Wretched of the Earth: Kaiserreich Commune of France AAR | Part III

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Wretched of the Earth: Kaiserreich Commune of France AAR | Part II

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Europe, January 7, 1937

The French Popular Front has ruled for around a year. France prospers, but not everyone is happy about the Popular Front.
While Bucard's Francists have fallen into the Popular Front line. However, the Totalist Sorelians under the leadership of Georges Valois, have refused to follow the Popular Front, declaiming that Maurice Thorez is a "petit bourgeois, peasant demagogue"
January 8 - Three Sorelians, Georges Valois, Angelo Tasca, and Pierre Villon found the "Service d'Ordre" or "Order Service." It is even rumored that it is backed by General Doriot himself. Delegate of Internal Security, Marceau Pivert, knowing that the Order Service may become a threat to Internal Security, begins a system of surveillance on the Order Service.
On the 15th, Korea which had been occupied by the Japanese Empire since the 1910s, had declared an open revolt against the Japanese occupiers.
Japanese Soldiers on the move in Pyeongyang.
H.R.H. Yi Un (Left) in Seoul during the beginning of the rebellion.
Britain takes another step for the Invasion of Ireland, as the Union's Navy begins a complete blockade of the island.
British Soldiers preparing for the invasion of Ireland, January 1937.
Ho Chi Minh (born Nguyễn Sinh Cung) has been invited by the Indians to Calcutta to form a revolutionary exile government to fight against the German colonies in Indochina. The choice is obvious to the Communard government, Ho Chi Minh's contribution to the anti-colonialist crusade will be of great value.
Ho Chi Minh speaking at the French Communist Party, 1920. Ho Chi Minh is a close friend of Maurice Thorez and a commiting supporter of the Popular Front and Thorez's Syndicalist-Marxist line (which, in fact, had been co-drafted by Ho Chi Minh himself).
Crackdowns have been harsh in the Netherlands on any Labor activity, and Marceau Pivert reccomends training and arming the revolutionaries alongside the British.
On January 30, the Russians sign the Treaty of Arkhangelsk, giving the Finnish control over much all of Karelia, as well as the Finnish occupation of Petrograd and the surrounding areas.
Finnish Soldiers raise the Finnish flag near Murmansk
The next day, Finnish soldiers leave Petrograd, giving control of the area to the Petrograd Soviet of Workers' and Soldiers' Deputies. The RSFSR Central Committee, in order to find a safer location against any White Republican attacks, return to Petrograd.
Soviet Soldiers posing near Petrograd, 1937.
In the aftermath of bloody battles with Siberian, the government of Admiral Kolchak has been overthrown and replaced with a Constitutional Republic. The New Government, however, pledges to continue the fight against Siberia for the time being, as well as to continue their cooperation with Japan.
Transamur soldiers next to an artillery piece in Elban, 1937
The Franco-British Collaboration in the Netherlands has succeeded. The workers and peasants have taken to the streets and taken control of police stations and and the People's Republic of the Netherlands has been declared.
A group of Syndicalist revolutionaries in the Netherlands.
Queen Wilhelmina and the Dutch Royal family has escaped Amsterdam. They were able to flee into Germany, and then take a German ship to Batavia. The new Dutch government, however, officially enters into the Internationale with France and Italy.
The Netherlands exile government, knowing it needs strong allies, joins into an official alliance with Germany.
February 9 - During a speech in Georgia (seen in the picture), the American radical Huey Pierce Long was shot three times by an armed man. The man - Carl Weiss - was shot to death by Long's bodyguards. Long, however, miraculously survived the shooting.
Long, still recovering from the shooting, declared in Atlanta, Georgia the creation of the "American Union State"
A few days later, the majority of the South joins the American Union State, with the notable exception of the area around Baton Rouge and New Orleans, which is still held by Loyalist soldiers.
Shortly afterwards, the Combined Syndicates leadership declares war on both the United States and the American Union State. Unions across the Northern U.S. begin to declare their allegiance to Reed and the C.S.A.
On February 15th, the CSA Central Committee declare that the official name of the socialist state in America to be the "Confederation of Syndicalist Socialist Republics", or the C.S.S.R.
The American War heats up once more, as the states of California, Oregon, and Washington secede and form into a new union, the "Pacific States of America." The U.S. Government, not wanting to be seen as weak, declare war on what they call "Secessionist traitors."
The Territory of Hawaii, far away from any of the conflict in the first place, also secede. Most U.S. Assets on the islands have been seized by the new, independent Hawaiian government.
In an effort to unite non-CSA leftist groups in the CSSR, the CCSR officially adopts a new flag.
All across French-speaking cantons in Switzerland, leftist candidates have been elected. Some of these candidates even call for a unification with the Commune of France.
In a similar move to the CSSR, the American Union State also adopts a more unifying flag for their forces.
In the areas of th eU.S. occupied by Canadian Forces,
In Germany, the 1937 elections see the election of a moderate Conservative-Liberal coalition, with Zentrum leader Heinrich Brüning becoming Chancellor.
Following the successful deployment of Bucard's Francist division, the 2nd Division of the Reserves of the National Guard 'Marianne' has started to be organized. Unlike the 1st Division, the 2nd division will be formed mostly from Jacobins and Travailleurs, hence the name 'Marianne'
Although it comes as no surprise, the Swiss government have officially disbanded all local governments in all French-speaking cantons. The Communard government will not take kindly to this.
Perhaps inspired by the actions of Switzerland, the German government begins to enforce greater control in the areas of German control with large French populations. Over the past years, these areas have seen a large amount of violence committed by French-speaking locals on German law enforcement.
As the Second Congress of the Third International begins, the question on supporting the CSSR is once again brought up. To no one's surprise, the French delegates call overwhelmingly for more resources to the CSSR.
In fact, the Armed Forces in the CSSR have been quite effective against its enemies. The CSSR's offensive into the Midwest and into Colorado, and in their effective push into Arkansas have brought thousands of new volunteers into the CSSR's worker militias.

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