CHG Mark Eleven: Big Asian Map Boogaloo

Author: MrKlonam
Published: 2019-09-22, edited: 2019-09-23
CivHybridGames Mark 11: Southeast Asia

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CHG Mark Eleven

Hello nerds, and welcome to CHG Mk11. We start our tour of Southeast Asia with a look at two capitals forward settling each other. This is bound to be fun.
Next we have the Queen of Cities, Constantinople, and its prophetically-named neighbour, RIP Reformer.
Here's Aime's and Tom's homelands.
Here's CB's homeland, and a bunch of city-states for him to form SEACSL 2.0 with.
Tom sux lmao gottem, also Sulu has the best capital placement
We already saw Cardboardland smh Klo
The great canal city of Panama, capital of the best State of the Pan-American Union
100 Gold to the first person to rename Tef sux
Here's the Yuropoors, ready to colonize the East Indies
What is this even supposed to be a screenshot of smh

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