A Communist Germany AAR: Part 4

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A Communist Germany AAR

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A Communist Germany AAR: Part 3

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A Communist Germany AAR: Part 4
We resume our quest against the Capitalists and the Stalinists, this time focusing on Spain
Panzer II production
Production of Panzer IIs across Germany is in full swing as workers voluntarily work overtime to meet Government demands. We predict that we will have enough tank and motorised infantry divisions to defeat the Stalinists by late 1938. However we don't want to start a war in the winter so we'll probably declare war in Spring 1939.
Civil War in Spain
Spain has fallen into civil war as the military was stopped from overthrowing the government by revolutionary trade unions. The stage is set for Spain to become the site of a proxy war between the Capitalists and the Fourth International. Already the USA and the UK have sent the Fascists supplies and "volunteers".
The Spanish worker
The Revolutionary trade unions that have sprung up across Spain vary largely in their ideologies. Stalinists, Trotskyists, Socialists, Anarchists are all mixed together making it difficult to know who to help. It will probably be safest to give most supplies including aircraft and tanks to the National government and just send small arms to the trade unions that align ideologically with us, so the Socialists and Anarchists.
Beginning to send supplies and volunteers
On the 20th July, three days after the war begun we start sending volunteers and vast amounts of supplies. Our hope is that if we send enough of our men into the country, with the help of the trade unions we'll be able to overthrow the Liberal government and establish a Socialist state.
German training
Within weeks of our intervention German advisers begin training Spanish troops in the Art of War. The lessons we learned fighting the Fascist Italians will be passed onto the Spaniards.
Soviet Intervention
Against our best wishes the Stalinists also get involved in the war. Rather than arming the National government, Stalin begins to send guns, ammunition, tanks and aircraft to the Stalinist PSUC organisation in Spain. While this will help to defeat the Fascists, we fear that after the war the Soviets could attempt their own coup against the Liberals. How odd it is that we're technically fighting alongside the Stalinists.
German Terrorists
In late July we receive shocking news from the Military. Highly organised counter revolutionary terrorists stormed a military base in Hanover and successfully killed most of the officers and men stationed there before then successfully escaping into the forest. We've been in power 3 years now and yet our rule is still clearly unstable. More worryingly, the terrorist's weapons that we recovered are all American in origin including Thompson machine guns and Springfield rifles. It appears that the Americans are funding and arming terrorist cells in Germany, though they have denied any involvement. The Americans will surely pay for this, one day...
Final warship produced
On the 1st August, the final Weimar era warship was completed. While our navy is weak, we will at least have a respectable navy for an industrial power.
We originally planned to cancel hosting the Olympics, but we now believe that the Olympics are an incredible opportunity to bring prestige to our International and Socialism as a whole. Surprisingly, the Capitalists still agreed to attend, but the Soviets refused to go. On the 2nd August, after a heart warming speech by President Toller, the games begun. These will be the greatest Olympic games ever hosted.
The Olympics ended a few weeks later. The Olympics went off without any issues and Germany won the most medals throughout the games. The USA won the second most medals thanks to American athlete Jesse Owens who performed exceptionally. Owens was pictured shaking hands with Toller after the games. After the games, he commented that he was denied similar recognition back in the USA.
Spanish Civil War
By late September, the Nationalists have essentially lost their enclaves in the South and East of Spain. Intelligence reports that the majority of their army is being prepared for a major offensive from their stronghold in the North West.
Fascist offensive
The Fascists launch a devastating assault supported by British and American bombers. On the 21st of October, the Nationalists march triumphantly into Madrid capturing large stocks of Soviet and German weapons. It appears that the ideological devotion of the Spanish popular front was no match for the professional Nationalist army. Hopefully the Republicans will recover from this.
Batch of Tanks complete
9 Tank divisions are finished in early November. These will be added to our growing number of armoured units. We have the most mechanised army in the world. Back in Spain, the Republicans manage to capture the Nationalist capital in Burgos along with the British and American weapons stored there. It's hard to say who has an advantage at this point.
Portugal intervenes
The Reactionary Portuguese offer their support to the Spanish Nationalists. At this point the Spanish nationalists have three foreign governments support so they must have a strong, well supplied army.
We send the Republicans large amounts of military supplies; for free. We feel honoured to aid the Spanish proletariat in this way.
