CBR Mk 2.1 Part 85: From Ashes to Embers (1/2)

Author: Coiot
Published: 2017-09-26, edited: 2017-09-27

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CBR Mk 2.1 Part 84: Sticking the Landing (3/3)

Images: 41, author: Coiot, published: 2017-09-20

Oh boy, welcome back to the /r/civ Civilization Battle Royale (roll the R for added effect)! As you all should know, Burgerkrieg has taken a step away from the project. There's tons of information in his latest video for those who want to keep up to date. Pictured below is a bit of 'shitpost' that was made right before release that we found apt for the people who have been sticking around. And don't worry, we've provided a hell of a drug. By mixing together three parts into two, we made this part extra thick for a special reason I won't disclose here. But alas, that reason will be revealed in due time. A good movie needs to build up to the climactic ending right?

(Coiot's Note: We wanted to place here a certain picture of Finland posted on the sub, but then what would our grandmas think?)
There's so much to say about this image, but I'll opt to point out what's changed. In North America, the Blackfoot capital of Siksikawa gained a few more tiles, Inuit captured the former city of Guadalajara from the Aussie thunder from down under and Nassau canal city was captured by Buccaneer in a surprising come back. South America witnesses the lost of Australian city of Concepction and a few tiles exchanging hands by citadels. Elsewhere the Finnish lost the city of Nicomedia, Sweden citadelled the former German core and the Finnish exclave of Khoro was swallowed by Mongolia. Aussie also lost their former Japanese island city of Yokohama and the former Hawaiin city of Mililani. But enough of the past, onwards!
Once more Boer is on the top and for pretty obvious reasons, I don't think we'll be seeing them drop anytime soon. With a few weak neighbors in Europe and empty lands suitable for re-population of robotic units, we could be seeing Boer stomp-fest. Or we could be seeing more hovertanks. That also works...
The Kimberly Artillery settle in the lake of it old home that seems less carpeted than usual. It seems the Australian's have made the correct assumption that any enemies will be coming from across the sea. In the notification window, there's some amusing peace declarations between Kimberly and Finland as well as Sparta and Australia, but the biggest peace declarations is Boers with Finland as well as Iceland with Finland which provided there not being a yellow nation between them could have resulted in the true unification of Europe. Later Europe, later.
The once Byzantine capital swaps hands in the aforementioned peace deal, going the way of Iceland in the peace deal. One must wonder what Finland believes if he's willing to hand over the Byzantine capital so easily to an enemy who borders almost no tiles. Maybe Kekkonen desires cities in far off continents? Shall we see another Finnish cities halt the Vietnam/Sibir bloodbath? We in the sub surely hope.
Congratulations Houston! You now have the ability to build nukes potentially, shame you have no tiles that aren't occupied by Hawaiian peacekeeper army. Maybe you can move your nukes to your few carriers. I myself would love Texas to nuke and capture their former capital in a Maori-esque blitz of glory. In other news, it seems like Inuit and Blackfoot are friends, as Inuit units march towards newly acquired soil. You should count your graces Crowfoot.
Sibir is looking might sparce, but it seems like Vietnam has as well. The Vietnamese meat grinder has taken a toll out of both of them. I know, for the sake of the game's longevity, that a peace declaration now would be well. But, look on the bright side, the Ashanti pike-man now has places to roam. Now just don't get too close to Tobolsk, else ye' will meet the end like the Roman Legion.
Well, I might've been wrong in assuming back in the day that they'll be pumping out more Giant Death Robot's. It seems like the front-line units are consisting of anti-air guns exclusively and a few robotic Future World units. As a fighting force, I'm think that Sibir can keep and hold Bambda, but it'll be a lot of flipping and a burnt away units that neither side has plenty of.
Not having many units seems to be truthful about all nations as now since Khoro is in Mongolian control, there seems to be a lot more space to expand. Get units and get them now Mongolia, or you'll massive regret it should Korea get their act together.
