CBR Mk 2.1 Part 84: Sticking the Landing (3/3)

Author: Coiot
Published: 2017-09-20, edited: 1970-01-01

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CBR Mk 2.1 8

Southeast Asia, now the least visited of regions. The Indonesian homeland now so carefully taken care of by its Kimberley stewards attempts to also be as least noticed as possible. From this observer’s point of view, the contrast in colors here is just lovely. Take a moment to see.
Inuit forces seem to have botched this invasion. Tokyo and Wakayama stand there as vulnerable as ever, but now the Ice fleet and Yokohama are equally as unsafe. Australia remains ever lucky to not be losing more cities.
Spoke too soon. Here is the first successful Inuit capture. With Hilo secure the troops move to Kahului. You know Crowfoot, it’s still not too late. Take it from a pirate: X marks the spot, and you’re sitting right on it.
Judging by the retreating Australian expeditionary force, it would appear they have finally decided that the Sunshine Coast is indeed more lovely than this nuclear ravaged one. Inuit XCOMs remove the opposition, it is now time to claim some clay.
Brazil corrects the mistake at Corihuayrachina, but what remains is maybe even more embarrassing. Huamanga has had a paratrooper and an XCOM hugging it before, and neither have taken the zero HP city; a rail gun also still blocks the path into Vilcas. Worst case scenario is for them to peace out on this note, and leave the resurgent Buccs their hard earned prizes.
Australia may have no more chances at claiming Patagonia, but it still send forth missiles to lay its cities to rubble. What a waste. Of energy and civilians.
Ah, we were beginning to worry there. Our faith modifications just needed a little bit more of a boost. Tibet shoves out its Great Prophet, and it is none other than L. Ron Hubbard. Living in such frivolous freedom, the Tibetans really do not shy away from controversy. We await the next turn for their choice of religion. Hopefully something more welcoming.
Martin Luther, in this most commemorative 500th anniversary of his reformation, joins us in Rangoon. The Trung sisters await to listen to what he has to say.
The Blackfoot welcome the ascetic preacher Arius to their side. Not a well known figure, but he had much influence in early Christian theological philosophy. Will he here too forgo the risen son (Sitting Bull) in place of the father (papa Jumping Bull)?
The Spartans just got more busy. The Boers are moving in, and they not keen in coordinating with Dvin on anything. They brush aside what remained of Finland’s ground defenses, and move on through.
In Addis Ababa, the great orisha Orunmila comes forth. While of Western Africa descent, rather than East Africa here, Orunmila is not so far from home. Lets see what wisdom he can in part to the cyborgs. Maybe it will become a ghost in their shells.
Welp. Turn 6 now and it seems Orunmila spirited himself away and had Martin Luther in Rangoon take his place. Lutheranism is founded, and quite fitting, for a more deterministic spirituality to take root here. Before we leave this screenshot, take a look at the worker army transforming the Sahara.
A familiar sight here as Theravada is founded in Rangoon. Theravada is a sect within Buddhism, and is the oldest still continuous lineage of Buddhism to continue to this day. Citizens of the Vietnamese empire can look forward in continuing the teachings of their forefathers.
I can hardly believe what is shown here. Has there ever been in an instance, especially with the mods adding that much more religions and prophets, of the Great Prophet founding their appropriate religious faction? Worst of all, this may just be the Akkat-U of this version, as the Blackfoot have foregone their secondary choice of Wakan Tanka to pick a totally random faith. I am truly dismayed! It seems the Blackfoot don’t value Sitting Bull so much anymore after letting him down (quite literally) two more times.

Regardless of my disappointment, this new religion will come as a big boon for the Blackfoot. As the only religion in the Americas, they have much to gain. Perhaps this is just what they need to eventually come out on top.
Sparta founds Dodekatheism in Jerusalem. At least someone is staying true to form. For those not in the know, the translation is of the Hellenic faith for the 12 Pantheon of (Greek) Gods. Now whether the denizens of Dvin are now worshipping horny Zeus and his demented children, or perhaps the Party Pope, god of the dead and entertainment, and his festive mates is yet to be seen. Dionysus in particular seems to be present no matter what the sub thinks. It remains to be seen if this religion will be as widely successful as the one it replaces, since Armenia up north will be spreading Catholicism. Also of note in this screenshot, Sparta has built no new military units. They won’t be capturing anything if this keeps up. Some people just can’t catch a break always sandwiched between things. Mallock curses his Ayyubid blood and fortune.
Oh no, what has happened here. Songtsen Gampo has chosen not to use his prophet. Ron Hubbard shuns the Tibetans! Or maybe, just maybe *tin foil hat* Songtsen Gampo is smarter than us all. You can’t lose favor with the competing Vietnamese religion if you don’t have one yourself (insert meme here).
In our tests this had never happened though. When it counts they seem to have faltered. Tibet chose Vajrayana each time. Seems they are keeping true to their philosophy, and keeping the esoteric tantric teachings hidden from public sight.