We also send five German Infantry divisions to participate directly in the fighting. This should build combat experience which will be vital in the war against the Soviets.
Spanish Civil War
At the end of November the Republicans retake Madrid, but the Nationalists attempt to encircle the capital.
German Navy
With prototyping complete, we are finally prepared to begin construction of the largest Battleships ever built. Two of these "Super heavy battleships" shall be built, but it will be several years before they are complete. Hopefully they'll be done in time for the war with the capitalists.
German Navy
The two ships shall be called the VMS Karl Marx and the VMS Friedrich Engels, after the founders of our ideology. The two ships will be equipped with experimental radars, torpedoes, scout planes, and additional armour. These ships shall be the envy of the world when completed.
Spanish Civil War
At the start of 1937, the Nationalists successfully encircle Madrid. If they close the pocket and destroy the Republican army within, the war will definitely be won by the Nationalists. All we can do is watch.
Spanish Civil War
The Republicans successfully break the siege of Madrid and encircle enemy armies themselves in Cordoba. Reports indicate that our volunteers were decisive in breaking the siege and actually fought directly with American and British volunteers. This was our first taste of combat with the Capitalists.
The Great Purge
Come March, our spies flee the Soviet Union bringing disturbing news with them. Apparently Stalin's paranoia has finally reached its peak and he is purging his party of all suspected non-Stalinists. Many German KPD asylum seekers in the Soviet Union have already been executed including our previous dictator Ernst Thälmann. More importantly, the army is being hit especially bad by his purge which could give us the edge in a war with the Soviet Union. If we wait until his purge is complete, we should only have to face an inexperienced army led by incompetent yes-men.
Papal condemnation
From Avignon, the Papacy releases a general condemnation of Communism. While directed primarily at the Soviet Union for their attack on organised religion, we are not excluded. The Papacy condemns our International's occupation of the Vatican. Not that we really care though.
French sabotage
French agents manage to disrupt our research into armoured vehicles. These attacks on our state are commonplace now.
Mexican support
The Mexicans join the Spanish Civil war by sending support to the Republicans. We have received some reports that Mexico is planning on nationalising its oil facilities in the Gulf of Mexico as well as other left-wing reforms so Mexican support of the Republicans is unsurprising.
Allied Bombing
The British and Americans launched a terror bombing campaign on the Republicans in late April. The cowardly Capitalists dropped hundreds of bombs on the city causing untold destruction and thousands of deaths. Disgustingly this bombing deliberately targeted Spanish civilians demonstrating the Capitalists disregard for human life and hatred of our ideology. We won't retaliate against them in the future however, as it is obvious that the British and American worker had no part to play in this atrocity.
More aid
More aid is sent to the republicans. They are burning through the ammunition that we are sending them quickly but we will continue supplying all they need.
Attack from Guernica
Our navy is attacked by Nationalist planes off the north coast of Spain at the end of May. To retaliate, the ships launch some shells at the airbase in Guernica where it is believed they landed. This direct intervention doesn't set well with the Capitalists however, the hypocrites...
Stable front
By June the Spanish front has remained mostly stable with neither side able to make any advances. We believe the Republicans have the edge however, as they occupy most of the peninsular.
Vatican recognition
In response to reports of Republican anti-clericalism, the Vatican officially recognises the Fascists as the rightful rulers of Spain. This Papal intervention is costing us support from the Catholic world...
Airforce construction
At the end of 1937, we have completed our construction of tank and motorised infantry brigades. We will now use our industry to upgrade our armies' outdated equipment and build an airforce that can protect us from enemy bombers. We saw what modern bombers can do in Barcelona and we don't want our citizens to suffer the same fate.
Nationalist advance
Start of 1938: The Nationalists launch a front wide assult which brings them back to the gates of Madrid. Hopefully the Republicans can hold out.
Stalin carries out further purges in the Soviet Union. We pity our comrades in the Soviet Union that are suffering under the tyrant Stalin. Their day of reckoning will come next year...
Mexican revolution
The Mexicans officially declare themselves a Socialist state in April after nationalising their oil. There is no doubt that the Americans will tolerate having a Socialist neighbour so we will offer them some help.
Mexican revolution
We send the new Mexican government large quantities of supplies to improve their army and defences with. The Mexicans unfortunately don't request to join the International despite undergoing a revolution, out of fear of antagonising the Americans.
