Colonizing 80% of Africa - r/Victoria2 weekly challenge 2

Author: el lyss
Published: 2016-08-04, edited: 2016-08-05
In vanilla Vic2 right at the start, Portugal can release a dominion called "Confederation of North Angola".
What's interesting about it is a fact that it has "African minor" as its primary culture. That means turning African colonies into states and even gaining some cores is relatively easy.

I decided to play as it and colonize as much Africa as I could.
Here's our starting position. 4 provinces divided between 2 regions, 142k POPs with very low literacy and no POPs to create even a single brigade.
Disclaimer: I did cheat a little bit:
I reduced cost of turning colony into a state by 50% colonial points; without it, I'd never would have done all this.
I also savescummed twice.
And this is population screen. Normally when you release this dominion its state religion is Protestant. But as you can see there's not a single protestant POP in the entire country, so I "cheated" with this as well and changed my SR to Animism.
An obvious first target - Oman. I started fabricating CB day 1, immediately mobilized my only brigade and slowly occupied their African provinces. In the meantime I built 4 transports to blockade their ports, gained military access from Portugal (to keep ships in their ports) and after nearly 3 years finally gained enough score to get those provinces.
Quick tip: if you plan to build any ships before 1840 you must manually stockpile clipper convoy day 1.
Next war: Transvaal. Getting those Omani provinces allowed me to recruit 2 regiments. That + mobilization made occupations much faster.
I reloaded the game here once, because I was caught immediately and got full 22 infamy. After reload I was caught with less than 1 infamy.
Once the truce with Oman was over I attacked again. I thought about conquering it enterily, but that would mean I'd have to occupy it entirely. Also "Omani Oman" costs too many colonial points in relation to its wealth.
Spamming prestige techs was unfortunately necessary.
Notice that I encourage bureacrats and that's because...
...when your primary culture is African Minor you turn your colonies into states really easily.
Like I mentioned before, I reduced colonial points base cost.
Mission to civilize, yay!
It still looks like shit on the map - the name isn't even displayed but I'm almost GP!
Two things to notice: both UK and France decided to conquer Tunis.
I build naval bases everywhere I can, so it means I need a lot of money (100% tariffs FTW).
Turning colonies into full states gives a lot of prestige, so eventually I became a GP.
My first new core.
After I became GP I started influencing Madagascar to remove it from France's SoI before they can annex it for free.
Commerce Raiders spam!
I was at 0 infamy for way too long, so I decided to get rid of those pesky Boers once and for all.
Ironclad spam!
In preparation for colonization I declared war on Sokoto taking their smallest region. This gave me a base to colonize rich Nigerian provinces at reduced cost.
This is the second time I savescummed - after reloading I delayed signing a peace because...
...a crisis erupted. And you won't have to join crisises while at war. Also while in a crisis/crisis war you are not allowed to colonize.
This one turned into a war that lasted for quite a long time, so it gave me huuuuge advantage in colonization.
Colonization GO!
Coloured yellow are regions I decided to colonize first.
In case you wonder why I build Ironclads only in two provinces, that's because you can build big ships only in provinces with land connection to your capital.
The best moment for every map staring expert - name of your country is finally visible on the map.
The war was unfortunately over and I quickly saw competition.
Progress in colonization.
I usually try to tie down AIs in one place, while I colonize surrounding area to cut them off from gaining potentially more land.
Spain pretty much always wants to colonize this little province. It was a matter of honour for me to gain this (it's part of North Angola region after all) and because they were heavily involved in Polynesia, I won!
Confederation of North Angola gains a "Name Placement Cassus Belli on Sokoto.
Is Suez in Africa or in Asia? I really didn't want to take any province outside the former.
TBH at this point I wanted to finish this game, but similarly to Civ, there's a "one more month" syndrome in Vic2.
Regions in plain colour are full states, striped ones are still colonies.
Cleaning up, part 1.
Cleaning up, part 2.
That was something I did not expect...
But removing kebab is always a pleasure.
Here's something interesting that doesn't happen too often: a civilized country completely annexed.
My ally NGF called me into war with France which means that due to time constrains I had to stop playing at this point.
Final screen: political.
Colonial level.
GP screen.
And population screen.

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