Civ Hybrid Games Mk. IX - Part 7

Author: Vanadius
Published: 2018-12-23, edited: 2018-12-23

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Civ Hybrid Games Mk. IX

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Game: Civilization V, Sid Meier's

Civ Hybrid Games Mk. IX - Part 6

Images: 72, author: Vanadius, published: 2018-12-16

Welcome one welcome all to this weeks episode of part gibbed, this is your host Bobsss and I’ve taken a long enough break from my boats to type this up. To start us off is a screenshot of the isles, with a particular mention to poor ol Gloucester hanging in there with minimal health. Also why is there a GoT city in my historical chg REEE. Im doubting the franks will hold off these combined brits either
Moving on we have Europe complete with some neato carpeting from the barbarians lurking up there. Note some sneaky Lombards going after supes legitimately earnt clay. The Franks also seem to be having some issues with the local fauna.
More Lombards, bordering the Geats wearing the Ostrogothic cosmetic pack (filthy dlc buyers) also notice the complete lack of WRE troops in their lands, good thing they are heading elsewhere.
Ohh look, some Visigoths, complete with a capital kindly returned to them after losing it to the obviously superior Roman armies. Notably the carpet of parts past has moved northwards towards acquiring the land of Hi. Also supe has 3 scouts there for whatever reason.
This is one heck of a carpet, good thing I haven’t heard of a storm event that wrecks ships. Im also impressed that they manage to have enough food and money for all of that. Also begone Egypt photobombers.
Welcome to the classic ERE Persian deathmatch slide, complete with a notable no mans land between he respective forces. They look reasonably well matched in force strength as well, might not have much happen city wise round here.
Oh boi some irrelevant peoples. Well irrelevant people with proportionately a lot of spearmen.
Hey look its Egypt, currently sitting at about the same military capacity of a barbarian camp.
Over to Europe and the Visigoths have lynched Gloucester and the combined forces should easily be enough to keep the city. Also Supes walls seem to be working as intended and the Lombards aren’t making any progress on him.
1 turn has passed and… Gloucester and Augustobona have less health. *Slow claps*
oh hey is these bois again. Not much has changed here tbh, except some peeps dying
Oh its this part of the world again, and still the same turn as last time smh. Except the franks has got Gloucester back. Also soap actually capped Augustobona the madlad. Maybe this slide was actually worth it. The franks are also pushing the city of Angles (They better learn Pythagoras’s theorem if they want to succeed there)
As above, except supe is also moving on Darioritum and London is cleared away of non franks
Oh hey I guess they learnt it, the franks just passed junior maths and took Angles. Maybe jutes is next?
Surrounded tm
Lombards have reacquired Augustobona and Glaucester now belongs to the wannabe Irish.
Darioritum falls to Supe, Franks go after Gloucester again.
Which they promptly succeed at
And it then promptly gets taken back. I’m pre sure no one’s living there anymore by now with all this fighting. (oh look it only has 1 pop)
*Poking noises* spears are dangerous kids don’t point them at people unless you mean business
There’s a surprising lack of troops on the isles now, perhaps the lines have been drawn for the part?
Franks.exe is conflicting with Lombards.exe
Look out people, the Persian scout army has arrived to check the battlefield for stray Bunnings onions, which as all Australians know is a critical tripping hazard.
Ooh London’s getting attacked now, will Klo lose 2 cities on the isles?

*3 cities xd
Sure is looking dicey
Augustobona is very much is Supes hands now, London is still under attack and Klo has cleaned up the Jutes.
Tbh has this slide even changed from before?
Become carpet merchants and you might become relevant again there vandals with all those boats sitting there unused.
Hey look its glorious Rome and friends.
Some Ostrogoths
ERE is still ERE
Oh Egypt actually built an army. That’s a cool party trick.
Vanadis is making a screenshot, and hes taking it twice.
Some holy lands, looks like it needs a good crusade or 2
Oh look, it didn’;t change much this part,
Meanwhile in the Sassanids
That’s one heck of a scout carpet
Literally whomst
And hey we are onto stats now guys. Please kindly give all your souls to the BandyPope so we can all follow the true god. Anyways enjoy your gibbed part, fresh from Bobsss.

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