Civ Hybrid Games Mk. IX - Part 6

Author: Vanadius
Published: 2018-12-16, edited: 2018-12-16

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Civ Hybrid Games Mk. IX

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Civ Hybrid Games Mk. IX - Part 5

Images: 80, author: Vanadius, published: 2018-12-09

Our first shot shows us Britain, with a strong Visigothic military presence near Gloucester. Supe has succeeded in flipping Bononia, but his capital is at low health and there are many Frankish troops in the area. We can note that Frodo has diverted enough attention away from whales to settle in Wales.
Closer shot of all the troops in northern Europe. This promises to be a bloody one. Say, Vanadius, why didn’t you expend these Visigothic units in the expenditures?

Gamerunner Note: because they weren't Gardingos or Composite Bowmen :GWchadMEGATHINK:
Here’s the biggest scandal of the part: The WRE invasion of Iberia. They’ve long entrusted this region to the Visigoths, but recent paranoia has sent the legions into Civil War.
The Vandal fleet continues to grow, and they’ve succeeded in constructing the Notre Dame! Hopefully this will solve the happiness issues created by Cossack’s little corner.

Italy is pictured drained of troops, due to the massive expenditures from WRE’s senseless paranoia. Meanwhile the Ostrogeats build up units around their capital.

Speaking of the O+G, they’re intent on seizing Apahida. Perhaps they didn’t get the memo that final cities can’t be flipped, but the AI seems intent on making it happen anyway. The Alans are struggling with some barbarians, although their cavalry should run them over, if at some loss of (horse) life. Apahida is sneaking away their histories via a Great Writer being escorted by a courageous Swordsman. Will they make it?
The on-going war around Ctesiphon continues. Immortals fight for their lives against the desert tribes. Ironic, isn’t it?

The Battle for Kindah will be decided on whether the Spearmen can hold the line against the Cavalry squads coming out of Jabiyah. Will these Arabic forces be successful?

The Egyptians continue to press spread their fledgling wings, with the settlement of Heliopolis at Leptis Magna’s borders. Under Tef’s careful guidance, this small nation may grow into a powerhouse to dominate the East, especially with the stalemates surrounding ERE and Persia.
The Ethiopians appear to have had enough of Zafar and Qana, declaring war on them and mustering a sizeable army in Arabia to march on the cities. The real question to be asked is whether the AI will be able to traverse the mountains or not.

The turn starts with the Visigothic troops spreading through England, no doubt to be slammed by the Frankish brutes. The Franks easily bring Bononia back under their control, but Suparia remains under Imperial control.
Toulouse, the capital of the Visiogths, hasn’t fallen yet, but with the Imperial troops all around it, and auxiliary troops pouring in from the shore, it’s virtually guaranteed to fall. The Visigothic archers seem to be holding the line at Vasconia and Caesaraugusta.

The Byzantines are swiftly thrown back from Ctesiphon! Meanwhile the troops from Hira head south to die in the desert. Farms lay pillaged all across the dry countryside.

This slide shows us the demise of our favourite little city state, as the Ostrogeats barrel into Apahida. The Great Writer sneaks toward the shoreline. Off screen, the Visigoths flip Gloucester, but it is doubtful they’ll actually hold it. The Alans struggle with the barbarians near Kvaisa.

The Romans take Toulouse, no doubt searching frantically for Beric, the one they claim was after Roman blood. There don’t seem to be many reinforcements coming, so this might be where the battle line is drawn. Visigothic units in Gaul return home to attack Lugdunum, a formere Burgundian city captured last part by the ever-expanding Romans.
As predicted, the AI can’t seem to make it’s way efficiently through the mountain passes. Yet they are pressing forward, so perhaps they’ll take Zafar by the end of the part. Meanwhile Persian triremes knock on Qana’s doors.