Although they might be on vacation in Korea lands. This actually proves that. This means good for Mongolia. They have eliminated their only real threat and Sibir is getting weaker by the moment. Act suddenly, and they might be able to capture some northern cities. This could be the only environment where Mongolia becomes somewhat of a superpower, and it comes from the relative lackadaisical attitude of Korea to their East. Maybe Yakutia has drugged their soil with apathy dust causing Korea to lul into a nice sleep. Hmmm...
In other news, Mongolia seems to be wanting to pick on Finland, as has been the tradition with exclaves lately. With only four exclaves remaining, Kekkonen's strategy of tossing units at the weak ones might've been the straw that broke the camel's back.
Oh Japan, will you ever get a break? After a swift recapture of Yokohama by Australia, it seems like the front has shifted to Wakama, but without any ranged units it's a fruitless effort. Oh, there's some stray Kimberly units reminiscing over the anime that could've.
It's amazing if you think about this, but Korea doesn't have a single naval melee. Theoretically if someone attacked Osaka right now, they wouldn't have much to defend other than a random melee unit, but eh, they've done more extreme in the past. I wonder where those units are going? If we're judging this part, then perhaps towards Finland as it's all the rage to pick on them.
Interesting fact, you can see here how odd the cities have generated borders. In testing, we found that the game wasn't capable of assigning tiles to each city so we had to manually expand borders city by city with the In-Game Editor. This resulting in some odd looking formation within ocean tiles, thus this funny image. Another interesting fact, Kahuli is completely blockaded as a result of the capture, quite a silly outcome, but as flips and city holdings go on these should get less extreme. Oh well, it looks funny regardless.
Oh wait, there's some stuff here, but nothing major. I expect Australia to reclaim Hilo within the turn as Australia has enough melee units to deal with any invasion. Still, doesn't make the move of Inuit any less annoying.
Oh damn, in a surprising show of competence, Buccaneers actually forced their way back onto the continent with a recapture of Huamanga. While it might not be much, the fact that Buccaneers so shortly after near death can capture beyond the canal is a Huamanga-ous sign of life from the once written off naval nation.
Huh. Interesting war declarations all abound. Many people hate Tibet, but unless they land in Vietnam territory and fight through the Canyons Of FreedomTM, it's unlikely they'll make any impact. If Finland had their XCOM army up, they would definitely make a huge dent though with Kekkonen's superior unit positioning tactics. Alas, another time...
Many small things to note here: Persian Privateer actually making it here meaning it had to go around Africa to do so. Good job Persia in doing so, your parents must be so proud. Speaking of proud, as a Proud Canadian, I love seeing my Maple Syrup Cannons to the north of Portabello. If only there was damage on these cities, we could be seeing the potential revival of Canada, which would be hype. Again, another time, another place.
All the Armenian supporter wipes his brow nervously looking at this slide. Seeing Yerevan, Bukhara and Gaza all in red must mean danger for Armenia. We could be seeing some sweet Finnish gains here if Finland can perform a miracle. Fingers crossed for some gains Kekkonen.
Now in a world without gains, the war grinds on. I honestly had to check that this wasn't the last turn. It seems like Sibir is willing to commit on this front, which if successful could weaken Vietnam. If unsuccessful could mean losses on all other fronts. This fight is actually quite important for the war effort. I for one hope there's little casualties as these nations both need to bulk up before their more plump neighbors strike where it's weak.
Honestly, no. I affirm what I said. Mongolia could actually make gains against either Sibir or Korea. There's no units or even airforce nearby and tons of workers in both. These armies are almost all capable of fighting and there's less helicopters than ever. Could Mongolia become a superpower?
Vietnam looks pretty mighty here, and with seemingly random chosen puppeted cities. I think Trung Sisters puppet the cities by chance. Perhaps they're chosing what cities to puppet from a reverse CBR in their world, in which cities which are defeated get puppeted. Explains why Bago at 21 pop is puppeted while Phu Xuan He at 11 pop isn't.
Ah, the Vietnamese competitors navy is quite fearsome. We hope the changes to Carrier bias will help strengthen the navy soon. Also, look at how much city defence Kapiti has? Holy Sioux, that's a lot!
