Days 20-30

Author: Riael
Game: Rimworld
Published: 2017-07-23, edited: 2017-07-23
A lot more picture in only 10 days, hopefully Randy will give us some more action in the future!

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The Deadwood Clan

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Game: Rimworld

First 20 days

Images: 139, author: Riael, published: 2017-07-22, edited: 2017-07-23

The imperials left while we were sleeping. Well, I can only hope they will return...
Scratch that, I can only hope they'll survive the zombies outside.
Irina named the iguana Cristina... Interesting name choice.
Capybara bodies... poor guys...
I guess the jaguar was hungry. Anyway, what's that you picked up Irina?
A... launcher pistol? I guess that's what set our fence on fire when the imperials were here...
"You should tame this chicken when you wake up. I'd like eating some eggs, be them raw"
Oh, the fence got damaged? Also... I wish the rain would stop already.
Let's see... if I remember what I did with the last iguana...
If I scratch it's back this way...
Oh! There we go! Welcome to the colony!
Meanwhile, Irina is doing some repairs...
And some target practice
Alright, one more shot...
Got it. Ah... these zombies...
Alright, finish repairing that and come back home...
Still working on the super soil...
Also, apparently I got promoted from "Sith" to "Sith Lord".

Lord Meenosh... I like the sound of that.
Oh, was the tower damaged as well? Sure, since you're out there already... go ahead and repair it.
Also make our pets some beds.
Alright, time to head out for the remainder of the silver.
You pick half
I pick half
Oh Irina, you don't like building do you?
The door's not damaged, that's good, there aren't any zombies there, then.
The tatos don't seem to mind the constant rain, that's really good.
The sun is starting to rise, my you sure are hungry aren't you Irina?
Failed on the box... again....
It is daytime officially, and Irina is eating again... what's these berries?
Jitter berries.. hmmm
"This time I swear I'll do it"
There we go! Done! Just in time to gather the tatos
7 more days of summer... I wonder if fall will come with less rain.
Researching makes me hungry. It's taking a long while though. Hopefully, I'll get better.
Hey Irina, would you check the fence?
Oh? Still full of zombies eh?
Heere capybara... Would you want to join us?
Guess not...
Maybe the chicken will. Also, elephants! I thought I heard some noises.
Heeere chicken... I'll keep you safe from that jaguar there.
Irina! We have a chicken! Hopefully it'll lay lots of eggs.
It can stay here. I'll probably let her inside to get to the bed as well.
Hopefully it can find it's way home.
Oh? What's this?... Iguana!
Wait... you're healthy...
And there goes the zombie... That was really dangerous
You're confined to our home from now on.
You too Cristina.
Time to start planting some Dreamroot. Going to need it for the super soil.
Also... for visions maybe?
Fighting the heat by sleeping...
Irina isn't too happy... maybe I should stop chopping humans.
Well, she really liked the berries though!
Felt the need to cut a tree at 3AM
Good morning Irina!
After you're done eating please build a tower.
Oh my, so many zombies.
Don't worry, they won't get over the fence.
Oh my, you're unhappy about it aren't you? Hang on...
Come on Capybara... why don't you want to join us?
Alright, this should be the last wood you need to carry Irina, please don't fail.
Alright... there aren't that many after all, they're just all close together to the fence.
Please hang on Irina...
If only the smokeleaf grew faster. Can't wait for the super soil, if we'll even be able to make it.
Dreamvine could probably help as well...
Ah, shooting some arrows? That's good, you could use some target practice... I MEAN, IT'LL KEEP YOU SANE
That was almost dead on, nice shot!
Another thunder fire...
The zombies are sniffing the door... they didn't see us use it yet, so they aren't hitting it.
Oh? You're building a chess table? Awesome, we should play when you're done.
"Slept in the cold? Guess the cooling logs work TOO well.
What's electricity?
The bedroom is too cold and the storage room too warm, guess I built the cooling things in the wrong places.
Starting an expansion to our home, as well as making some cooling logs.
Soon as you wake up Irina...
Oh? Travelers?
You should put some floor down as well. To think about it, maybe you should be researching and I should be building.

