CHG Mk. 10 Part 5

Author: Leris
Published: 2019-05-19, edited: 2019-05-19
LiberateLeris gets liberated and reliberated a whole lot

Part of the campaign:

C Campaign by Leris

Welcome to the part 5 narration of Colombian Hamburger Genres, I'm your host, gamerunner, and dad, yes, you, the person reading this, YOUR dad. To start things off, we see the PAU having... won? I mean, Brazil has just fucking quit and moved to some island now, leaving the PAU with a very anticlimactic victory. Was it really worth it in the end?
Even old New York was once New Amsterdam
Sit tight, because there's gonna be a whole lot of irrelevant fighting going on up here.
Pridelands carpet vs. Parthian actually good units, who's gonna win this one?
Endless is a sadist.
The famed gulag city of Ivystan has been sold to Sibir for units that Pria won't be using in their now discontinued war.
York is still holding out, the Dutch AI could be as sleepy as the Siberian AI.
Hecatompylos is still alive somehow, probably because Drumroll warriors don't do shit and spearmen do, wow
new york more like no york gottem
Irrelevant fighting down in South America for some reason
oh fuck oh shit
Nope, still nothing happening over here.
I'm dumb and forgot to let textures load for this slide, but it seems like Siberia finally woke up. Wow!
RIP Blackhorse?
More Pria carpeting.
no york more like yes york gottem
oh shit oh fuck oh god
So close. So close.
Nah Parthia still sleepy
Seems like Ejura is being attacked from Italy, possibly the only successful Italian invasion of Africa we'll ever see knowing those Italians.
oh lawd he comin
guys please oh shit please oh fuck
Ejura continues to be assaulted by the Dutchtalians.
Pridelands still fails to take Hecatompylos. Not a great part for these guys.
The cities of Bundaberg and Perth have been founded a few turns ago, but I forgot to screenshot that then so.... whoops.
Is this city ever going to fall? Ever?
Saved at the last minute, thank you Tom and co.
Pridelands actually have some useful units around Hecatompylos, maybe they'll be able to capture it now?
Parthia woke back up maybe?
Ladies and gentlemen, we gottem.
Woo, more cities.
LiberateLeris has been flipped for a third time, third in a long line of future flips.
We don't gottem.
Osaka has been founded. Neat.
Oh fuck Endless look out the Dutch are coming oh fuck he can't hear us he's dead oh shit oh fuck
LiberateLeris is still held by the Dutch, although some Pridelands units seem to be coming to take it back.
RIP Glorious Pridelands fleet
Endless went back to sleep again.
Hecatompylos still stands, but wew that's a lot of archers.
The lone horseman.
Hecatompylos is lasting a surprisingly long amount of time.
LiberateLeris is about to come back under Pridelands control from what it looks like. That is if they actually put some melee units there.
Ejura still being assaulted, Hecatompylos still Parthian, LiberateLeris still dutch. Big F for the Pridelands.
I'm saved again, yay.
Nevermind, re-re-liberated. Anyways, Hecatompylos is Pridelandese again, Ejura is about to fall to the Dutch.
New York has been founded for the, what, tenth time this mark?
More useless island fighting.
Ejura is going to fall, LiberatLeris is still firmly in dutch hands, as is Hecatompylos for the Parthians.
They got Ejura.
Ejura and LiberateLeris are both Dutch, however they have quite low HP.
Endless woke back up and

oh my fucking god


Ejura is gonna be recaptured by Pridelands, Mahjong is getting fucked by the Dutch navy, LiberateLeris has no melee units around it.
Wow, they actually got Hecatompylos back.
Not for long apparently.
Ejura is back in Pridelands hands, however the Dutch navy is right outside its doors.
Hecatompylos stands.
Welp, that's about it for the narration. Praise stool, Viva Brasilia, etc etc.
praise stool

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