Eighteen Thirty-Six - A HPM Russian Luddite AAR - Part 2

Author: ElvenAshwin
Published: 2017-04-27, edited: 2017-04-27

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Eighteen Thirty-Six - A HPM Russian Luddite AAR

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Eighteen Thirty-Six - A HPM Russian Luddite AAR - Part 1

Images: 87, author: ElvenAshwin, published: 2017-04-25

Who needs westernization, when you have 5 million serfs?

As per the Treaty of Amsterdam (signed where the Prussian King Wilhelm IV was seeking refuge), Silesia is annexed to the Russia, incorporated under the Kingdom of Poland, with the esteemed Russian General Shuvalov granted the title of Duke of Silesia.

The Russian troops vacate Germany, leaving behind a devastated countryside. Reports of brutal and murderous conduct spread throughout Europe, though none reach Russia, largely because nobody can read.
Silesia is full of hostile Poles, Germans and the occasional Czech.

Most notably, its populace is educated and well-read. This will pose a threat to the Czar's regime, and their incorporation into the Kingdom of Poland may unintentionally spur Polish nationalism. The Czar mulls over multiple options, such as killing anyone who wears glasses, before settling on waiting for the educated to gradually die off.
The Mexicans offer us an alliance.

Because we have a barely maintained series of forts along the North American coast and call it "Alaska", they somehow believe we can assist them in their hostilities with the Americans.

We agree nonetheless.
Meanwhile, our diplomatic corps focus on improving relations with the Austrians, who are none too pleased about the annexation of German lands. Our defense is that Silesia is rightfully Polish, not German. A million far-right cries can be heard in the distance.
The US intervenes against the Mexican conquests immediately. Lets see, how did the Mexicans prepare for this entirely predictable turn of events?
You're fucked.
As part of the Treaty of Amsterdam, the Prussians are barred from raising troops for the next 5 years, and also agree to pay a fifth of their government revenue to us, in order to repay us for the lost serfs.
With the collapse of Prussian leadership in North Germany and the threat of Austrian domination of the German Confederation, many German minors find themselves having to fend for themselves. Ernest Augustus, the King of Hanover, offers us an alliance, which we gladly accept.
R.I.P Prussia.

The Great Powers now battle it out to expand their influence as much as possible in the German Confederation. Prussia largely loses its status as a Great Power, though we invite them to talks to make them feel good.
The Netherlands now find themselves in a dominant position in the region, having been spared from Russian invasion.
The Prussians had also managed to antagonize all of Europe, and there there is little chance of them seeking vengeance with a powerful ally.

Their only ally is Great Britain which strongly believes that it is not part of Europe, and backs it up by participating in European wars to the same extent as your average African minor.
Literacy takes a really long time to fall. We need to consider alternative strategies to remove this cancer of education on Russia.
The battle for influence over the Kingdom of Prussia, which struggles to exert its influence over its component states with no army and burning institutions, continues. The French, Spanish and Dutch participate.
The truce established in the Treaty of Amsterdam establishes a truce for 5 years. There is fear in Prussia that the Russians would invade soon after the expiry of the truce, and that it is necessary for German survival that they break its terms and begin building up an army.
The Kingdom of the Two Sicilies agrees to lease their ports for Russian usage, and remove all trade barriers on Russian exports. We now have our stake in Italy. Whilst the Czar opposes Italian unification under the principle of opposing nationalism, we should at least make sure *our guy* wins.
After the establishment of the alliance, we begin to spread our influence to Hanover, and establish a firm supporter in the German confederation to undermine German unity.
The Czar issues a decree calling for the shutdown of all factories in Silesia. Despite opposition from the State Council conservatives and liberals, the move goes through. After the factories are closed, the Russian army blows them up, smashing machinery and killing all those inside.

Did I say after the factories were closed? I meant during operation.

Some capitalists didn't get the memo. Off to the gulags.
Mexico seems to have decisively annihilated themselves in the best strategic decision made since the French invasion of Russia.
Following the Egyptian-Ottoman war in 1933, the Egyptians occupied Syria and parts of Anatolia under Muhammad Ali Pasha. The situation, already tense and not formalized (the Ottomans still had nominal control over all of Egypt), breaks down in 1843, and the Ottomans go to war with Muhammad Ali.

The situation is tenuous and there is a risk of the Ottoman Empire crumbling, which would decisively upset the balance of powers in the Balkans. It is time for Russia to step in.
The current status of the war. The Egyptians prepare for a defense of Adana as the Ottomans aim to advance into the Levant.
We order Yevgeny Ivanov to lead a Russian army into the Levant and ensure Ottoman victory.
The Hanoverians also agree to support the Empire and dispatch an expeditionary force.
The current status of rebellious activity in the Empire. Beyond Muslims and Germans, all is quiet.
The French support the Egyptians in an attempt to destroy the Ottoman Empire.