Mexican government
The new Mexican government.It's more authoritarian than we would like, but we have no ability to press the Mexicans to become more democratic. Hopefully in the future when we attack the USA directly, the Mexicans will help.
French plots
In late April the French carry out their most daring intelligence operation yet. French assassins attempted to kill Chief of Staff Hans Marchwitza, the famed veteran who put down the SA rebellion and won the Italian war. While shaken by the plot, Hans confirmed that nothing will make him retire from his position as he is devoting his life to the revolution. He is a true inspiration to our cause,
Swiss appeal for Neutrality
The Swiss are perhaps the worst of all the Capitalists. Throughout history, they have profited off of the wars of others and maintain significant capitalist banking industries which are a disgrace to Europe. Under these circumstances, it's hardly a surprise that we reject their appeal for unconditional neutrality.
Republican advance
The Republicans launch an offensive that captures the Nationalist capital Burgos. Surely this will be the end of the Fascists in Spain.
This years FIFA tournament will be held in France. We suspect that this year will be particularly awkward as many of the attendees are at war with each other via the Spaniards
French economic recovery
The French finally recover from the Great Depression in June 1938 which we already did five years ago. This shows that Socialism is clearly the superior ideology, but regardless we can suspect a more effective French military build up from now on.
Winter war
We suspect that the war with the Soviet Union may drag on into winter months. To prepare for this we begin developing winter equipment for our troops that should protect them.
FIFA over
The Italians win the FIFA tournament again. While the International did worse as a whole, we are glad that the winner was still a Socialist nation.
Nationalist defeat
The Nationalists in Spain have been pushed back to Galicia come August. They are clearly on their last legs.
Nationalist defeat
At the end of August the Nationalists are restricted to just one province signalling their inevitable defeat. Thousands of Fascists are welcomed in Portugal as they flee across the border. British and American volunteers are similarly evacuated by ship back to their home countries with their tails behind their legs.
Today is a great victory for the International as the Nationalists are finally defeated. We must act quickly however to stop the Stalinists overthrowing the Liberal government by overthrowing it first of course!
Spanish revolution
With trade union support and many German divisions located strategically throughout Spain, we launch our coup.
Spanish revolution
The Spanish government surrenders without a fight clearly having seen this coup coming. The Spanish People's Republic is welcomed as a full member of the International. Spain will play a vital role in a war against France.
Ludwig Renn
Ludwig Renn was the puppet President under dictator Ernst Thalmann back in 1933. After Thalmann fell, Renn retired from politics until he joined the German volunteers who fought in Spain. Having earned great prestige and leadership skills while fighting, he has announced that he will run for President again next year. Good luck we say to him!
Gibraltar abandoned
After the Spanish victory the British abandoned their naval base at Gibraltar after evacuating the British populace living there. Perhaps the capitalists are more afraid of our International than we thought? Regardless, our Spanish comrades retake Gibraltar after having been taken away from them centuries ago.
New tank development
Combat experience with the Panzer II in Spain highlighted some significant defects with the design. While we won't be able to fix these problems before the war with the Soviets next year, we do do start developing a new heavier tank than the Panzer II which will unsurprisingly be called the Panzer III.
Rocket science
The German scientist Werner Braun requests government funding of what he has called a "rocket engine". He says that this engine will revolutionise aircraft propulsion so naturally we provide him with all the resources he needs.
A new year
It is now the start of Spring in 1939. All preparations have been made and we feel we are ready to finally liberate the Soviet Union. Our entire army is moved to Poland's eastern border.
American diplomatic incident
After repeated American aggression both against our Spanish ally and our very own state, we are unsurprised by the Americans severing diplomatic ties with our state.Regardless we continue to move our army to the Soviet Union.
We have the most mechanised army in the world, the Soviet's military is in shatters after Stalin's purges and we have the full support of the Fourth International. We will be able to defeat the Totalitarian Stalinists.
Our invasion is weeks away. Our army is mobilised and brought to full strength
Soviet alliance
Stalin obviously becomes aware of our military build up and proposes an alliance with the Western Powers against our International. To our relief the Capitalists reject his proposal. This fight will be between just the International and the Soviet Union.
Ready for war
All our units are in position: we have concentrated our armoured units on the North and the South of the border.
War declared
We begin our invasion of the USSR to liberate the Soviet Proletariat from Stalin’s totalitarianism

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