A Communist Germany AAR: Part 5

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A Communist Germany AAR

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A Communist Germany AAR: Part 4

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In which we resume our attempt to liberate the International working class
War declared
We begin our invasion of the USSR to liberate the Soviet Proletariat from Stalin’s totalitarianism
Preparing crews
Our forces are well rested and motivated to liberate the Soviet Union. Our purge of the German army was some years ago now, so we believe that the army is in a serviceable state.
Due to his purges, Stalin’s grip on power is strong however we believe that if we can capture Kiev, Minsk, Moscow, Leningrad and Stalingrad then the Russian people will overthrow Stalin and request peace with our state. We have a large number of tank divisions which will allow us to quickly encircle Soviet divisions on the border. It is regrettable that we are forced to fight the Soviet Proletariat, but if they insist on defending their degenerate worker’s state then so be it.
Our divisions immediately cross the border upon war being declared and take the Red Army by surprise. We prioritise breaking through the North and the South as this will allow us to encircle the centre.
We are surprised to find relatively few Soviet divisions guarding the border. Our first advance into Soviet land is imminent.
Armour advances
Our armoured units quickly advance through Soviet territory. We are glad that our investment in the machines seems to have paid off.
Many men from across Europe have expressed their desire to join the German army and fight for the cause. This includes sizable numbers of volunteers from Western nations such as France and Britain. Large numbers of Ukrainians have also joined our army seeking to overthrow Stalin due to the atrocities he has committed in Ukraine. This is not a fight between Germany and the Soviet Union, but between the Soviet Union and the entire Fourth International.
Soviet reinforcements arrive in Borisov and we are forced to stop our assault, so we will probably not be able to breach Borisov for now. We were still able to inflict massive casualties though.
War with the Baltic States
The Soviet Union declares war on Estonia and the rest of the Baltic States 3 days into our war. They will probably try to attack through the Baltic’s to flank our front. Hopefully they can hold out until we defeat the Soviets.
First advance
We make our first advance into Soviet territory. Our tanks proved their worth as the Soviets had no real defence against them. Is this the start of a new era of warfare?
A propaganda campaign is launched to persuade our populace of the necessity of our fight. Many Germans are not well versed in the tenants of Socialism so it is unsurprising that they are confused why we’re attacking a fellow “Communist” state. Hopefully we’ll convince them that the Soviets are no better than the Italian Fascists. Some propaganda is also prepared to be displayed in the Soviet Union itself to convince the Soviet people to join our fight against Stalin.
Mexican alliance
After a long period of good relations, we believe it is finally time to bring the Mexicans into the Fourth International. With them on side, we could invade the USA from below removing the need for a costly landing operation.
Mexican alliance
Citing fears of angering the USA, as well as ideological differences the Mexicans decline our alliance offer. We were hoping to further legitimise our international by expanding it beyond the reaches of Europe, but obviously the Mexicans see things differently.
Another major victory in Slutsk as almost 60,000 Soviets are killed to our 9000. Stalin’s purges have clearly crippled the Red army as they are unable to put up any resistance. Our army appears to have recovered to an adequate extent after our own purge years before so we have the upper hand, at least for the first year or so of the war.
We attempt our first encirclement after making a second breach in the south. More enemy reinforcements are appearing now.
Soviets retreat
Our attempt at our first encirclement fails as Soviet divisions withdraw further back. We do however spot an excellent opportunity to encircle more Soviet divisions against the Romanian border. Our armour shall advance into Kiev and then swing south to encircle the Soviet south army. In the centre of the front we don’t dare advance as this would bring us into the deadly Pinsk marshland, where supplies are impossible to deliver and enemy combatants can attack and quickly slip away.
Attack in the North
We resume our attack on Borisov after our forces recovered. The largest concentration of Soviet forces are in this province so a victory here could allow us to advance towards Leningrad.
We failed to capture Kiev but we continue to try and encircle Soviet forces on the Romanian border.
Convoy raiding
The Soviet navy is small, weak and of poor quality. Our navy shall begin sinking Soviet convoys in the Baltic Sea. Once our forces reach Leningrad, our fleet can also provide fire support.
Finnish attack
The Fins were able to land an infantry division in Prussia and successfully captured the port at Gdynia. We need to deal with them quickly before they land additional divisions there.
Finnish attack V2
The Finns have also stuck a division through the Baltic and landed in Denmark’s capital. We receive reports of the Stalinist Finns executing Socialist politicians and leaders who were residing in the capital. We will not stand for this, so forces guarding the French border will be moved to deal with the Stalinists
Armoured combat
Our armoured units encounter enemy tanks for the first time. While strong, they are outnumbered by our tanks and are quickly destroyed.
The Soviets are finally encircled on the Soviet border and now we will close in on them. Our motorised infantry begin advancing to seize Crimea which will deny the Soviets a port on the Black Sea.
