The Fleeing Phoenix! Part 10, The Finale.

Author: Mattekillert
Published: 2017-02-01

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The Fleeing Phoenix

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Game: Europa Universalis IV

The Fleeing Phoenix! Part 9, Romans super omnia

Images: 36, author: Mattekillert, published: 2017-02-01

Hello and welcome to the final part of The Fleeing Phoenix, part 10 The Finale.

We start of the final chapter with more war against the people we released from The HRE.
We have turned The Mamluks into a mere shadow of it's former self, with Mali taking warlead.
True faith!
We split up Mantua for easier vassilization.
Smaller and smaller.
Go away Mali!
Since trade gives us much more than tax currently it's only logical to pass this act.

Oh my Colombia and Riga! How will we ever stand a chance!
Alliance chains man here we go!
More funny 1.2 battles!
So closeeee
Go away!
Damn you frog! Do you not see our common foe?
Commonwealth comes to help them out.
By crushing small siege stacks we get huge amounts of warscore!
More holy wars.
Oh hey back are you now Muscovy? Prick.
We accept again. HRE is scary though, like really really scary.
Oh jesus!
Oh, okay.
We are not very creative with names are we now?
Here we go again!
The german hordes descend into Italy once more. They shall not reach Rome!
Death to the Germans!
Heh, Rev Frog.
The Russian onslaught.
You cannot beat us anymore! We are the true Romans. We are Holy, we are Roman and we are a EMPIRE.
Here are ending overviews of maps and sorts.
Ooo Canada!
Mongol Khanate and a lack of Japan!
Such a damn mess! What is this oh god why! Atleast Orthodoxy stands strong.
More religion
Diplomatic view, Vassals in Mantua and Austria. Allies with Switzerland and Muscovy.
Ending Tech.
and so it ends. From a rump state living on the whim of The Turks to beating the biggest guy on the block. We fled but we came back, Stronger. We beat all who stood against us. The Turks, Spain and the "HRE". We are Roman.

Thank you for following The Fleeing Phoenix. I excuse the lack of Ironman in this game as Ironman simply does not agree with my computer. Anyhow, I wish to make this up to you readers. Therefore whatever nation gets the most upvotes in the comments will be chosen. As always thank you and I will see you in the comments!

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