Australia's less than defended side. If it wasn't for Blackfoot existing in the middle, these cities would be toast, but for now they'll remain blockaded, alone and scared. Australia has no good options to attack now, and they need to act soon else their colonies in the Asian and American theater will be under attack. Parkes, you're on limited time.
Port-Au-Prince welcomes it's makers once more in open arms as it seems like Australia makes their peace with being off this continent. This continental battle has whittled down the Great Pacific Garbage Patch into a mildly formidable navy and diggers. It seems that while there's being sick gains on the Mexican coast, the Buccaneer coast is beyond lacking. The cities also look much less full of population than I remember. The mass famine must be finally making stateside.
Rio De Janeiro in the meantime seems to be thriving with an actual land army and a wall of useless carriers sprinkled about. They can easily carpet and move their armies about and yet easily defend against any foe. But they shouldn't get too confidant. It seems like Brazil might take awhile to find their footing as a superpower with no one but the Buccs to their north.
The aforementioned Great Famine is impacting all former metropolis's who refuse to adopt the tiles of their neighbours will suffer intense starvation. While it might not be awhile until Sydney reaches a lower population, the lack of tiles also harms their production as well. We hope nearby cities will make up for Sydney's production weakness. Also their making a national college in their capital, a smart investment considering every city in Mk2.1 starts with a Library, Barracks and most National Wonder building requirements.
Oh dear, Pretoria please. Having opted to sacrifice population in the wave of automation within the Boer capital. Still, despite that, they have a small production bonus. Burning away their unemployed citizens might be the best, but I think unemployed problem should be counteracted with more and more tiles nearby. Alas, the problem for intensely packed cities. They are making VR training centers, so that might be problematic if it shows their militaristic hand. Probably just turtling like usual, right?
Ivvavik, the Inuit capital, looks amazing architecturally but also suffers from the Great Famine. Cargo ships abound to keep afloat. Just how bad is this famine? Very bad, in fact it might be the worst case of starvation ever. We're seeing population numbers fall around the board. 840 million citizens in the Boer empire dropped to 579 million in only 6 turns. Inuit saw 511 million people drop to 342 million in the same timespan. Even Finland dropped from 68 million to 44 million. As the Ai's relearn how to move tiles abound, this might be mitigated. Production was barely effected though, 7830 to 7754 for Boer, 6550 to 7078 for Inuit and 1286 to 1438 for Finland, so there will be just as much units as ever, just much less people to fill their ranks.
Vietnam don't care. Their leader is quite knowledgeable about city expansion and has chosen the select tiles wisely to match the population, although it only slowed the death of their people as from turn 1 to turn 6, Vietnam lost 33 million of it's 180 million people, a far cry from the over 200 million lost on the Boer side. We hope Hanoi's success continues the Vietnam successes as they fight the neverending war with Sibir.
Sibir continues the slow ascent to greatness, although with low amount of food tiles, it seems that there might be less and less population growth with each coming turn.
Oh no! Rim-Sin II has uncovered potentially dastardly deeds, which considering how early the game is since the restarts holds more water than it did in the original inception. Blackfoot supporters should hold their chair and brace should Inuit use it's new military wisely.
Definitely not as important, but Olongapo has no doubt aided in the success of Blackfoot by providing science to the empire. We only hope this notification means little for the small island city.
Oh, oh...? That's actually quite upsetting. Making sneak strikes as Boer is unlikely, it seems like the only nation that they could surprise would be a naval empire like Sri Lanka, Vietnam or Sparta. These warning generally mean little, but considering the turn it might hold fruit. For those wanting a long game, hope against it. But for those wanting blood, cheer and chant! Pick your side.
The Boer empire is actually quite sparce. If they want to attack, they'll need units. Unless their special worker has combat strength, it seems they'll need to summon more units than ever to maintain the front.