Reon points our the first World Congress proposals. Rather tame ones, but should find favor with the leaders.
An even better view of the reversal of desertification by the Boers. Hydroponic Domes and Industrial Complexes will now consume the landscape. Imagine what it would be with overlapping Mutacologies instead, x.x

Outside Gades, there is a strike force waiting embarkment. Finland best be worried.
Finland definitely needs to be worried. Exhausted, attrition has done its work. Constantinople stands on the verge of flipping to Iceland. Will we see the first double digit capital holder next turn? Armenia also is nearby waiting. They can either go for the snipe of the main prize or take Varna easily themselves.
If Finland is at the cusp, then Armenia faces the precipice. All their cities are one punch away from disaster. Only Finland’s strain on available resources and battle strength is saving them.
Sibir continues their push into Vietnam. Ghanzi now stands in the path of occupation. Seldom a response here by Vietnam.
Further up the mountain range, Bamda lies vulnerable again. Vietnam just needs to locate a melee troop to undue the damage to their border. Also of note here, Tyumen has all but been abandoned by Finland.
Mongolia is the new champion for everyone who despises bordergore. Such a lovely clean look!
We return to Beryozovo, where the threat has fully subsided. Life will begin to settle down. Or you know, stay frozen here. At the very least Tygyn Darkhan has one Communications Array to drop his hot new single to keep his citizens warm with booty shakin rhythm.

Oh, don’t forget to notice a Finland attempt at Tomtor, too.
Turfan is surrounded on three sides. The Mongolian horde is crashing at its gates. Genghis Khan should look forward in quickly adding this city to his collection before turning westward to Tyumen.
Australian relief units pour in from Southeast Asia. The time for the Inuit has run out here. Yokohama also now stands undefended and vulnerable if attention is not taken away from Tokyo.
As clever readers looking at the mini-map will have already noticed, Guadalajara is indeed now in Inuit control. With their Asian campaign has collapsed, here in Meso America their chances are looking much better. Australia can still mount a comeback, but Inuit forces will be of noticeable better quality, and quantity, from here on out in this front.
The Buccs continue to smell blood, and like sharks get closer to reclaiming their lost territory. By the time of this album’s release it will be the 19th in many parts, so go ahead, talk like a pirate on this most glorious occasion!
Brazil continues to be outsmarted by the Australians. But brain can only withstand so much brawn, and indeed the Brazilians still have an overwhelming number of units compared to the defenders. Next turn should do it, hopefully, fingers crossed.
With that folks the time has come for the InfoAddict screens. Now don’t be bummed, this is an important part of the program as well so don’t leave your seat.

The Boers lead in population looks to be as insurmountable as ever, with them having quite an advantage over even the second place Australians. Iceland has jumped up quite a bit, with them having more than even spread out Vietnam. With Finland losing out on some cities, the Blackfoot enter the top 10.
On the low end, you have all the rumps content with their tiny holdings. Expect of course Hawaii, which has in its sole one tile island city more than the bottom five combined, and even decently sized Mongolia (lolwut). I want me some of that!
Land area, as always, is a bit tricky since it also counts ocean tiles. Australia still leads this by a healthy margin, but it is quite deceptive of their true power. Here again we find the Blackfoot enter the top 10 in place of Finland. Their star is truly on the ascent.
Nearly the same outlook for the bottom half of the list for land area. I hope the Buccs can leave this place again someday (not not because they are eliminated!)
One would be surprised judging by this album’s performance, but Australia remains the top dog in terms of weaponry. The Inuit and Vietnam also tower above the depleted Boers. Brazil comes at fifth place and should really be extending this number soon.
Even with 6 brand new Foreign Legions, Tibet is still somehow behind Sparta. But only just. The Spartans don’t want to be associated with such pacifists. Here in the bottom half is also the Buccs which keep on swinging and fighting well, and of course Armenia, which keeps firing in every direction.
Something is odd here in the techs, but Lime told me not too think too much. Very well then! The top four have now researched all there is in the game, and should not be focusing elsewhere. Coming up behind them is Sibir and Iceland, which should not take too long to reach the finish line as well. Many might find it just a little bit funny to see Yakutia in the top half.
Look at us Babylonians! Smarter than 9 other civilizations. Testament to all the studying we’ve done in the hiatus. We are truly better people having lived through it. Looking at this screen though you could hardly believe Mongolia and the Blackfoot are so far behind given their current position and unit compositions.
Our first complete Religion Overview. These are you five new religions (if you don’t count Catholicism making a return). Vajrayana should join them shortly, hopefully.

The spread right now is still only in the first original cities, plus Yerevan thanks to Armenia’s UA.
What everyone is truly interested in seeing, the religion bonuses. Catholicism has double downed on production, Lutheranism picks faith for their nearby desert and the Boers nation state bias seems to be showing. Theravada gets what I consider to be a big bonus in providing cities with additional damage output, this should make Vietnamese cities tough to capture if spread well. Dodekatheism seems to have gotten the short end of things, with only Reformation probably providing a way for Sparta to catch up in tech.
Arianism with absolutely well balanced picks for the Blackfoot to gain on multiple factors. Will this be the difference that colors North America a different shade of blue?
The religion map. Usually a slide we look to in order to spot new cities, but it once again becomes a good source for us to gauge the spread of the religions. Mostly business as usual, but Tibet’s lack of religion, and Armenia’s UA, are sure to mix things up considerably. Sparta’s religion may have not had another faith to compete with in Cairo, but it has Catholicism right next door. Poor Ayyubid descendants, how history repeats for you.

So ends the first album on the return from hiatus and the first running Mk 2.1. I’m glad for all those that join us once more, and for those visiting for the first time. If you thought this was a great part, you are not prepared for the next. Come back next week, and every week after that, for more!

– Coiot

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