Victoria II Hungary AAR - Part III - The Third Austro-Hungarian War

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Victoria II Kingdom of Hungary AAR - Part II - The Slavonian War

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With our capture of Slavonia, Hungary was ever closer to reuniting with the Croatian heartland. We must continue on, or else face defeat from the Germans.
In 8 June 1856, days after the Treaty of Poszony, Prussian chancellor Otto von Bismarck takes advantage of Austria's weakness and declares the North German Confederation, destroying the old German Confederation and establishing Prussia permanently as the dominant German power.
Our troops arrive home, respectively to Kismarton, Buda-Pest, and Temesvar.
The old systems of peonage and serfdom are being whisked away in the dustbin of history; appointing new liberal debt solutions will keep Hungary strong and help quell the angry workers.
Lajos Kossuth's lead over Hungary remains strong and firm, as his liberal pro-Hungarian policies continue to lead the nation over the ideas of the King.
The world starts to recognize us as a major secondary power, where we can contend with the Turks and possibly defeat them on one-on-one war.
Isabella II of Spain decides to find a new ally to help the Spanish monarchy regain glory by increasing Spanish cooperation with the Hungarian kingdom, leading to a Treaty of Alliance in early October 1856.
The idea of a bourgeois dictatorship gains massive popularity in Hungary, as the capitalists desire a state where they can gain maximum profit without government intervention.
In 1857, Italy is unified by the Kingdom of Sardinia. Declaring itself the Kingdom of Italy, the House of Savoy declares their rightful ownership over Tyrol, Venetia, Istria, and the city of Zadar in Dalmatia. This is chilling to the Austrians; their enhanced weakness due to the loss of Hungary will cause them to lose major wars.
In 1857, once more are the principles of the Concert of Europe destroyed. The opportunistic Otto von Bismarck declares war on France - with the backing of the British Empire - to annex the notably German parts of Alsace and Lorraine. The French formed a coalition consisting of them, Russia and Italy, known as the Anti-Prussian Entente. However, the backing of the strong British Royal Navy could be fatal to the Anti-Prussian Entente.
Within a year, the Prussians overrun France and Russia, and are able to annex the German parts of Alsace and Lorraine. Now called Elsass-Lothringen, this spells the massive rise of the German Empire.
The increased cooperation with the Spanish government led to a worse profit, as the Spanish are able to outproduce anything we can do.
The 1859 Parliamentary Election told the future of Hungary; Kossuth's Liberals desired more war with the Austrians. The conservatives were willing to wait it out. A liberal victory put Operation Zagreb into motion.
For one reason or another, our profits increase, which puts less stress on our economy.
Europe, 1860
In Japan, a civil war between the ruling Tokugawa Shogunate and the Imperial Japanese family results in a Tokugawa victory; the Imperial Family are forced out of the islands, and the Tokugawa shogunate rules Japan harshly.
As our peace treaty with the Austrians expire, we are hopeful. Kossuth feels that the combined forced of us, Spain and the Ottoman Empire will allow us to take over Croatia and Dalmatia with ease.
The budget worsens... again!
In 5 March 1861, the southern, slavery-dominated parts of the United States of America rise up in revolt. Following the Attack on Fort Sumter, the Confederate States of America declare independence from the Union. We watch this carefully, in hopes the Union is weakened.
On 28 April, the peasants are ordered to be drafted.
Months later, after tensions and border conflict, the Hungarian Army invades Croatia, starting the Third Austro-Hungarian War.
Troops move immediately into Vienna, hoping to secure it as early as possible.
While the Spanish, Montenegrins and Greeks are all willing to join us, the cowardly Ottoman Empire refuses to help us, claiming that Croatia is rightfully Austrian. The fools will regret it...
The Battle of Vienna is a big victory for the Hungarian Army, yet we lost more than the Austrians.
Despite the technological advantage Wurrtemberg and Baden both possess over us, our surperior numbers could help us.
Kossuth becomes hungry and demands Dalmatia.
The Battle of Maribor, initally going bad for the Hungarian Army, ends in a nice Hungarian victory. We are inching closer and closer to victory!
We sustain more losses, yet we still press on.
However, our budget is small. If the war drags on for another two or three years, the Hungarian monarchy could be forced to declare bankruptcy.
Then in February 1862, our worst fears come true. The Kingdom of Prussia declares war on us. Reportedly, in a speech by Prussian chancellor Otto von Bismarck, he said this:
"The Hungarian attempt to disrupt the balance of power within Europe does not fare well for conservatism. We must intervene to show why conservatism prevails over liberalism."

With one intervention by the Prussians, our dreams are hopelessly crushed.
Kossuth immediately tries to sue for a white peace with the Prussians, but they refuse and send our diplomats home.
Our morale is crushed; what was once a seemingly possible war now looks impossible.
The Spanish government has failed to send any troops for some reason, which causes a massive anger towards the Spaniards in Hungary. Many conservatives and reactionaries feel that Russia would've saved us, unlike the Spaniards.
Despite our best efforts, the Hungarian Army suffers a massive defeat in the Battle of Kismarton. Our army collapses.
Within this point, the Germans are free to occupy and do what they want with Hungary. This is a terrible situation.
Spain saves us. Right before the Germans can occupy all of Hungary, Isabella II agrees to a white peace with the Prussians, ending the war.
The failure of the war puts us in massive debt. We owe 100,000 pounds to multiple countries around the world, causing a massive debt crisis.
Austerity measures are undertaken. Military and administration funding disappear, causing a massive increase in corruption. This angers the Hungarian people, and it leads to a series of events.
Right after Christmas 1862, the debt crisis and the destruction in Western Hungary leads to a massive potential revolution in Hungary. Realizing this situation was terrible, Kossuth tells the King the best thing to do is to abdicate. King Karl declares his abdication on 28 December 1862. Kossuth resigns in 29 December 1862. On 1 December 1863, after days of debate, the Diet of Hungary declares that the Kingdom of Hungary is abolished. A new state is declared - the Federal Republic of Hungary.
Presidential elections are declared.

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