Civ Hybrid Games Mk. IX - Part 1

Author: Vanadius
Published: 2018-11-13, edited: 2018-11-13

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Civ Hybrid Games Mk. IX

Hello y'all! Its your favorite southern half Asian dude /u/legobloxcraft2! We finally have the long awaited first part of glorious fall of Rome. Lets jump right in!

Looks like the Anglo-Saxons have come knocking. Not looking good for the Romano-British.
The Franks are invading! Gallic Rome braces as Frankish troops begin to pour into Gaul. Will Suparius weather the storm?
Looks like Soissons has sent their entire army in the wrong direction! As well as unintentionally started a two front war.
Visigoths menacingly surround Vasconia. That city looks screwed.
The Romans and the Alans have invaded Africa! Hippo Regius has taken severe damage and Roman troops surround it. Some Eastern Roman dromons lurk off of the coast.
Ooooh pretty
Leptus Magna stands surrounded by East Romans
Ostrogoths have attacked Gepidia. Will lucky survive?
East Rome has raised a significant army at the border with Persia. Is war looming?
Away from all of the chaos of the world, Ethiopia is chugging along nicely with a settler ready to go.
Romans have begun to break down the walls! In an alternate universe, this was done in one turn.
The walled city of Soissons takes damage as barbarians surround it. Suparius surely knows he won't hold out forever.
Gepid swords and Gothic swords clash as blood flows outside of Gepid cities.
Franks continue to storm Soissons. It looks as it is certain the city will fall.
Hippo Regius has fallen! With a noticeable lack of both Roman and Vandalic troops.
Leptus Magna still has not fallen. Strange.
No Gepid cities have taken damage so far. Looks as Lucky's prayers have been answered.
Augustobona is taking damage as well. It looks as if it will fall.
Vasconia has begun to take damage. It is only a matter of time.
Mauro-Rome has lost a city! Shocking!
Hippo Regius looks sure to fall back to the Vandals.
London has fallen. Taqn has been forced to flee with his legion to Glevum.
Both Soissons and Augustobona have fallen in one fell swoop. Will Suparius be able to recover?
Taqn has led his legion in a charge at Londonium. "WEEEEEEE!" can be heard all around London as Romano-Brits charge the walls.
RIP Roman Hippo Regius. In an alternate universe, the Roman Flag flies proud and true still.
Taqn has recaptured his capital! WEEEEEEEEEE!
Vasconia has fallen! In an alternate universe, their flag flies high as well.
Looks like Gepidia will survive another part.
RIP Hippo Regius. Even with Rome being pushed off, the Vandal production and army is still shot. RIP all.
That's a mighty big Persian army don't you think?
Suparius has moved to his new capital. NOT ONE MORE INCH!
He sieges Darioritum. Perhaps it will fall?
RIP Gepidian army. Their cities still hold though.
At least Suparius will have one victory this part.
Huh. RIP Frankish army. Looks like Soissons and Franks killed each other's armies off.
East Romans failed to take Leptus Magna somehow. This timeline went a heck of a lot better for the Vandals than the last one. Doesn't look like it will stay that way as a massive East Roman Invasion force approaches though.
A small squad of Frankish Horsemen stands outside the walls of the new capital, menacingly reminding Soissons that they are coming.
After this slide, its all overview slides. Hope y'all enjoyed my narration! /u/legobloxcraft2, signing off.

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