The Fleeing Phoenix! Part 9, Romans super omnia

Author: Mattekillert
Published: 2017-02-01

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The Fleeing Phoenix

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Game: Europa Universalis IV

The Fleeing Phoenix, Part 8 The Last Days of The Turks

Images: 53, author: Mattekillert, published: 2017-02-01

Hello and welcome back to The Fleeing Phoenix part 9, Romans super omnia.
About time, I do feel you should get something more for it though, like a bonus to orthodoxy.
Time to eat up the people we had to release!
Heh... Riiiiiiight!
In an attempt to keep him away from our borders while we handle The HRE.
More new units.
I forgot to rebuild my navy a long time ago so time to get tradeships!
We ally with England again even though they're useless.
Finally have a navy again!
Let us be friends Aragon!
The HRE is back to bullying France again... France will never learn.
Battle sizes man..
Still going at it!

The peace treaty just ran out!
Oh god alliance chain!
This is still on 1.2 so battles last ages!
Just look at this, downright silly.
By throwing in constant amounts of our army and a ton of mercs!
Yikes, quite the battles we have!
By getting bad roles we start getting crushed in a battle and such we try to peace out early although they refuse.
Well bye bye England!
All attempts to save the battle results failed and we are forced to retreat.
Just go away Mamluks!
In the end the war against the HRE turns out fine after we clear up a ton of stacks that tried to siege our border provinces.
Suits you right for refusing you prick.
Oh hey good for you Muscovy!
Wait what? That's the best the Catholic faith has to offer?

Time to build expensive buildings!

So far ahead in diplo tech we can't even rank up anymore... Therefore we start culture flipping things.
This time we end on a good note! With the rare sighting of a plus stab event!

As always thank you for reading The Fleeing Phoenix Part 9, Romans super omnia and I will see you in the comments!

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Game: Europa Universalis IV

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