Wretched of the Earth: Kaiserreich Commune of France AAR | Part II

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Wretched of the Earth: Kaiserreich Commune of France AAR | Part I

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Although it has so far only ruled for a few months, the French Popular Front has already begun to change the face of French politics. Chairman Thorez, knowing that Syndicalism has worked well for the new France for the past 16 years, knows that he and the Jacobins mustn't get rid of it.
Thorez thus called a meeting with many well-known political leaders of France. The Travailleurs, the Anarchistes, the Jacobins, and a few Sorelians. Thorez is seen here with General Jacques Duclos (Jacobin) and leader of the Travailleurs, Benoît Frachon.
During the meeting, Thorez formulated a new plan for the Jacobins. A mix of both Syndicalism, as well as a system of democratic centralism seen in Leninism. Thorez called for "Leftist Unity" and a compromise between all sides against "Reaction and any Capitalist threat."
Thorez knows that he cannot trust most of the Sorelian leadership, but there are a few he can trust. This includes the leader of the so-called "Francists," Marcel Bucard. Bucard is infamous (or perhaps famous, depending on the outlook) for his brutal actions against right-wingers during the Revolution and Civil War.
Thorez's solution to appeasement is the creation of the 1st Division de la Réserve Garde Nationale 'Francistes'. Bucard's "Blue shirt" paramilitary will be reorganized under the command of the Armed Forces (specifically, the National Guard). Once deployed, Marcel Bucard will be the commander of the 1st Division.
Bastille Day 1936 is celebrated by a large military parade in Paris, alongside a speech by President Blum.
August 1 - The Communard government receives fantastic news from South America. Edgard Leuenroth of the ANL has won the Brazilian Presidential election. Leuenroth promises massive land reform and the nationalization of major industries. The massive victory for socialism in the Americas also gives encouragement to the Combined Syndicates in the U.S.
Leuenroth's administration goes through with its' promises. The Brazilian government has begun a system of land reform, but only time will tell the effects.
The First Bourges International Art Festival, sponsored by the French Government, has been attended by many leftist artists - including the Father of Surrealism, André Breton. Author of the Surrealist Manifesto, Breton is a staunch anti-capitalist and anti-national populist, as well as a supporter of the Communard government.
In Ukraine, the Mitteleuropa government has arrested the famed Ukrainian syndicalist leader, Nikita Khrushchev. However, Vladimir Antonov-Ovseyenko, a former member of the Bolshevik government during the Russian Revolution, was able to escape arrest and flee Ukraine to the Ottoman Empire, and then to the Commune of France.
The First Division of the RGN, the 'Francistes' has been deployed, and is now commanded by Lt. General Bucard.
A Francist Rally in Paris, where General Bucard announced the creation of the 1st RGN Division and Bucard's support of the Popular Front government.
Another massive surprise in Europe. The Bolsheviks and the Workers' Soviets have once again taken power in Russia. Led by famed Civil War general Mikhail Frunze and Bolshevik politician Nikolai Bukharin, The Communard government sees this a perfect way to strike at the Capitalist forces.
Mikhail Frunze, Chairman of the RSFSR
The choice is obvious to the Communard government, this second Russian Revolution must win. The Commune decides to send large amounts of materials and volunteers to the new RSFSR.
Soviet Soldiers on their way to the front.
In Britain, the Totalist leader, Oswald Mosley, has succeeded in becoming Chairman of the TUC. Mosley promises to "defeat the Reactionaries, wherever we find them."
General Le Gentilhomme's mobility doctrine has now made the Communard government develop three divisions of light armor. Le Gentilhomme envisions using the armored divisions to break through German lines for a quick victory.
And it isn't just armored divisions, the Communard government has also ordered the deployment of five new Infantry Divisions.
In a very controversial move, Oswald Mosley has merged the two governmental positions of Chairman and General Secretary of the TUC. Who knows what Mosley will do next.
Meanwhile in America, the Republican Charles Curtis has won the 1936 Presidential Election. This will no doubt upset both the America First Party and the Combined Syndicates of America.
New developments in Russia as the Siberian Assembly has declared independence from the Russian Republic, with Baron Wrangel declaring that the Russian government will not allow such a thing to occur.
The Siberians will not go down without a fight. The Russian Pacific Fleet has defected, declaring complete allegiance to the Siberian Assembly. The Soviets, however, have completely ignored the Siberian developments.
General Avksentyev, noting the state of war in Siberia, has declared martial law and officially dissolved the Siberian Assembly. Siberia is now officially under control of the Siberian Armed Forces.
The Russian Conflict is confused even more. The Nationalist government of the Kingdom of Finland has declared war on the Russian Republic, claiming the land of Karelia. Perhaps this can be an advantage to the Soviets.
Finnish Soldiers moving into Karelia
Republican Russians soldiers, somewhere in Southern Russia.
The Japanese-backed Transamur government led by Admiral Kolchak has now declared war on the Siberians
Everyone in France knows that war with the German Empire is inevitable, and as such, the Communard government has begun to delegate certain industries to solely military matters.
Chairman Mosley once again takes a large risk - he has gone to war with Ireland. Many say that the British Army is not fit for any offensive war, but for this, only time will tell.
And in the Commune, L'Armée Populaire de la Commune de France is being heavily reorganized. Le Gentilhomme's mobility reforms and the creation of a standing army under the advice of General Doriot and General Duclos has put the Commune on a step closer to war with Germany...

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Wretched of the Earth: Kaiserreich Commune of France AAR | Part III

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