We are sorely disappointed, as this sabotages any hope of a Franco-Russian alliance against the Prussians.
The Greeks honor our call to defend the Ottoman Empire, because that makes sense. There is some risk of them demanding part of the Ottoman Empire in return, but we set that aside.

The Greeks are particularly mad at Muhammad Ali, as he helped capture Crete from Greek control during the Greek wars of independence.
Ivanov's army arrives in Adana. He hopes to avoid direct conflict with the Egyptian armies, in order to preserve the crumbling manpower of the Russian forces, and also due to the difficulty of reinforcing his army in the Levant.
We snake down the Levant, hoping to eventually take Cairo.
Ibrahim Pasha, the son of Muhammad Ali Pasha, leads a major Egyptian army in Syria. We do not intervene in the Battle of Homs, as our supply lines cannot stretch beyond the coast (where the Black Sea Fleet supports our invasion).
The Austrians tacitly support the French in an attempt to curb Russian influence in the Balkans, and the French launch an invasion through Bosnia.
Ivanov attacks Shukru Pasha.

(I'm pretty sure there was a commander called Ivanov in the Balkan wars, as well as another commander called Shukru Pasha on the Ottoman side, but I don't know enough to make a witty joke, beyond pointing out the coincidence)
The Battle of Trablos ends with a decisive Russian victory.

Meanwhile, we enforce a strong Russification program in our schools curriculum. Which is weird, because we don't have schools.
The Hanoverian expeditionary force invades Crete with assistance from the Greek navy.
Oshit don't intervene mate.
Ivanov leads the Russian army into Acre, where we meet another Pasha.

Already, one of the infantry brigades has been disbanded, and our troop count has been heavily diminished, without significant reinforcement from Russia.
We absolutely annihilate the Egyptian armies, who had to charge into concentrated artillery fire before the survivors were killed by our infantry lines.
Muravlev-Karsky is ordered to the Levant following news of our dwindling manpower in the war.
The current state of our centralization efforts.
Interestingly, pop literacy appears to have no impact on promotion to bureaucrats, except for what appears to be a minor boost for 40.0%+ literacy.

So our illiterate administration marches forth!
The Greek expeditionary force arrives in the Levant to support our troops.
The Spanish, another Great Power, offer us an alliance. With the collapse of the possibility of an alliance with France (and the Ottoman fall from grace), we agree to the alliance.
The current list of great powers.

Prussia has recovered significantly since 1842. In fact, they've recovered way too much for someone who is not supposed to be building troops...
The Czar is quite sure that the Prussians ended the war with only three brigades. Any military build up breaks the treaty.

We watch with interest.
With the Greeks arriving to defend the cities we have taken in the Levant, and another back up force arriving from Russia should the army end up in trouble, Ivanov decides to take a gamble and march directly to the capital in Cairo, where his supply lines will likely be cut.
The army makes it to cairo with over a third of its members having died due to attrition (Egyptian raids and lack of food can do horrendous things).
The second army arrives in the Levant.
Cairo falls to our besieging forces. Muhammad Ali is nowhere to be found.
Meanwhile, Muravlev-Karsky attacks an army led by Ibrahim Pasha, who had been retaking cities on the coast.

Meanwhile, a French expeditionary force has also arrived in the Levant. The possibility of a Russo-French conflict needs to be averted.
Within Russia, the Czar's newfound beliefs begin to spawn new philosophical movements among the aristocrats. The goal of undoing serfdom reforms and re-establishing the superiority of noble blood is expectedly popular.
The Oriental crisis ends with Muhammad Ali agreeing to the return of Ottoman rule and surrendering the Levant. We pick that option because we didn't understand what it did.
Instant regret, we lose our alliance with the Ottomans.
All eyes now turn to the Prussian question. If the Prussians have indeed broken the treaty, they risk war once more.
The Hanoverians back us up in questioning the Prussian rebuilding.
The US apparently won't just accept victory.

They don't have manifest destiny - they have no cores or CBs against the Mexicans. Their decision to not end the war is perplexing.
The Orient, following the oriental crisis.
The State Council continues to see the loss of the middle ground, as more aristocrats defect to the extremes.
... You see that?

That 0 organization Prussian brigade near Hanover?

You fucking see that?

They think they can violate my cut down to size orders? They're in for some trouble.
With the King of Hanover sending us a letter detailing reports of Prussian recruitment and rebuilding of their army, the Czar angrily accuses Wilhelm IV of breaking the treaty, and calls for him to cease the recruitment of new units. He denies all allegations.
Vaccination comes to Russia, through French physicians. The reactionary, backwards Czar obviously accepts this new and tremendously useful medical development! I mean, nobody is backwards enough to *not* like vaccines!

