Odd Canals Chapter 3: Revenge of the Inconsistent Release Cycle

Published: 2020-01-23, edited: 2020-02-11

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Odd Canals

Welcome to odd canals, I guess.

We begin with Kilwa holding onto Mombasa for dear life, while Rhodesia grabs a mountain wonder.
A shot of Oman reveals they've built a religious wonder. Truly interesting.
Mombasa falls once again to the Great Compromiser.
A shot of Greece reveals their new core and that their UA has caused marble to spawn on an unworkable mountain.
Ooh, more religious wonders to distract from the fact that only one relevant war is happening.
Indira citadels Connecticut, and could potentially go for another. These civs are still at war.
Corsica has decided its time for round two.
The ottomans can't cross ocean and are thus unable to actually contribute much at all.
The war immediately backfires on Corsica.
Tahitian settler teleports, part 1 of many. Will it go anywhere? Maybe.
Tahiti actually landed in a place they could settle and moved out.
Maybe they'll settle here though?
A Corsican city falls and is razed. Corsica can no longer build naval units.
Marble mountains. Completely worthless.
The durrani have gabe newell.

I haven't mentioned this before, but the Durrani got a rework by LastSword immediately before I started the game. It's actually pretty interesting, but the stacking bonus for the number of mountains in your empire is gone.
Mombasa is safely in Fillmore's hands, and Fillmore is the first civ in the game to astronomy, which he entered the rennaisance with. (The scouts are in the ocean in the right of the picture)

Somehow he still has archers though.
Konbaung founds a new city 1 tile south of where Corsica's was.
At least Corsica can be happy with their production.
Greece and Hawaii not looking so hot.
Fillmore attempts to press on vs Kilwa. But what's this in the top of the screen?
Corsucs has given away their second city for no apparent reason and Konbaung razes it!
Further, Corsica citadels a city that's being razed. It's big brain time.
Ladies and gentlemen, the Fillmoripines
Zanzibar falls to the yellow. Not looking great for Kilwa.
Uh, Hawke? That ain't the coast.
This does not look good.
Angola declares war on Lincoln yet again.
A random Tahitian settler has picked this spot for a home.
Boats. With Guns.

Tibet's got food for days.
Greece, on the other hand.
And Konbaung is clearly unhappy.
Zanzibar falls, leaving Kilwa with a city only Russia can capture.
The Angolan assault force surrounds Pittsburg, at least from this side.
The three wise men proceeds from Buganda.
Caravel UUs!
And we end the part in a golden age.

Please don't come back next time.
S̷̩̗͊̅̏̈́̽͐̇à̷̛͙̟̗̊͒͐̾v̵̡̪̝͍͌͒͒̄͊̓̚͘ë̷̘́̃̓ ̴̧͇͉̞̼̘͐̀̅̏͑͆̚͝ý̵̝̲̗̹́͛̈́̽̇́̔̇̕o̵̢̡̨̙̰̣̳͚̍ų̶̞̺̪̰̳̹̤͕̱͎̅̒̅͌̑͑̐̉̎̓͋̕̚͝ͅŗ̷̢̛̻͚̩͚̘̯̖͓͎̏͆̾͋̿͒͐̅̄̊͋͒͗̎ş̵̞̺̤̭̳̦̦̝͙̱̺̪̓é̸̛̠́̊͊̃͘l̵̡̛͍̠̰̘͎͂̾̑̏̊̽͋͜f̶̡̖̠͙͍͊̇̑̅̑̑̕

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