First 20 days

Author: Riael
Game: Rimworld
Published: 2017-07-22, edited: 2017-07-23
The story of an Argonian Sith, who is also a cannibal.

Part of the campaign:

The Deadwood Clan

What do you do when you randomly wake up in a jungle without anything other than the clothes on your back?
The answer is you find your way towards some sort of landmark, all the trees look the same. In this case, the road will do. This shall be the start of our home.
I planned out an area to be fenced, there will be zombies showing up in 10 days, don't have much time.

Also made a small shelter in the side of the mountain, put down a second chair incase a guest decides to show up.
It's been continuously raining for three days now. Feels just like home.

The fence is coming along nicely, no other interesting events.
Since we are running out of time I decided to make the fence area a bit smaller, I guess we will expand in the future... maybe when I'll get some other people to join me.
Another day, more fencing.
Nothing to report... fences are coming along nicely.
I swear I heard noises last night, this must be the cause... niiiiice kitty. You do your own thing I do mine
Zombies are almost here and the fence isn't done... this is no good.
Oh what's this? A crash landing! With only 22 hours until the zombies arrive... Well, better than nothing! Time to check it out.
Oh. An Asari. A gay one apparently. So is she attracted only to other Asari?
Irina... Well, I gave Irina a bed and tended to her wounds somehow.
She's been shot cut and scratched. Sever blood loss, good thing I managed to make my way through the jungle to get to her in time.
Oh you would like to stay? That's great! Welcome abord!
Oh, your meals are staying as well? Don't mind if I eat some myself!
I've been here for 9 days and the fence is some... 85% complete.
Working on the fence at 3 in the morning... there's zombies around, I wonder when we'll see them for the first time...
Oh! There's one!
There's two! Hopefully Irina's junkjet can handle it.
And stay down. Alrighty Irina, you should make your way back inside.
Oh jesus another one, Irina says this one stinks. Luckily she was able to take care of them easily.
Oh.. Aunt's Royal Court? Well... I don't know why you'd want to be here but sure! We'll defend you!
Welcome! Enjoy your stay, try not to be eaten on your way here.
Oh god, one of them's been bitten. Also we've started digging on a storage room.
Another one. I'm not going to have them turn inside the fence.
You should go. It was nice having you but... Oh, a shiv? Thank you
Looks like Klob met his end... that's a shame...
Oh, and you're saying he left some food on the floor? You have a good nose Irina!
And a decent aim, nice job dealing with the zombies.
At least they're not attacking the animals. The capybaras are so cute.
Looks like another one of them died up there and the zombies are still... eating the corpse... Irina do you still feel hungry?
Hungry for revenge, good shot!
I want to do some target practice...
I'm doing a decent job!
Moans can be heard in the distance. It's either some sort of orgy, or the zombies are coming.
It's coming from the west of the area...
Starting work on a watchtower... that'll help us see further ahead. There's a few zombies on the other side... they're probably washing...
I hope they all drown...
The watchtower is done and... I don't like what Irina is seeing.
They started chewing on the door...
... There is no door... Alright, wake up everyone, get ready for combat.
Oh they're inside...
Try to flank them Irina. You're closer so they'll get to you, I'll be shooting through the trees from the relative safety up here.
The forest is full of them. Maybe we should just set it all on fire.
There's so many... and we're both tired. But we can do this.
Alright... I've had enough. Time to bring down the thunder
Making them rage and turn on eachother didn't work... Irina went to sleep, but I'll take care of it
Screw this, waiting for Irina to wake up before I try mess with them.
Oh. Looks like a jaguar got that one dude from Aunt's place.
A raid! Good luck going through our greatest defence: The zombies.
Sorry Irina, deal with them and you can eat afterwards. Not sure how they sprinted so fast.
Although it seems to be clear...
Welcome! Welcome!
What do your Asari eyes see from the watchtower? Oh, what's that? Zombies? Could've told you that myself.
Alright.. nice and easy...
Glad to see you guys are helpful.
Oh, gunfire from over the stone walls...
You left the door open you blasted...
Union of miva.... were these raiders or friendly?
Oh... there's a corpse!
Let's pick it up and...
... let's start cooking
Oh... They're still fighting. Careful Irina, don't get too much blood on you, you're already not too sane.
They seem to be shooting themselves more than they shoot the actual zombies
Welp, one of them died
I'll pick him up.
Another one? Didn't the last one just leave...
They're coming from the caves over on the west side...
Oh... these guys can't take it either.
Hear that zombies? Dinner is served. Try not to rip their clothes too much, they could be useful.
Sleeping so peacefully... not knowing there's people being slaughtered outside.
It's been 15 days and we didn't progress much...
We should work on our defences.
Starting work on some embrasures, it's really useful to be able to fire at the zombies without having to open the door. Because for some reason we can not fire over the fences.
Oh? Are you so bad at using your slingshot you crush your kidney? Or was it friendly fire... Thanks for taking care of the zombies for us, anyway!
The embrasures are done! I only wish there wouldn't be so many trees... I guess it's camouflaged.
Time for me to use the force to heal ourselves. Since we don't have any medicine. Hopefully I won't have to, although I ought to make a meditation pad.
Chopping people up is an art...
I am an artist...
Time to take down the useless wall that was here, could use the resources to make some embrasures.
The manager desk is a bit.. glitchy...
Another day passes... we started work on a new room, the bedroom was getting too cramped.
The manager desk disappeared from the options...
I guess I'll just magically make one appear.
The room is complete! Blood everywhere... we should make cleaning a priority, although we have a lot to do before we can let that be a thing...
Researching super soil, the jungle ground is good for farming but we need something... faster...
Closing in on 20 days... everything is still dirty.
We should mine this and put some embrasures..
I have to be careful. heard some dead noises.
It was heading for the door, trying to get Irina probably? I wonder how Asari meat tastes like actually, never had it before.
Oh, careful Irina there's a zombie there. And what's that?
A capybara! We should tame a few of those. They can just munch through the jungle plants.
Alright, mine for a bit.. I know you were in a coma and you don't have much strength but...
Oh? Are these cargo pods crashing?
They went over in unexplored terrain... and that's where it shall remain!
Day 19, starting to plant some smokeleaf.

