Civ Hybrid Games Mk. IX - Part 15

Author: Vanadius
Published: 2019-03-03, edited: 2019-03-03

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Civ Hybrid Games Mk. IX

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Civ Hybrid Games Mk. IX - Part 14

Images: 99, author: Vanadius, published: 2019-02-24

Greetings fellow humans and mud huts! I am your narrator for this part, /u/serenatycompany, Queen of the Vandals. First up, the celts have taqn all of Britannia! Congrats, now come colonise canada so I can exist.
And france is, as usual and complete mess. Will Suparia finally die, or will the continue to linger painfully. Also of note, the Bretons think the are independent!
Rome in revolution! As the just defenders of liberty and democracy clash with the eastern tyrants the countryside will burn. Best of luck gentlemen, and my to just cause win!
People always say persian rugs are the best, but boats to make nice carpets. Prepare yourselves for a riveting battle as the ram into each other again, and again and again...Also did you not send troops to take leptus? Can you believe this guy thinks my memes are bad?
And adding more greece to the wheels of war we see the tef’s huge invasion (this time with real troops). Go tom go! You got this man…
The Constantinople meme part 2, Netflix adaptation. Don't plan your wars at midnight folks, you get dumb ideas
Persia Civil war! In the Green corner the noble house of Sasnid who have long ruled Persia, and in the Red corner we have Mirzas coup, calling the cardboard cut out bluff of the massive Persian army. And ofcourse in Mudhut Brown we have Aksum who started this whole shabang casue uh… J man thought it would be great fun. I guess.
And in the final corner we have CHG’s newest star(A brown dwarf at best, but still a star). He has no idea what he is doing but it aint going to stop him. OrdinalSean everyone. Also of note, none of these cities belong to Aksum. Guess after the Lithuanian-finnish literally not a merger we finally have good rules.
The netflix remake goes on, not that anyone asked for a second season but hey, Dyer is still hot so let's just keep making shows. Also Dyrrachium is in the red, surrounded by endless smelling hords of easterlings Salona, on the other hand is perfectly fine.
Big battle. Whack whack. Die die. 1500 years from now history channel is going to love this, but for now the whacking goes on.
More pointy things, now in different colours as nothing happens.
Ten of thousands of digital dudes just died for your entertainment. Also Dyrrachium has been looted, though the Righteous Reepublican navy is still in the area, there is not a whole lot they can do.
And the most Noble Sassanids reclaim Susa for their own as the carped slowly moves south the front. Also RIP Jman’s army. Looks like they will be going home in boxes.
The sitzkrieg goes on.
Tomis the Tank falls to the Ostrogoths, and there is much rejoicing. Hurah for railroaded plots. Also the reviews are in for the netflix remake, and its 2/10 on metacritic. Everyone agrees that they should cut their losses and go home. Then you see that there is a third season coming and your like WTF?
The middle of fucking nowhere. You Gothis guys, fight of the puppet pikes
The breton army this, The visigoth army is nowhere to be seen but its fine cause suparia is stope for supper.
Another glorious loss for the foolish and effeminate pretenders. Or it would be is anyone had remembered to bring a sword. Or a spear. Really a chair would do at this point but I guess they dont have one handy.
Bretons are now breton crackers as the Visigoth army materialises from the churches they were hiding in to very possibly flip the city. In other news, the yellow vested french men are marauding towards Augustobona! Stay tunes for the Suparians to use thoughts and prayers to defend the city.
And someone in management finally smartened up and canceled the show. Also the Ere flips back Tomis, but with so few troops it will likely get flipped again by the end of the part.
They did it. The took one city. Great part guys, great part.
Wtf is this border gore. Clean up your act guys. VG’s have marseille and they ain't giving it up. A roman legion in the north has set a freedom siege on Medilanum.
Farwell, dear Bretons. I would say I hardly knew yee, but hardly is to generous a term.
Flippaddy do da Flippity day, oh what a wonderful play. And a Vandal ship, your far from home. But Dario is now a burning mess, ruled by its third faction of the part, and Andecavorum flupps back to the most balanced AI in the game.
The ere flipped a city! Except for the part we already saw them do that, so that means either we are time traveling (Which by they way is 100% legal, just no mergers) or the goths took it over and then lost it again. Why are we looking at rome you may ask? Keep asking. Specifically ping spam @Serenity Company
#5231 and ask.
And Glorious Superia reclaims all its rightful clay, except for the small farming towns in the north now owned by the franks. Well played.
And the Reepublic has completely withdrawn from the gain it made last part, its army around Salona braces for the coming storm as the byzibodies stream north into Illirica.
BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE! A visigothic counter attack retakes Dario! With only one melee unit around, even the suped up AI may be unable to change the tide.
Flippity Floppity get of my property. More digital dudes die dramatic deaths defending dilapidated dwellings
Armies, it does not matter how big it is if all it does is sit at home. What a lazy bunch of derps, they must have learned from their ruler.
And we are back in france once again to learn that just like the persians, the suparians have failed to bring a chair large enough to take the city. Dario, I wish you well in your continual 1 hp existence. Perhaps some day you will be put out of your misery. Shout out the Celts for trying really hard.
Just in from persia, Still no chair.
The garrison at salona holds, and then decides to try and 1 up the spartans for the most units killed in a mountain pass award. Also the Ostro’s lost Tomis again. Shocker I know.
The country burns and smoke fills the sky, Lots of fancy special effects are used and dramatic speeches are made. The, two hours later you realise that nothing worthwhile happened in the entire show, and you just wasted your life watching another #netflixoriginal. Also come on Supe, Get a chair.
And after a whole part of neglect we finally see the current state of the Roman and REEman civil war. Papal State was an accurate name for the few cities left to Andy. Ohh look! Shiny Vandel stuff. We relevant folks! Also Rome indeed retook Dyrrachim. Nice work.
"Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum”
Well, That was fun. Enjoy the many sweeping panoramas that follow, then begin writing your plot docs so they are all ready to go for the next instalment. May the unbiased plot runner be ever in your favor….

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