Civ Hybrid Games Mk. IX - Part 4

Author: Vanadius
Published: 2018-12-02, edited: 2018-12-02

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Civ Hybrid Games Mk. IX

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Civ Hybrid Games Mk. IX - Part 3

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Wassup fellow kids, it is me. Klo and I am hear to narrate this part! So smash that like button and subscribe as we go on a magical journey!

Here we can see Eblani has gotten a second city as taqn's doom fleet:tm: goes on the seas, we can also see glorious Suparia and amazing Franks, BFF's forever or some shit like that. Also I guess there are garbage tier Anglo-Shitstains.
I hope to gosh that the Germans rekt the Swampfolk's shit, that would be top tier and amazing to see.
Visigoths are thicc goddamn, Lego should have invaded this first and not done another naval invasion :think:
Imagine having your Mauro-Roman foederati stolen from you by your own foederati! Swampfolk are real good at this game. Vandals are cool, keeping going on strong Vandals!
Vandalising the borders amirite.
Boy can Vanne take some nice screenshots goddamn, the reflection on that water is super nice.
Gepids have to fall this part, I would be genuinely surprised if they didn't, also the Ostrogoths look bigger than I remember.
What do you call a Greek Persian I wonder...fuck it, these are the Albanians now because why not.
Here we see the border between the Albanians and the Persians, I wonder what might come out of this part on this front.
Will this be the last gasp for the Ghassanids? Only time will tell.
Big boi big strats parking in your neighbourhood. Berenice is rightful Frankish territory, thanks Aksums for making it easy peasy.
Only nation more thicc than the Visigoths are the Persians and you can see it now.
We won't see this again til the end of the part, relevance is for people who do stuff.
This would have never happened if Tef was in charge, the incompetence of the new leadership shows no limits, with the Persians now taking it straight to the Albanians.
Swampfolk losing to Germans, I guess just like in real life Rome falls like a lego building dropped from a reasonable height.
Trireme spam shall gain me the lands of Britain, real talk, they waste resources on each other fucking around and then I come in and smash them like a vodka shot on Friday night.
One word: Berenice.
Where'd your triremes go taqn, so much for your bravado. I feel every time taqn is confident there is a strict relation to how badly he does, so the fuck you in the plot doc means I am guaranteed to succeed.
It seems even with more actions gone by the Albanians cannot even take a simple city back, it seems they are as week as their modern counterparts! SAD!
Nice gains from the Germans, just another sack of the Swampfolk on their road to irrelevance.
Albanians showing some spine for once, I suppose even the new leader Fenn must have at least one disc.
You know, it would be really sad for the Ostrogoths if they couldn't take the Gepids while distracted by Albania. You might even say it'd be seal sad.
The 0th Crusade is going exactly to plan so far, these Egyptians never saw it coming and now Aksums are too scared to go into our borders! Hah, so much for their invasion force.
200IQ strats from the Swampfolk, focusing on two cities at once instead of one.
The Trireme spam shall die just as it takes the last Anglo-Shitstains city, glory to the Franks as we set up to rekt cunts.
I wonder how long this'll last, I can't see the Swampfolk keeping Curla, they should get Tarsatica and keep it though which is sad.
Wow, the Albanians are pushing through the line against the Persians. Maybe the Persian army is all cardboard now.
Oh no, the Triremes are dead as they took the last city! What a shame, time to waltz in and fuck shit up I guess.
Foregone conclusion is forgone as the Gepids lose a city to the Ostrogoths, its a real shame. Also the Swampfolk do something I guess.
I'm surprised the city of the 0th Crusade has even lasted this long, how shit are the Egyptians? Only three units stand in their way.
What's this OwO, Albanians v Cardboard and living tissue seems to be winning.
25IQ strats from the Egyptians here, what is this? MK7?
Vanne, what am I looking at here? We know they already took the city back smh.
Oh wait, its the last minute intercept by the Ostrogoths as they slam dunk the ball into the hoop and score a three pointer on the goddamn Swampfolk.
Although on the flip side, it isn't that Naissus what's going on here.
Ayy bby, thanks Taqn and Lung! You guys let this happen.
I see where the Cardboard cutouts were placed now, the Emerald of their eye was to make the Ghassanids take their last gasp.
Get rekt Swampfolk tbh.
Oh wait, I just realised the Gepids haven't lost a city! Oh fuck, I guess if you say you are something long enough it just pays off.
RIP glorious 0th Crusade, you were a good lad.
Onwards the Franks march to glorious taqnese lands, I tell you what, this is some good shit.
Wait a second, did they only use the ranged cutouts, good job guys.
11 turns of Frankish Egypt, these are the moment I'll forget in a year.
Oh fuck the Albanians are somehow losing to cutouts that have to be manually moved, I guess the taking of Hira has weakened their perception skills.
They rolled a 1 on being relevant and that is why they are red.
Every part the Vandals are still at war with Rome is another part the naval invasion meme is funnier tbh.
Now this, this is how you do a real naval invasion. Lego I know you have some trouble with them but try to keep up. Next level strats are hard for beginners.
Oh look they took back their city and kept Curla! Oh you Swampfolk.
Badaboom, Badabang, Naval Invasions are simple if you know what to do! Come on down with me and it'll be as easy as 1 then 2.
So Aksum isn't taking Berenice, so this region is irrelevant for the rest of the part.
The cutouts are pushing forward now that they aren't distracted by last gaspnids.
Lego might say, "Ha Klo! You lost Londinium though!" Well I say, I have land troops that are actually taking cities on the mainland.
Meanwhile in Italy.
Now this, this is art.
If Tef was still in charge this wouldn't have even been able to close to happening in the first place.
Hot diggity damn, three cities in one part. That's what I call a successful naval invasion, I'd like to thank taqn for the trireme spam and killing Lung and for Supe being a chill dude.
I wonder how they make cutouts in ancient Persia, these are the things that keep me up at night.
Last slide everyone and I'd just like to say. Nice.

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