Civ Hybrid Games Mk. IX - Part 14

Author: Vanadius
Published: 2019-02-24, edited: 2019-02-24

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Civ Hybrid Games Mk. IX

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Game: Civilization V, Sid Meier's

Civ Hybrid Games Mk. IX - Part 13

Images: 108, author: Vanadius, published: 2019-02-17

Hello, it is me, OrdinalSean, rightful ruler of all of Persia, et cetera. This is an interesting part, so let’s begin!

First slide and we see that Suparia is powerless against the massive force of French units surrounding the city. Seems their capital will be down, soon enough.
Nothing much has happened, it seems, but again Suparia seems a lost cause.

Visigoths are also making progress in their invasion. Though Augustorium is in yellow, they have a sizable force around two Suparian cities. This is probably Soup’s biggest threat. However, Burgundy looks like its relatively powerful military may be difficult to take down.

Some annoying Barbarians pop up around Castra Legionis, but nothing will come out of it. However, this could be bad news if more come in the future.

A powerful Vandal fleet and Leopolis seems in trouble. Though, this is a naval invasion, and we all know how amazing the AI is at those...

Nice close-up, but who really cares? Next!

I care >:c
Our first look at the huge Vandal invasion of Constantinople! What will be the result? You’ll find out (unless you were watching Vanne’s stream, then you’ll know already.)

Here it is. While Rome has a sizable force on the border to contend with the scummy imperialists Persia, they don’t have much back around Constantinople. A flip could be coming.

Rome seems to be winning somewhat, but nothing will likely come of it. Also pictured is glorious Baluchestan in the corner.

Glorious Baluchestan has sizable territory and could be taking a Persian city or two while they don’t have many defenders.

Leopolis is in trouble, but Cyrene is now Egyptian.

Constantinople is in low red. Could this be the end?

bobsss’s attack on Carthage is very clearly not going to work, unlike the Vandal attack on Constantinople which has a chance. What a waste of time.
It seems that Rome flipped back Malitina, but it is now surrounded by Persians. Meanwhile, Riha is deep into red but there are no melee units to flip.
Glorious Baluchestan begins its assault in earnest with units near Ardistan, Pasargadae, Susa and Julfar. However, because of the terrain Pasargadae is the only one likely to flip.

Persia’s grip on Riha is solidified and Malitina is now in the yellow. Malitina will likely be Persian again soon and we’ll be back to where we were at the start of the part.

Visigoths take Andecavorum and it’s unlikely to flip back. Meanwhile, Canterbury seems to have flipped at some point but it’s Frankish again. Probably not for long though.

Canterbury is Celtic again, and looks like it’ll stay that way. With this, the Celts have unified the Isles. The question is if they can push further.

Egypt, which I am obliged to say nice things about because they’re apparently my friends, seem to have repelled the Vandal assault with relative ease. Seems there isn’t going to be movement on this front either.
The Vandals look like they have less fleets than last time we saw them, probably wasted on Egypt or taken out by bobsss. Not like it matters though. On the subject of bobsss, did they even take a single point of HP off Carthage? Doesn’t look like it.
The accidental war by Ravenna against Rome seems like it might be successful. However, fortunately it seems they have very few troops.
Massalia is now Visi clay as well. Soup looks like he is in big … soup. Though, he might live in Burgundy for a while.
Also where the fuck did my navy go?
Malitina is Persian and it looks like this is where the front is going to stabilise. Only half-realistic capture here is Trapezums.

Nicopolis is in the yellow and that’s a decently-sized fleet around it as well. Really worrying for Rome. Lucky I’m not Roman! (cries in relying on aid from Rome)

Suparia is still Suparian, and the Frankish attack has dissipated. It might actually survive. (It does only have half-health, though).
Pasargadae is mine. It looks like I’m dead after that though.

Nicopolis is deep into red. Looks like there’ll be a capture here. Things could definitely be going better for Rome.
Aksum had a semi-decent attack on Rome here. Fortunately, though, they peaced out.

Looks like maybe the Celts are going to stay on the Isles. In what is probably the more important news though, Suparia is Frankish and it doesn’t look like it’s flipping back.

Well, Pasargadae is mine. But it seems that the glory days of Baluchestan have already escaped it, with a huge force around Susa and other huge (but luckily devoid of melee units) forces around Ecbatana, Ardistan, and Nishapur.

And Nicopolis does fall to Ravenna. It won’t be taken back, either. Rome really does have no defences here.
In a huge move, the Celts escape the Isles by taking Bononia. There are a few Frankish troops there, but they probably won’t do more than temporarily flip. Also, the Franks now have a solid defence around Suparia.
Well, Hatta is mine now. But there is one annoying horsey coming to deprive me of it. Fuck you, Persia. Also it seems my navy has died from pointless assaults on Julfar. God damn it.

And Dyrrachium is Ravenna clay as well now. Doesn’t look like they’ll go further though. This part just gets better and better for Rome.
And Bononia is now Suparian? It is temporary, but still impressive.

And the Franks now take back Canterbury. Huh…

Hatta is Persian again. Oh well. Also seems like the rest of my navy has been wasted attacking Julfar. I hope those two Persian triremes don’t take Estakhr, at least. If they don’t, there is a large land army following them though…
Thank god for Persia’s hatred of melee units, I’d be deader than I already am if it wasn’t for that.

Bononia and Canterbury are Celtic again. This time to stay? Well, at least until next part, for this is the last slide! In summary: Ravenna stronk, Rome bad (but they never lost their capital), Baluchestan stronk (until we die next part), Celts stronk, Visis kinda stronk (but it’s totally Soup’s fault for having no defences there), Persia evil. Until next part!

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