The Tide has Turned: Chapter 8, The Fall of the Axis

Author: Mattekillert
Published: 2017-02-01

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Welcome back to The Tide has Turned : Chapter 8, Fall of the Axis

We return to grim news from Asia. American armor stands just outside of Tokyo. The end is nigh for our Axis friend.
Japan is lost but there has not been any news from the emperor. A small air detachment stands ready in India to evacuate the emperor if the request comes in.
Surrender seems imminent.
On the 12th of June Tokyo falls.
The emperor is still alive however, giving orders from Kyushu. He has denied all offers of evacuation.
Siam is to be freed to provide another nation to help guard Asia.
Bhutan 'joins' the Axis.
Shikoku is falling.
The fall of Kyushu will be the final straw for Japan especially since the emperor is staying behind.
And with that, Japan surrenders. Confusion strikes immediately as Japanese forces defend some areas previously controlled by the Japanese Empire. But Hirohito orders all Japanese soldiers to stand down.
And so the Asian part of the Axis collapses. Manchukuo and Mengkukuo having lost the support of Japan reunites with China. The lack of support from Germany leaves China looking for other opportunities and the Americans give out everything China could ask for. The government who never had any love for their Japanese overlords seem all to happy leaving the Axis.
A complete shock came through today. Some 40.000 Italian Black shirts marched across the border into Croatia. Croatian forces responded by firing upon the invaders. This then prompted Mussolini to declare war upon Croatia. Germany of course joined on the side of Croatia. The confusion was astounding. As confused Italian forces were forced to pick between fighting the Germans or their countrymen.
In Iraklion German and Italian forces fought together versus loyalist Italian troops. What is Mussolini thinking!?
The Bulgarians quickly start moving across the border in support of Germany. Italy lacks any support from within the Axis.
In Libya Turkish troops who have fought alongside Rundstedt for months now join the battle against the Italians.
An old plan is launched by OKW, the oddly named Operation Axis. German troops start pouring across the border. Mussolini will pay for his foolishness.
Brother versus brother.
The loyalists are defeated and disarmed.
Mussolini is truly a fool. Many of the panzer crews crossing into Italy are greeted with cheers from the civilians who think they are here to fight off another allied invasion. But this time we are doing something far more important.
Mussolini’s war lasted only 19 days before German troops reached Rome. There they found the corpse of Mussolini and his mistress. Italian troops loyal to their German allies would not let this crazed fool escape.
The news of Mussolini’s death proved to be the last straw for Italian resistance and the Italian king calls for a ceasefire was approved.
Italy would have its borders redrawn. While many asked to be merciful on Italy claiming it was done by Mussolini and Mussolini alone Hitler would not have it.
Tyrol is integrated into the Reich. The Italian populace is moved out and Germans are moved in.
Albania has its independence restored. Although this may be reevaluated as Albania is very dependent on Italy. The new Italy is headed by the Italian king with military commanders like Messe having a lot of influence. While Italy is more dependent on Germany than before they are no puppet.
In Africa German troops move in to save the beleaguered Spaniards.
Brand new Panzer divisions are trained in Germany.
More surrenders, 95% of them being British or French.
Siamese forces move onto the borders with the newly created Indochina. They are not technically at war but it is only a matter of time.
An enormous British / French fleet is found in the Mediterranean. Bombs away!
The rout continues.
Mexicans? Really?
They didn’t help much.
The last resistance breaks in northern Africa.
With the surrender of so many men our newly established countries gain much support. It is hoped that we can return the POW’s soon to bolster their armies. The politicians of these new countries cite 'The American betrayal' leaving so many men behind in northern Africa.
An enormous India is created. Although there was talk about creating a Pakistan it was ignored in the end.

Siam is also given more territory.
The Americans have now taken direct control over many of the colonies from our new allies. France however has northern Africa restored to it. Spain was not foolish enough to make any demands. Greece is also partly set free and talks are being held about Bulgaria returning more territory to them.
The Axis of old has crumbled. A foolish Mussolini was crushed and Japan collapsed under the might of America. The treachery of China is dire as it gives America a new strong ally. An ally that Germany will crush, just like we crushed the British, French and Soviets before, in the end who can resist the glory of the Reich? The Americans will learn to truly fear the German Reich!

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