Civ Hybrid Games Mk. IX - Part 17

Author: Vanadius
Published: 2019-03-17, edited: 2019-03-17

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Civ Hybrid Games Mk. IX

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Civ Hybrid Games Mk. IX - Part 16

Images: 73, author: Vanadius, published: 2019-03-10

Welcome back to the CivHybridGames, or rather the SaltMiningGames. I'm your host Bantha-Food and this part is especially salty. We're kicking things off in the Isles, as is tradition. King Arthur's (taqn) revenge against a rather inactive Celtic Empire. With multiple parts of inactivity in leadership the city of Gloucester has taken things into their own hands. On top of all the Vandals are attacking the Union of Albion starting with Caledonia.
Meanwhile, Suparia is getting obliterated. They are being attacked from all sides, as Aquitaine, the Celts and France go in for the kill. This very impressive civ might actually be eliminated before the Mk ends.
The Roman Reepublic of Ravenna was also afflicted with internal struggles this part (Tom died). A masterfully crafted piece of RP turned the civil war in favor of the Papal States. Mediolanum becomes independent, and the West-Roman factions... switch the civ they play as? (Also it's now called "The Reepublic Remnant")
The Vandals are also struggling a bit as the Tyrian Guild reestablishes itself as a sovereign state on Sardinia.
Tarentum has also declared independence in the wake of the Reepublican collapse.
Mauritania has become a major power. There is some pillaging happening in Corsica but otherwise it looks like things are going up for the Iberian Foederatus.
Egypt goes on the offensive against the Vandals. Leptus Magna is flipped through some type of Pope Cult mission and the Lybian coast is invaded by Egyptian units.
The Empire of the Black Sea (that's me!! :D) has also become a major power and starts a war with the Khazars in the Caucasus.

The Roman Empire looks much more chill than the last couple parts, despite having a coup happen this part.
Eastern Persia is currently suffering from local unrest, stoked by Sassanid plots. But Baluchistan is giving away most of its military in an offer to aid the Estakhr.
Islam happened! Mohammed leads Arabia into a holy war. Also notice the new Religion in the game. Let's see if they can expand beyond the Arabian Peninsula.
Aksum is tiny again (and at war with Arabia). Ouch... And thus ends the introduction. Let's play some Civilization!
Aurelianum falls to the French forces. They must be a well trained professional army by now, with how long they have been fighting with everybody around them.
And Paris falls to the Union of Albion. That leaves but a single city for the Soissons.
The Celtic Capital Caledonii is taking a lot of damage and remains completely undefended.
Vandalic forces surrounding Leptus Magna are being eliminated swiftly.
Eastern Persia is surrounding Susa. I am not convinced they will be able to hold the city if they manage to take it.
Islam adds more beliefs while Muslim Missionaries are embarking to spread the word of Allah. Also that war with Aksum.
In some kind of poetic turn of events the Soissons recapture their original capital city Suparia.
The Vandals are almost there! Beware though, the Vandals and Britannia have both almost run out of units.
Susa is also getting dangerously close to falling.
Suparia returns to French control. Augustodunum, 2 Pikemen, and 2 caravans are all that remain.
Also, we get a nice look at the new city state Geneva, and at the Alemanni.
Caledonii is officially vandalized. See, this is what happens when you fail to submit 2 parts in a row.
Some fighting. Wait.. do I spot a Vandalic archer inside of Leptus? What?!

Susa joins the disembodied voice named Sean. The Sassanids have finally answered and some composite bow-men are reaching the new frontline.
With three enemies the Celtic army is kind of overwhelmed. Small battles occur all over the island.
Vanadius points out British Momentmen. Let's take a moment to appreciate our amazing game-runner!
France has declared war on Romania. They flipped Lechia via plots and sent a bunch of units to the front (including Jutish forces). After 5 turns of fighting however, most of those units have been destroyed and Romanian forces start arriving in large numbers in Germania.
The Roman Civil war has continued without any changes, besides every side having run out of most units. The Remnants of the Reepublic have to watch out though. Salona is being threatened by units loyal to Constantinople.
Sassanids make it rain arrows on the invaders, pushing them back down the Tigris
Another turn passes and no side has made any progress here.
The Soissons are not long for this world.
Egypt's progress has also been stalled. Unless they get some help, I doubt Egypt could launch an invasion of Tunisia.
Another shot of the Isleas and it appears that some units have returned from the war in Gallia to find a not-so-united Albion. They begin sieging Gloucester.
We already learned last slide that Susa is back under the control of the Shah.
Gloucester is on the brink of being taken back. But just to be sure, the government of Albion has relocated to Ireland for safety.
Arabia was also fighting with Rome all this time. And now, they manage to take Aelia Capitolina. Caesarea Maritima is also at serious risk.
With only a narrow bottleneck for fighting, there has been no progress made by the Black Sea Empire against the Khazars.
Romanian units surround Lechia and begin demolishing its defenses with their famous trebuchets.
I think Aquitaine is at war with the Papal States, and they are moving an army around the Alps. Otherwise, nothing seems to have changed in Italy. Constantinople is attacking Salona, Rome is attacking Tarentum, and the Reepublic is attacking Ravenna... all without any success whatsoever.
Psych!! The Celtic soldiers manage to take control again. Gloucester and Caledonii are recaptured by the Union of Albion.
The battlefield here is about as narrow as in the Caucasus. Quite intense though!
Is Egypt attacking Nubia? Apparently so. Alodia is at half-health. The Arabia-Aksum war has not progressed any futher.
Judea is back under Roman control. That is a loooot of Arabian units though...
Back it goes.
Rome is lacking in reinforcements. The size of the Empire means that moving armies can sometimes be a mess.
The Persian civil war gets reset as the in-game AI agrees to a peace-deal expulsing all units out of each other's territory.
Britannia is the only "invader" left on the Island and is completely surrounded.
Aquitaine attacks Pisae. The Papal States have the advantage of defending a naval invasion, but they seriously lack troops
Britannia falls again! A valiant fight, but 18 turns later all in vain. A single Pikemen breaths his last breath...
Lechia is back under Romanian control and they are now turning towards Aachen.
Fierce fighting continues to tear the Christian Holy Land apart.
Incredible! Geneva eliminates the Soissons in Augustodunum.
So much carnage...
Pisae is unscathed.
A brave horseman reclaims control of Aelia Capitolina... if only for a brief moment.
Aksum takes out the Nubians in Alodia? Ok then... RIP
France is at the risk of being overrun on this front. Those trebuchets are really effective, but the French have now finished with the Soissons and can dedicate more troops to the East.
Flippy floppy!
It seems the Arabian units are beginning to thin out.
The naval battles along the coast of Tripoli have mostly died down. Leptus Magna is firmly under the control of Egypt, but they won't make any further progress.
A united Celtic Isles. All the bordergore gone... Good job, despite not submitting a plot doc this part lol
We have reached the end of this part, so lets have a look around. This has been Bantha-Food. The next part will be the final part of this Mark. So let's have a great finale!

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