Too bad I didn't think about it til day 30.
Alright.. flooring?
That looks really nice, you're doing a good job even if you're not that good at it.
I should go meet the travelers, maybe they have something for trade.
Or at least defend them from the zombies...
Hmm... there's nothing in the jungle, that's weird.
It's at this point I realize the FOW mod is broken and I restart the game.
Much better.
There's the travelers!
Oh... and a panther.
That's not going to turn out good.
I should help you but... it's fine. You can handle it.
Oh, you guys just made it angry.
Wait... is that a rocket launcher?
Oh why would you do that?
Anyway, time to loot the bodies! Irina, come here!
I know it's not something you like but we have to do anything we can to survive.
The extension is almost done, as well as the flooring. Just need to mine the rocks.
Oh, good food!
But it'll spoil by the time Irina gets there, take the simple one instead.
RPG launcher.

Also... zombies seem to be feasting on him. That's a shame.
Damn... hungry zombies.
I'll go pick up the food though.
Hmm... the zombies are gone.. maybe it was a jaguar that ate her instead, and also drove the zombies off?
Bringing the package survival meal as well.
Alright Irina, this will help with your mood for a while...
Although honestly.. you should go strip the twi'lek first. Don't need dead man's clothing.
Oh... are you sure you want to eat in the rain we have a table and all inside..
Alright... time to do some chopping.
Never ate Twi'lek before.
I wonder what we can use their skin for...
Oh. Irina... erm... this is awkward. I swear it's not what it looks like.
The twi'lek was wearing a parka? On this weather?
Oh, that's going to be useful!
Ought to haul the pile of clothes in our room...
And find a use for this skin.
Ah... weather is going to ruin that...
The door is still standing, that's good!
Oh, the Rylothians made it out of this part of the jungle. Why didn't they use the road?
Ah.. we almost have eggs.
Oh? Is that a spaceship crashing I hear?
Where is it going to crash at...
I hope it's a trades good container
Oh... that noise is waking me up.
There it is!
Is it going to hit the geyser?
Nah, not quite. Quite a few items though!
I'm not fully rested but this is important, time to haul!
Ooh, that looks like a nice weapon. I'll use it.
What? I don't want to research! I want to haul!
A lightsaber crystal, that's good. Maybe I'll have one one day.
I should destroy this so Irina doesn't get cold while sleeping.
Alright, haul urgently.
Irina could use all the sleep she can get, I won't wake her up.
Oh! The chick laid eggs!
Ooh, a mask. It looks pretty cool, I'll wear that!
Good morning Irina! You slept through a spaceship crashing down. Come help me haul.
A guerilla rifle... alright, it's not too good.
Worse than the junkjet...
I should practice my chess moves... instead of hauling. Because you never know when you'll meet a Grand Master while the constant rain is destroying all that loot outside.
Alright... nothing more seems to be coming down.
The capybara rotted... that's sad, their skeletons buried underneath the plants of the jungle but still bothering Irina.
Alright I'm going to take a nap, this was too tiring.
Meanwhile Irina is working hard...
24 days and we didn't do too much!
Humble base.. Irina talking to herself, slowly losing her grips on sanity..
At least our crops are growing.
There's a few more items outside...
This will be useful when we'll have the tech needed to make a lightsaber.
Oh? An eclipse...
Let's see our neighbors, I think I have a map somewhere...
Alright... this is our home...
Year round growing and a lot of rain.
We have another Argonian tribe to the north
And one on the north pole because why not?
Heavily populated island over the ocean south of us...
And an ancient highway, going around the planet.
It's crossing quite a bit, going mostly through temperate forest.
Over rivers hills and mountains...
Going down south through shrubland
And through the desert
The highway ends but other roads start off of it.
And they branch...
And branch...
I wouldn't be surprised if it goes round the whole continent.
Alright, I'm rested and back to hauling.
God I wish the rain would just stop already.
Oh, sith robes for Irina!
I took a pistol as a side-arm, hopefully won't have to use it.
Heeere Capybara
God damn it, and they said it is a social animal!
Alright Irina, start redecorating..
I'm sorry, you'll only have to do this for a few more days.
I'll clean these rocks for you
Erm... you shouldn't do that... At least kill the zombie
Alright, let's test out this launcher pistol.
Damn, that's fun!
It somehow doesn't do a lot of damage though
Here goes another one...
You'd think an explosion of any sort would destroy a zombie instantly.
A crashing chunk of spacecraft..
Not going that far south.