Large battle
21 enemy divisions are engaged in Bobruisk. The Soviets take massive casualties however we have already lost 15,000 German soldiers in this battle. We do not have the same manpower reserves as the USSR so every casualty we receive hurts many times more than the Soviet Union. We curse the Stalinists for putting us through this war!
Battle in the swamps
We finally begin trying to advance into the Pinsk marshland and meet immediate stiff resistance. Enemy units regularly ambush our forces and then disappear into the swamp. Infection among wounded men is high and equipment often breaks down. This is hell on Earth.
State of the front
The state of the front as of the 3rd June or 15 days into the war. Great advances have been made in Ukraine as a large number of enemy divisions are encircled on the Romanian border. We have been unable to take Kiev or breach the north of the front due to the Stalinist’s effective defence of these areas. German forces are also engaging enemy forces in the Pinsk Marshland while our tanks attempt to encircle them.
Retreat from Prussia
The Fins in Prussia begin advancing towards Konigsberg where several of our fighter air wings are based. Our planes are forced to retreat lest they be destroyed by the advancing Fins. Our forces are almost in position however to eliminate the Finnish invaders.
Battle of Borisov
The largest battle of the war is coming to a close in Borisov. Our forces are engaging 30 enemy divisions which have suffered 130,000 casualties between them to our 40,000. Once Borisov is captured, we believe the North flank will collapse.
Battle for Kiev
Realising the futility of defending a surrounded Kiev, numerous enemy divisions withdraw across the Dnieper River, despite Stalin’s order to not give our International an inch of Soviet soil without full resistance. Kiev is predicted to fall within days and will be the first major Soviet city to be liberated by the International.
Successful encirclement
The encirclement in South-Western Ukraine is coming to a close as the Russian south army is split into two pockets. Soviet soldiers are prevented from crossing the Romanian border and will face our full wrath.
Swamp combat
A surprisingly large number of enemy divisions are preventing our encirclement of the Pinsk Marshes. We have no doubt however that they will delay us for long however.
Mass surrender
Our first major encirclement is finished successfully. 60,000 enemy soldiers surrendered peacefully to our armies allowing us to capture their artillery and motorised vehicles. A portion of the captured soldiers will be encouraged to join the fight against Totalitarianism and the rest shall be cared for in temporary POW camps. Of course NKVD officers will not be given as warm of a reception.
Victory is finally achieved in Borisov though we were expecting more enemy divisions to surrender to us. The surviving enemy divisions are disorganised, under manned and demoralised meaning they will put up little resistance for the foreseeable future.
Mass surrender
Enemy divisions preventing our forces from encircling the Pinsk Marshes surrender en masse giving us hundreds of thousands of POWs. The Red army is clearly demoralised by our victories and Stalin’s purges and we predict that victory against the USSR will be swift. How much more resistance can they put up after all?
Our Motorised infantry advance through Crimea without enemy opposition. Hopefully we’ll take the enemy by surprise and capture their ships.
Danish defeat
Just as allied divisions make it to Denmark the Fins successfully cross into Jutland essentially occupying the country. Denmark is officially annexed by the Fins and the Danish government retreats to Berlin. We must liberate them before the Stalinists destroy the country!
Enemy resistance
Our advance to the North is blocked yet again by more enemy divisions holding out near Smolensk. The enemy may have more divisions than we first thought... On a separate note, the Soviets have failed completely in flanking us via the Baltic States and the Estonians have even been able to capture Pskov.
Transfer of industry
Sensing the loss of Ukraine entirely, Stalin orders the relocation of all Ukrainian industry beyond the Urals. Horrifying reports emerge of gulag labourers being worked to death to move this industry. Surely the Soviet people are aware by now that their government is on the wrong side of history?
Soviet bombing
The Stalinists launch a direct attack on our civilian population by bombing Breslau. This blatant disregard of our civilians shall not provoke our own attacks on Soviet civilians however, as the Soviet people have nothing to do with the actions of their corrupt Government. That being said, we are facing a large amount of resistance in the areas currently occupied by the International.
Secured Crimea
Crimea is secured easily without a fight. Our motorised infantry will now cross from Crimea into Southern Russia.
State of the front
The state of the front approximately one month after the war begun. As of before we have almost captured Ukraine however we have had far less success in the North and the centre. After Crimea is secured, our forces shall cross into southern Russia and begin advancing North towards Stalingrad. Furthermore, one the situation surrounding the Pinsk Marshes has been resolved, we will attempt a spear head driving straight for Moscow. An early capture of Moscow will surely destroy faith in Stalin and lead to Soviet surrender.
Current casualty statistics. The Stalinists have already lost 1 million men just over a month into our campaign. It is likely that the Soviet Union will spend a long time recovering after this war. Our initial invasion did face several setbacks especially in the North and the centre, but on the whole we have had a successful start to our liberation.

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