Civ Hybrid Games Mk. IX - Part 16

Author: Vanadius
Published: 2019-03-10, edited: 2019-03-10

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Civ Hybrid Games Mk. IX

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Civ Hybrid Games Mk. IX - Part 15

Images: 97, author: Vanadius, published: 2019-03-03

Hey, it’s Leris, and I’ll be narrating this part, trying to be as unbiased as I possibly can with as little “ree mudhuts” as possible, even though Petra is a giant mudhut and I’m going to take it down. Anyways, here we see the Celtic isles with their invasion against Edgeless finally commencing. France is also doing their thing invading Rotomagnus and Lutetia, but not with much of an upfront attack force. Also Aquitaine. Woooo.
Here’s more of the new kingdom or whatever of Aquitaine being shown off, and they have a seemingly large army for being a new faction, however they appear to be having some internal issues with resistance.. Cool units though. Anyways, they look nice. Very nice CC.
Here we see Klo flipping Argentorate through his broken event (reee sean) and starting to move his way inwards, pushing further into Allemani lands.
It seems that Tom and Tef have finally made peace after that whole mishap, however Tef’s puppet is still very much at war with Tom, and it looks like he’s about to have control over all of southern Italy. Good job Andy.
Although Rusellae is in the red, it’s completely surrounded by Papal forces and doesn’t look like it’s going to flip due to a lack of Ravennan troops in the area, with Pisae not looking like it’s going to last a whole lot longer due to the massive horde of troops in Mediolanum (due to broken op event again ree.) Ravenna is also surprisingly undefended compared to the battlepope’s massive swarms of soldiers. Also more Aquitaine. Nice.
Persia is still a complete and total mess with Ardistan completely surrounded by Sean’s massive amount of units he stole. That composite bowman can save the city. I believe in him. A sizable force of Sassanids are incoming from the west though, with Quimis being very low in the red. Back to more Persian back and forths?
The madmen. They did it. Julfar doesn’t seem like it’s going to last very long with these conditions.
Tarentum still hasn’t fallen, and the Ravennans have started to fortify and maintain their foothold in the north a big better with Pisae coming back to the green and the Papal forces being pushed back to Rusellae. Tarentum is probably screwed though.
Ardistan falls. I’m disappointed. I really thought that composite bowman could pull it together and save it. That pikeman is right outside of Quimis now though, so I don’t expect it’ll last much longer either.
Tarentum still hasn’t fallen, and it’s holding out pretty well, with only two papal pikemen being left in the area. The AI also hasn’t made any advances into Pisae yet, and Rusellae is still in the red. Come on, do something!
Some more skirmishing has gone on in the north, but Mediolanum is still packing a good amount of units. Pisae also has a lot of units now though, and if pulled off right, Rusellae could return to Ravennan hands. Tarentum has still not been captured.
And they’re off! Aquitaine starts off strong advancing into Andecavorum which is mostly undefended. It doesn’t look like it’s going to last long. Klo keeps coming in from the north, but still very slowly. Also, the Celtic invasion force is basically nonexistent now. Didn’t last too long. RIP.
Rusellae is hanging on by a thread with little defense left and two pikemen standing at its gates. Tarentum has received more reinforcements. This isn’t looking good for mr Pope man.
Rusellae has returned to Tom’s hands, and the Papal invasion force in Tarentum is being driven out, with the city going back into the yellow. This is looking even less good for the Pope now.
The Vandals have struck… Copper? Which I assume is very nice. They also did some countermeasures with the help of the Visigoths and Mauretania to prevent Tef or whoever else from stealing their shit. Finally, they decided to do some 10000 iq plays by encircling the boats that are encircling Syracuse with their own boats. Big think.
Yeah, Tarentum isn’t being taken anytime soon. Also, more pope navy.
Darioritum is “surrounded” by a small, but seemingly big enough army of Suparian pikemen and falling into the yellow, while Andecavorum is also falling into the yellow due to the Aquitanian onslaught. Klo is also coming. Eventually.
The defenses around Rome dwindle to fewer and fewer numbers, and things are starting to look worse and worse and now even worse for Andy. Tarentum is basically guaranteed safe at this point.
Tom’s forces have broken through the Papal lines and crossed into Rome, with even more reinforcements coming from the adriatic... Could this be it for the Pope?
The other Papal bastion, Mediolanum, which was once completely filled to the brim with soldiers is now in the red and devoid of any fighting force. It could very well be time for Andy to throw in the towel. Also, more Aquitaine sitting around looking pretty.
Mediolanum has flipped to Ravenna. Rome is all that remains for our humble little battlepope aside from Syracuse, which is currently being outplayed by the big brain Vandal strategy that us commoners can’t even comprehend.. Can he pull off the save?
The Celts are back with another naval invasion, and they quickly drop Rotomagus down to the red. As the part starts to wrap itself up, could the Celts snatch this one for themselves? Andecavorum has also flipped to Aquitaine, giving them a bigger link between Darioritum and their other cities. And the big event, Klo’s troops are finally, yes, finally inside Endless’ borders. Some say Endless likes things being inside him anyways, but that’s irrelevant now.
Endless is being closed off on all sides, with the Celts invading from the north, the Aquitanians from the west, and the Franks closing in from the East. Could this be the end of glorious Suparia and its godlike AI?
More Persian shenanigans. Ardistan is still comfortably in Sean’s control, however an invasion from the Persian capital into Hatta seems likely if Sean doesn’t just naval invade Susa with all those tasty tasty spearmen he’s got floating around in the sea. Although out of sight, I assume Quibis has also fallen to ER’s Persia.
Rotomagus has fallen to the Celts, giving them a nice foothold on mainland Europe so they can watch nice and closely as the Franks and Aquitanians close in on the Suparian capital from both sides, the city having already dropped down to yellow health.
Well, I guess that 10000 iq strat from the Vandals actually was a 10000 iq strat because the Papal navy is actually just gone now, the Vandal navy having replaced it. A few swordsmen could possibly make landing too.
Lutetia is stalling somehow, however the same can’t be said for Aurelianum which is soon to be flipped by Aquitaine. Even the glorious Suparian AI won’t be able to pull them back from this one if they’re cut in half.
The Ravennan armies have started slowly making their way into Rome, the final obstacle to reuniting their peninsula. With the Vandals encircling and starting to make landfall in Syracuse, and Tom starting to besiege Rome, Andy could very well be doomed.
Welp, they sure did do it. Sean has made an amphibious assault into the heart of the Persian empire, surprisingly striking Susa to theoretically pave the way to Ctesiphon, which, if captured, could decide the outcome of this civil war. That’ll just about do it for this part, and I’m somewhat disappointed (although it was probably for the best) that the stinky mudhut men weren’t covered so I could make fun of them through this. Good part.

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