I feel like we'll need it in the future.
I tamed an Iguana! Always wanted a pet.
Oh... zombie noises. They're coming from...
The south west...
Oh? Traders? From the... Galactic Empire? They seem pretty well armed.
Coming from the west...
Oh, what's this? Will you give us protection, at least?
Fine, I'll pay as much as I have..
I've just realized... we don't really have a name.. (I think Randy isn't too good with starting with only 1 character, might switch to Pyrrha Chaos)
Hey Irina... I suggest we give ourselves a name
We should be known as The Deadwood Clan... and this place is the Fire-Eater's Rest. I'm not too original on names, Deadwood kinda fits. Dead-jungle would sound kinda bad.
Irina told me a zombie was trying to crawl through the embrasures.

One quick shot..
Alright, back to the safety of our fence...
Oh... they're knocking again. I wonder if it's kids trick-or-treating.
I heard lasers over the fence...
Someone must hate bowman.
What the hell, something just exploded... Alright time to trade with these guys...
Hmm... a Sith hood... looks good but I'll make one of my own when the cotton finishes growing.
How's this for a trade?
I'll take some steel as well.
Oh.. A psychic drone...

Sorry Irina, I wish you could hear the beautiful sounds...
You look like you could use it...
Hmm... I hear zombie noises... are they out here? Wait no, it's coming from the south...
The door is gone?!
And a zombie, aah, shotgun!
Alrigth Irina, I know it's 1AM but you should join me and help me clean them out.
There's a few of them...
Nothing too difficult.
We should use the embrasures to clean them out once in a while, come to think about it.
A few of them try get over the fence... Aim and shoot, for the ones already inside the wall of course.
Alright Irina, we'll put a door down there! This time we'll use the limestone blocks from the building we dismantled a while ago.
But first let's use the embrasures and clean them.
They're persistent...
Aand the sun is up. Sorry for keeping you up Irina, go and sleep.
While I fix this door.
Oh? Laser sounds are waking you up? Must be those imperials.
We've made it to 20 days!
And there's a lot of corpses around...
They seem to be hungry. Oh god, the gate.
I should build a wall there, just to mess with them a bit.
Just in time, they're starting to chew on it.

Stupid zombies, they don't think of breaking through the fences because we don't jump over them.
Here imperials, take these dead man clothes... we have no use for them.
I ought to pick up the silver from the earlier trade...
Alright... time to take a nap.

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