Who would've guessed that Iceland would be able to actually own Constantinople. Finland must be quite scared considering the army stationed around Tigranocetra. Unless Vietnam is commencing the attack on the former Byzantine capital, and judging from the movement they seems fairly likely. Who knows with Civ AI, who knows.
The war on Bamda seems to going the way of Vietnam, as Sibir's defense on Bamda evaporates as Vietnam approaches. It might be time to get worried Sibir fans. There ARE Sibir fans, right?
Mongolia, you amazing man you. You've managed to somehow turn into a mild superpower. Not only have they purged some exclaves from Finland, they now have military advantage in sheer unit count over Korea. You might think that's not correct from the total military strength, but Korea's strength is entirely in the ocean. They can easily pluck Tiflis some border cities and hold them with the impressive amount of cavalry units. Come on, we want blood!
Frustrating literally everyone, Brazil's force just disappeared. Maybe they don't want to hold a city in the middle of the arctic with no value, or maybe they don't value the honor of finishing off a Civ. You know Sibir, just one melee unit is all it'll need.
Australian cities view the vintage wooden boats floating near them. They know they're in no threat of being taken, so they merely lounge back and relax in the beautiful below freezing weather. Perfect time of year! It'd be even better with some Future World improvements here. Look at Iceland, maybe they'll give 'ya some tips.
Alas, Brazil has one thing to enjoy, and that is a Aussie free continent. Honestly, Australia was glad to get what they got, but their Green interupted with the Brazillian's superior green shading. Maybe in the future a war will change the tide of the world, but considering both has depleted military consisting mostly of carriers, expect that not to change soon.
Removing Buccaneers is once more annoying considering the Huamanga-ous (hate me yet) cities by the never defeated Buccaneers. Could they reclaim Tulum once more from Aussie's? It's anyone's game honestly, but I expect no one to take it with their available units. Produce naval melee units folks, simple stuff!
While Uxmae remains in easy capturing range from Aussie, it seems like Inuit force might make the central American core a violent one indeed. Port Au Prince and most Buccaneer cities seem fine. Wait? Is that a newly produced Battleship? Have the bias patch finally helped naval nations? We'll keep look for stationed melee naval units in the future.
It seems like that all they actually care about, as there's no units of Aussie in sight. We might be seeing Torreon flip to Inuit should this continue. Come on Blackfoot. Now's the time!
Oh Ekeuhnick! Always picking on empires smaller than you. However, with a light hover, we can actually see how beautiful this nation is to live in. Honestly, I've been personally wanting to vacation Sweden/Finland for a long time and if they remain as beautiful as this I know I'll enjoy myself. Keep on keeping on. Just hope Inuit doesn't unlodge the pain train of naval units from the Canadian north and sends it your way.
The Ashanti Pikeman views the military exercise in the once Polish home of Warsaw. It seems like they're pointing their guns directly at Finland, but that's pretty unlikely considering the symbol of peace everywhere the Ashanti Pikeman is within it. Maybe they're waiting for him to embark once more in his epic quest.
It seems just as empty here, but I have to once more appreciate the beauty of the texture pack. The added colors really help, although some may not like it. Pretty sparce. It seems like they're moving a small amount of carriers here, but I doubt we'll see bloodshed here any day soon.
While it seems like Vietnam is pretty occupied, the amount of units that has perished in these parts from the failed siege on Yervantashat no doubt hurt the military they posses. Indeed, they could easily be on deaths row. I wouldn't say to prepare your F, but give it a good long look and see if pressing it will be in the future.
Huh? It seems that units have come in to defend Bamda and has crushed the Vietnamese offense. Bamda has lost some health, but considering the nearby plane most likely bearing down on, it seems that none of that was induced by any units. Should the AI take advantage of the nearby mountain, it can potentially completely siege Bamda and take it for themselves. Honestly, I wouldn't count it out ever, as AI does mysterious things.

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Game: Civilization V, Sid Meier's

CBR Mk 2.1 Part 85: From Ashes to Embers (2/2)

Images: 43, author: Coiot, published: 2017-09-26, edited: 2017-09-27

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