocrisy will be their downfall. To our south lies the smaller english Kingdom of Beornia. King Edward IV is a trusted ally of ours, stepping in during our period of weakness to assist Président Lambert in restoring order. Together we will surely crush the Amazonie imperialists.
Here we see the Lothar peoples of Atlantica. They cry out for our beloved leader. We shall save them.
Our great Leader has the backing of a nation of almost four million souls. Unlike the Amazonie, weak and divided by partisan democracy, we are united behind our great Leader.
Results from the most recent Lothar census. Slavery remains a strong Lothar institution.
A handfull of bleeding-heart liberals in Fort Lothar subscribe to the fantastical notion that every persion has 'rights'. This is clearly an Amazonie plot to undermine Lothar order.
Obviously, we focus on advanced military technology. We shall crush the Amazonie with superior technology. Who needs medicine when you can have rifles?
All citizens must serve the state. This is the core belief of Lothar order. Our citizens must be prepared to wage glorious war against the hated enemy.
Our armies are expanded, principally through the introduction of massed artillery. We shall form a strong standing army against the Amazonie horde.
Our beloved Président has stabilized the national budget. The army is well funded for war.
Our great Leader provides some extra small salaries for research and science. Our military will be the envy of the world.
After thorough work, the national census has realized that our population is no longer increasing much. This is very distressing to Président Lambert. Our enemy grows ever more.
Président Lambert generously continues the Lothar policy of bare tolerance, and decides not to fully oppress our minorities. He has told us that this is far more generous than Amazonie policy in Atlantia.
Président Lambert's reputation makes its way around the capital. Foreign diplomats try their best to spread rumours that our glorious Leader is an 'uncaring sociopath' and 'greedy for power'. The government assures the population that he is an efficient and powerful genius willing to do anything for the safety and security of his people.
Tragically, several of the generals and military men spreading malicious rumours have deserted their posts and gone missing. They were all cowardly and weak, so this is all the better for us.
Several wise and knowledgeable men and women in our administration have come together to establish policy to counter a growing trend of alcoholism and destitution. Président Lambert fully supports this endeavour.
Edward IV of Beornia has grown more silent towards us. We have sent diplomats to his court to acquire assurances that he will maintain our alliance. Beornian troops will be needed to liberate Atlantia.
Président Lambert grants approval for the military to raise more armies for our cause.
The administration has also authorized the construction of port infrastructure in our country. This will help facilitate the import of strategic resources for our cause.
The time is near. We have raised a mighty army, and are prepared to ambush and annihilate the Amazonia Atlantia garrison. This war will be quick and decisive.
The european Burgundians have developed great industry. Hopefully we can develop similar industrial prowess in the future.
Président Lambert is infuriated. The diplomats have returned from Beornia telling us that Edward IV refused to support our liberation of Atlantia. He apparently believes that Atlantia has too many Amazonie in its borders, and should be an independent third country. How could he fall for such blatant Amazonie propaganda?
The Lothar Senate has its first real election. Président Lambert loses many of his loyalists, but the senate has very little real power so this is of no concern.
The overwhelming majority of the senate falls in line and passes every bill the Président sends them, save for a small and insignificant group of ignorant liberals.
A group of extremist liberals appears before the capitol shouting nonsense about ridiculous ideas like the abolition of Afro-Frankish slavery and democratic voting. After a brief, enlightened speech by our dear Leader, the rally was dissolved and its leaders were never seen again.
Our hated enemy grows ever larger by the minute. Perhaps this immigration thing isn't total nonsense after all.
Even the monarchy of Beornia receives more immigrants than our great nation. Clearly these immigrants are delusional.
Our armies move up to the border, ready to crush our enemy.
Shortly before our armies crossed into Atlantica, Président Lambert came before the capital and gave an inspiring speech. The time has come to throw off the imperialist grip over Atlantica and liberate our citizens from the Amazonie menace. To war!
Our armies move in to eliminate the enemy.
The army is led by General Henri du Lac. Born in Anvers, and brought to Lotharingia as a mercenary, his genius brought him rapidly up the command chain. He served alongside Président Lambert in the previous wars, and is now the trusted leader of our military.
He is not quite as favored by the men under his command, since his leadership style is one of great discipline and order.
We pursue the cowardly Amazonie garrison.
The battle quickly shows our superiority. Our massed artillery breaks the Amazonie lines and causes great havoc.
Lothar artillery supremacy quickly becomes feared and respected throughout Amazonie along with wider Ameriga.
The Lothar armies quickly begin to occupy Atlantia, bringing it back under rightful control. Yet we hear some rumors of discontent among the liberated Lothar. They say something about a preference for the liberal Amazonie. Clearly this is false propaganda from our enemy.
Our army is split and reorganized so as not to overly stress our supply lines.
After two months, the main Amazonie army has been found by Lothar scouts. This is where the war truly begins.

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