Kindah is taken as the cavalry charged effectively broke the Spearmen’s ranks. The battle appears to have been swift, as none of the farms were pillaged.
Bononia is firmly within Frankish hands, and it seems that Suparia won’t actually fall. Visigothic units still mill about in England, no doubt longing to be back home defending their families from rampant aggression.
Visigothic units continue to stream home through Gaul. It appears that no serious city fighting has taken place, as they withdraw from Lugdunum. Augustodunum takes some fire from the troops that had nearly reached Klo’s realms at the end of the last part. Some reinforcements from Rome are crossing over, but it’s a long journey. Smh lego, the Franks could have been toast this part if it weren’t for this senseless war.
Imperial troops from Gaul enter the straits to bring the fight back to Britain, even as Visigothic triremes and catapults batter Gloucester. The rest of England is now firmly in Frankish hands, as the last of the Visigothic men-at-arms perish without support. Bononia continue to be a dangerous place.
We see a counterattack from the Visigoths, but without serious support it’s doubtful they’ll flip their capital back. The Roman incursion into Iberia proper seems to be all but repulsed, so it’s likely the rest of the war will be fought around Toulouse. Lugdunum has nearly finished repairing the walls from the target practice the returning catapults had lobbed at it on their way home. Rumour has it the broken chunks spell, “Paranoid.”
Oh look, more stalemates between the glorious ERE and the fantabulous Persia. Smh, can’t you guys actually go anywhere?
Gloucester is flipped again, as is Bononia. The later had been captured by either the Visigoths or Supe. The poor residents must be incredibly confused. Are they Franks? Visigoths? Gauls? Who knows? One lone Visigothic Pikemen does his part to stab Augustodunum.
Here’s central Gaul. The Romans have made Ebrodunum their base of operations, but a Gardingo has spotted them from the hills. Augustoritum has a sizeable Visigothic presence. What’s with all these Augusto names, anyway?
The Franks go on the offensive yet again, taking Gloucester. Unless those triremes return, it may be for good. They also flip Bononia back from Supe, but there’s a Visigothic fleet in the straits. Are the Frankish hordes finally thinning out?

I don’t actually know what’s going on here, but it appears there are Byzantine salt mines there, and crabs down the line. The Visigothic fleet captures Bononia, although it’s doubtful how long that’ll last.

Toulouse health is nearly restored as reinforcements from Rome finally arrive. The Visigoths send freshly trained Gardingos to attack Barcino, but the Roman fleet is shredding them to pieces.
Bononia flips for the 22nd time, while Gloucester remains at half health. Both cities are long devoid of any citizens, as only a tiny fraction remain, the rest having either been killed or fled to safer lands long ago.

Gloucester falls to the red. The last of the Visigothic catapults takes refuge in Wales while the Suparian fleet moves to engage the Franks. Bononia falls, but it remains doubtful it will remain. The capital is now at full health, indicating it hasn’t come under attack in some time. Good job, Supe! That school must be paying off.
Edessa has a strong army, but the Byzantines seem reluctant to use it against Ctesiphon. Rumour has it the veterans from the last incursion are tripping the recruits up while marching so that no progress is made.
It’s been sometime since our glorious Gamerunner showed us this corner of the map. It seems that the Ethiopians never got around to attacking Zafar, and the Persian fleet has sailed home.
Taking advantage of the Byzantine apathy, the Persian strike hard against Hatta and Hira. There aren’t any land units close enough to take Hira quite yet, and there’s only 1 trireme near Hatta. The Byzantines send a Great Merchant on ships of the desert, wisely escorted by some Pikes.
1 turn later, and Hatta falls further, with 3 triremes in striking range. The lone Immortal that could take Hira is being blocked by two spearmen. A capable player might be able to take the city. An AI? [X] DOUBT
This part ends with a picture of the western reaches of the Empire. Visigothic units are entering into the Mediterranean, Roman troops pass through the Alps toward Augustonemetum. We’ll have to see how the Kings and Emperors and Generals pan this one out. This has been CC narrating, I hope you enjoyed my commentary. Take care!

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