An outreichous tale, Chapter 6 - The Soviet front.

Author: Mattekillert
Published: 2017-02-01

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An outreichous tale

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An outreichous tale - Chapter 5, Peace in our time!

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Hello and welcome back to an outreichous tale, Chapter 6 - The Soviet front.

First off let's have a look at China. The Chinise rush into the breach. The front however looks to have stabilized
We're getting closer to Moscow!.
I send in a few divisons to try and save them from dying. However we ran out of supplies thanks to all our allies.
Anyhow onto more pockets! GO PANZER!
Not an as epic battle as the real thing but hey!
Only some Bulgarians got left behind who wanted to stay behind.
The plan to surround Moscow begins!
No clue how this happend but uhm. Good job Japan!
Hey the borders are pretty nice.
The Irish help out with occupation duties in France. With men from Divisons like the 2nd 'Spearhead' Divison putting down the resistance.
Wait.. Sweden? REALLY? Hey buddy!
Oh yeah!
A very large pocket at Moscow has formed. Sadly due to how supply works they will never run out of supply which is a problem.
The allies are confused and running around all crazy. So nothing out of the ordinary.
The smaller northern front where only a few divisons are fighting.
An overview of the front.
Japan continues on.
HPP (tm)
Now this is a problem! The insane pocket that formed is so large I cannot contain it!
Where did my IC go?
Okay we have finally split the pocket in two although the pocket is still very large.
Thank god.
So many Russians!
It's happening!
Nearly a hundred thousand Russians surrender in Moscow. For every red army soldier that died fighting another 25 surrenderd.
We are getting closer!
We also stole rares from the Russians capitals thankfully.
Oh yeah.
The southern front has stabilized with our allies being a bit more spread out after I put out a line of allied objectives.
The front continues.
The north (bonus Swedes)
The very north.
Japan joins our war after I call them in. They should be able to do it now that China is down.
I have a lot of allies.
The Russians are recruting and putting out a ton of Milita on the front to fill in the losses from Moscow.
The Irish peacekeeping brigade!
Poor Soviets don't even stand a chance.
The fall of Stalingrad.
Aw man.
Come on Japan get your shit together!
An outreichous Reich.
This screen is pretty bad for HOI3 but damn I think it gets the message across.
Thank you for reading an outreichous tale, Chapter 6 - The Soviet front. Come with suggestions where the Reich should head next in the comment section!

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