Civ Hybrid Games Mk. IX - Part 3

Author: Vanadius
Published: 2018-11-25, edited: 2018-11-25

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Civ Hybrid Games Mk. IX

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Game: Civilization V, Sid Meier's

Civ Hybrid Games Mk. IX - Part 2

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You know, I keep asking for this narration gig but then I also fuck around and procrastinate with it. It’s ya boy Supe, back at it again to narrate probably the most exciting part of this mk. Starting over in Western Europe, Lung has managed to invade the heavily weakened Roman Britain. I’m pretty sure she’ll actually manage to take something this time around.
Soissons has returned to rightful Gallic hands, but now the Amoricans are rising in revolt once again and will need to taste Roman justice. Poor workers.
As is tradition, barbarians abound in Germany. Tribal conflicts have engulfed Argentorate.
Soon the light of the Suebi will be snuffed out. .
Carthage has barbarians having a go at taking the city, but it seems like the riots will be suppressed.
Geneva is in Roman hands as the legions press on to invade the rest of the Burgundians.
I keep calling the Ostrogoths an irrelevant CS but they’re not actually a CS and might finally meme Lucky out of existence.
Here we see Zenoist Byzantium, wracked by plague and barbarians.
Now with plague and no barbarians. .
The battle for the middle east begins, I think the advantage here is with Basilican Byzantium, though I’m not too sure.
The east has been devastated by the plague, this isn’t good.
Oh yeah, Egypt revolted. The Aksumite missionaries are only really there for religion spam because the IGE is shit.
The Ghassanids make a strong play toward the Lakhmids. They’ll probably take the city.
Nobody cares about Persia, go away.
Aksum was completely spared from the plague for reasons I’m not going to indulge because this is dumb and we shouldn’t be supporting it. .
The Battle for Antioch has thinned out the numbers and has taken to the sea. Zenoist forces appear to be losing.
Go you missionary, spread your faith.
The Ostrogeats haven’t actually managed to take a Gepid city yet. This is quite embarrassing.
The battle for Britain rages on as Londinium looks like it’s going to fall to the Anglo-Saxons. The good news is that this isn’t the Franks.
Bye Suebi. Have fun.
Londinium and Ebrodunum fall. The Romans are making decent progress on the Burgundians. If the AI can figure out what it’s doing then the other cities will probably fall.
Really should have killed the British units before pressing on tbh.
Oh damn,Zenoist forces are making a break for Antioch. .
Stronk Egyptian navy. Also, they’ve converted to Oriental Orthodoxy, which is funny.
I can’t actually tell you who is who here, I’m not familiar with either of these two CSs.
Okay upon review, the Ghassanids have taken the city. Surprisingly, so have the Anglo-Saxons as Canterbury falls. Taqn is going to be turbo salty.
The city of Hira magically disappears as the remaining Lakhmid forces are being swept away.
The attack on Antioch has been repulsed as Basilican forces move to take Melitine.
Attacking barbarian cities doesn’t appear to be on the Roman agenda, apparently.
F for Suebi.
Well at least the Brits are trying to take their cities back.
Just fuck my roads up or some shit fam.
Wow this is actually bad. The Gepids haven’t been stomped yet.
Zenoist forces push back with patented Ballista Spam™
The Alemanni take their rebel city back.
The Ballista spam is actually super good wtf. Edessa might fall.
Oh this is what the Ostrogeats are doing. Returning to their Geatish homeland.
Very few british troops remain. .
Fighting wars is for nerds- the roman army in Burgundia.
Oh hey, here comes the Ostrogeats again.
Edessa hasn’t taken any damage yet, but it’s only a matter of time.
These fucking Amorican rebels I swear to god. First they revolt and now they have the audacity to take a GG with them. The nerve.
Lakhmids retreating.
Well apparently the ballistas died, but Edessa is falling anyway so I’m like half right.
The Zenoist forces take Edessa. The battle for Edessa is over.
Ohoho, the Romans have decided once again that attacking the cities of the states they’re at war with is the optimal strat.
Bye bye comp bows.
Some random ass city in the middle of nowhere is going to flip.
War looms on the Byzantine/Egyptian border.
Yep, that looks like civil war to me boss.
Ah, now we’re looking at the core slides. So yeah, everything from here seems pretty self explanatory and in proper Supe fashion, I’m going to leave the rest for y’all to figure out. Van pls actually include treasury slides.

Gamerunner Note: Your total gold is shown in you IGE screen at the top

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