On another note, autism cases rise throughout Russia.
Badr Khan kills some people. He's now screwed.
... I mean sure, but you didn't want that before.
A riot breaks out in Katowice, with the Germans clamoring for a return to Prussian rule. This soon results in a massive rebellion, with battles taking place on the streets of Silesian cities. The Czar accuses the Prussians of funding the rebellion.
The last of the rebels are subjugated by the end of the month, with tremendous damage to the cities in the region.
The Serbs ally with the Russians. What could go wrong?
The Czar begins working on re-establishing Russian influence in the ottoman empire after WE FUCKING SAVED YOUR ASS AGAINST THE FRENCH YOU UNGRATEFUL SLOBS
Muslims are really hard to subjugate.
Well not really, they don't even start with troops.

Vic3 fix this please.
The Circassian uprising, so soon after the revolt in Silesia, convince many that now is the time to strike against Russian rule.

Violence erupts in Lithuania and Poland. The Czar accuses Poles in Poznen of funding the anti-Russian riots.
A revolution erupts in Krakow. The Austrians prepare to invade and annex the city, but request our approval so as to not upset the balance of powers.

Yeah, I'm sure you taking the OPM will annihilate Europe.
A committee for Polish independence forms in Paris. Polish revolutionary activities begin to rise, with Poles in Poznen succeeding in ousting effective Prussian control in several cities.

We now raise our calls for an invasion and annexation of Poznen.
You are clearly violating this treaty.

The Prussian have both violated the treaty - giving cause for invasion already - and their incompetence is inspiring Polish nationalism. We cannot let this happen.
Sievers leads an army to seize back the fort in Adygel, taken by the rebellious Circassian tribes.
The victory in the siege of Agydel brings an end to hope for Circassian independence. We have no intention to sign another treaty, however.
The French, equally angered by Prussian defiance, agree to enter into an alliance with us.
With the defeat of the Circassians, we cement our rule in the region.
A massive genocide and russification program sees the Circassian people annihilated or expelled. This is the end of the wars with the Circassian. There is no need for a pansy treaty.
Meanwhile, however, the Dagestani tribes meet in a congress to discuss overthrowing the Russian yoke.
After the Qing invade and integrate their Manchurian substate, we see an opportunity for expansion. As the Qing have next to no real control over their border this far north, Russian troops move in to occupy outer Manchuria. The Qing are forced to accept our occupation, and in the Peking convention we annex the region into our Empire.
One of the reasons as to why their presence in the north was so weak is due to the ongoing Taiping rebellion in the south.
A wave of revolution sweeps through the steppe following the Dagestani congress. The Empire will hold!
Meanwhile, we begin the re-establishment of new units following the gradual devastation of our old armies because Vicky basically insists you reinforce your armies manually. We create our first all-subjugated-minorities army!
Who gives a fuck?
With outer manchuria now ours, we begin our rapid expansion in the far east, seizing islands from nominal Japanese control. Also we apparently kill all the educated natives there.
We attempt to secure French support for a new invasion of Prussia.
Poland is not yet ours.

The Prussians need to be attacked for their defiance of the Treaty of Amsterdam. But beyond that, we also need to bring strong rule to the Polish lands in Poznen. We cannot trust the Prussians with the crucial duty of subjugating Poland.
A republican revolution erupts in Prussia, proving the weakness of the Kingdom and the risk of Polish revolutionary activities flowering. We must act now!
von Roon eliminates the last of the revolutionaries, but our point still stands.
The casus belli is fairly supported throughout Europe, but the specific Russian proposal of annexing Poznen meets some hostility. The Austrians, though they do not view Poznen as vital German land, are none too happy about Russian expansion north of their border.
Meanwhile, we attempt to stave off foreign influence in Hanover by investing in it.

What do you mean this is hypocrisy? It's industry in *their* country, not ours!
A movement grows in Novgorod to see the expansion of voting rights and the establishment of a constitution.

We kill them. All of them.
The wave of revolutionary activities continue to spread throughout the Empire.

In the Caucasus, apparently Imam Shamil, who we supposedly executed, still lives! Whilst he was not present at the Dagestani congress, he manages to convince the tribes to unite once more and rebel against Russian rule. The Caucasian War is not yet over.

Meanwhile, the Hungarians revolt against Austrian rule, and the Habsburgs appear to be having trouble putting them down.
We do not accept the Caucasian rebellion and vow to restore Russian rule.
We intervene in Hungary, much to French dismay, as they had hoped to topple the Austrian state.
Sievers leads the Russian army once more to end the hopes for Dagestani independence. We defend the fort in Derbent from attack and then head out into the country side to restore Russian rule to Dagestan, flattening towns in the process.

Meanwhile, the Caucasians seize the forts in Gunib and Grozny.
Chechen units in our armies are executed via firing squad on the orders from the Czar.
With these destabilizing developments, the Czar meets the general staff, ordering an imminent invasion of Prussia, having ascertained Austrian non-intervention.
Our troops cross over into Prussia, hoping to liberate and annex Greater Poland.

The "backwards" Russian state has not yet fallen! The constant cries of liberals, their war on the "Real Russians", have proven to be false! We don't need education, we don't need voting and we don't need emancipation! We're illiterate and proud!

Russia continues their victorious march against the West. All will fear our might! All Hail the Czar!

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