Alright, done with the mining and back to research. I should really clean up the mess..
Oh! Watch out Irina!
It sneaked up on you!
Nice shooting though. Bring the twi'lek here.
The robe fits you well!
Alright... off to sleep. 40 degrees outside... not good.
Oh, are the tatos done? I'll be farming as well in the future, sorry for making you do things you dislike.
Must've gotten the roles mixed up. Also, the eclipse is ending!
I swear there was more light before.
Ah, the zombies are still there...
You shouldn't wear that it's almost destroyed.
I told you...
God damn it the Iguana is eating our cotton plants
There, you can stay with the chicken.
Oh great, more zombies.
They won't be bothering us.
Alright... Another quiet night
The coolers are lasting...
And time to wake up! Let's eat some of these eggs.
And chop up some bodies. Good morning Irina!
Don't mind the orange blood.
And back to research.
I suck at it.
Although it's been giving me force points so... bigger force pool!
Cristina is almost laying her egg...
Come here Capybara....
Oh... the tiger killed some animals.
An interesting creature.
God damn it
Back to doing what I hate.
Also... I think these tatos were rotten.
I wonder if I can force heal my food poisoning...
The answer is no.
Consciousness 50%, as if I wasn't bad enough of a researcher already.
Why did I not think of turning the twi'lek into a meditation pad before?
Eating panther meat will make you strong.
They aren't knocking on the door yet! Good thing.
Lot's of them though... Irina, get on the tower
Yep... They're south as well.
Quite a lot of them.
Alright, this is harder than it looks
Doesn't help that I've got food poisoning
Here Irina, you do it, even if you're worse than me and hate building.
Oh.. I don't feel so well
Sorry for that Irina, I'll clean up.
I hope the next tatos won't do me bad.
Nice job Irina
Oh, raiders?
From the North hmm... There aren't any zombies North...
It's an awful meditation pad but it'll do.
Alright... time to meditate a bit
And then haul.
Alright, Irina's doing some target practice..
Cristina is almost done laying the eggs.
And she will do that come morning!
Oh, the raiders are coming. Forgot about them!
It's been 26 days... I wonder when we will get a 3rd person..
Cotton is slowly getting there
Alright Irina, go check out the raiders.
Oh, that's a big hammer
I'll come help you!
Aim and shoot
Don't let him hit you
There we go, I'll get him.
We should repair the gate
The other raiders seem to have fun.
I feel sorry for them
Oh... the items.. .we won't be able to get them
Way too many zombies
Which is a shame, could sell them...
Oh? Beavers? Good luck!
You should head to sleep Irina, it's late
There's the egg!
Hmm... it's 6AM, I should go for the capybara again...
Come here buddy... Come on...
Damn it!
The door is good.
The door is good.
We should build some embrasures here and try destroy the fences from inside...
Ah.. can't reach it...
Back to sleep. Irina, we should sleep at night honestly.
It's wasting daylight and you feel bad staying in the dark....
And it's still raining.
Wasted ambrosia, shame...
We should seriously work on growing that dreamroot.
Oh? Zombies bashed the gate?
I don't wanna wake up...
There goes the gate...
Can you handle it by yourself?
Fine.. I'll wake up.
Let me eat and then we can go deal with them.
Actually, wait, let me get that capybara!
Defend me!
Nice shot
Time to destroy the fence...
And make some embrasures
Nicely done Irina.
Alright, officially sleeping at night to prevent daylight debuff.
Although sleeping when I'm already rested isn't easy.
Egg's almost done
Alright, last day of summer!
Almost done with the embrasures
Failing to tame the capybara
Usual day
Alright, nicely done Irina!
Target practice I see?
You're getting really good at it.
Cotton's aaaaalmost done.
The rain isn't though. The rain is never done.
Animals went to sleep too.
Alright, got to keep cooling the storage area
The first cotton is done!
Now we just need a table to turn it into cloth
Table which we don't have.
Hmm... Irina, I have an idea.
Go to the embrasure
And shoot the fence.
This is how we'll clean the zombies!
There we go, the fence is down!
Go shoot the other one now
And let's start building some embrasures.
Got a force choke ability. Ought to be fun to use,
It's getting late, I don't know about you Irina but I am going to eat these coconuts and go to sleep.
Oh, you already got there before me!
Alright, day 29 is over.
Same old tatos...
Same old research
You're a decent builder, actually.
What we'll do after you're done is shoot the fences and get rid of the zom... oh... what are you...
You finally gave up didn't you...
I told you to take off these clothes...
There, nothing under 80%
Although I got rid of my clothes too. I guess I have to get dressed up again.

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