An outreichous tale - Chapter 5, Peace in our time!

Author: Mattekillert
Published: 2017-02-01

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An outreichous tale

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An outreichous tale, Chapter 4 The end of an Empire.

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We're back with the continuation of An outreichous tale - Chapter 5 Peace in our time

We start of the chapter with the removal of the allies, huzzah this along with the first peace in europe for a few years makes for great times in Germany!
Godammit America.
More HPP stuff. I split Britan in half with Wales and England in one and Scotland in another.
More HPP stuff. This gives Ireland the northern half and they join us.
Looks good doesn't it?
Yeah yeah America.
Pact spam here we go!
Anti comitern pact best pact.
Took you long enough. Also death to the Czechs, who are being awfully rebellious.
They move their fort line even closer to us.
Bulgaria seems to have colonial intentions...
Yadda Yadda.
Yes of course!
We intervene in our puppet Greece again.
I wasn't fooling anyone with the Peace in our time huh?
Gogo blitz!
Woah Italy no pockets bud, we need the Romanians!
Thankfully the Italians just stopped after nearly forming the pocket.
Nice Romania falls in a month.
Using the Allied Objectives to tell the AI to go for the south.
Yeah ok Romania. Also some troubles in our Brittish puppet. A German infantry divison quickly teaches them otherwise though.
Oh screw that.
Yeah Greece I have had enough of your bs.
This Awfully reminds me of real life. With the Germans being forced to salvage Greece since Italy is mentally handicapped.
There we go!
Now for the real challange! 1.1 million Germans stand ready to embark upon a crusade. To kill more slav!
More allied objectives.
Stage 1 of Operation Barbarossa. With the hope that our Panzer divisons will pocket the slight bulge the borders have created.
So many Russians!
A huge chunk of the Red army is gone within 10 days of the invasion.
Now for something crazy. We will attempt to make a huge pocket. Our Panzer divisons are however all gatherd in the south. Meaning the northern spearhead is all infantry.
Not a single man stands between the Panzer and their objective and so they fly forward. Also thanks Australia.
Oh my oh my that was a Lucky battle! Not a single man died!
Well that's worrying. The infantry were unable to breach the Red Army in the north.
The Soviet Union however realises how screwed they are if they stay and run away.
I gotta say I love the texts like this.
Our allied armies rush forward into the Ukraine.
Japan what are you doing. Japan stahp!
CHOO CHOO all aboard the allied army train!
Hi Finland!
That's one empty border.
The Soviet Union is in complete panic shifting all their industry to Siberia.
More pockets!
We move our Panzer divisons north to deal with Leningrad and help the Finns.
Onwards to Stalingrad! Choo Choo!
Go Finland!
HPP (tm)
Our Panzer divisons rush forward to Leningrad. As unlike a certain moron I don't like to tell my Panzer divisons to stop when nothing stands before them.
GOOO Finland!
Hey stop that!
After a few months Leningrad has fallen and in the south a mostly green train flies forth towards Stalingrad. In the center however the advance is stalling out. With some slow gains being made towards Moscow.

As always thank you for reading An outreichous tale and i apologize for the long hiatus.

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